Lowongan Online Counselling Development Consultant for GUSO Program

Term of Reference

Online Counselling Development Consultant

1. Background

Since 2016, Rutgers is one of the lead organisations for Get Up Speak Out (GUSO). GUSO is a five-year multi-country programme that has the goals young people enjoy their sexual and reproductive health

and rights (SRHR) in productive, equal and healthy societies.. GUSO is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is being carried out in Indonesia under One Vision Alliance Network. More detail on GUSO program can be downloaded in the link: https://rutgers.id/program/get-up-speak-out/?lang=en

Based on Rutgers WPF Indonesia experience and assessment shown that the access to adolescent information is limited, hampered by social-cultural norms, taboo, and the gap of communication between adult-adolescent. Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) has been implemented conventionally through the school system in Indonesia both in-and-out of school. Despite the Governor and Mayor regulations on reproductive health education in place in some areas, the government has not yet concretely included reproductive health materials in Indonesia's standard education system. On the other hand, UNICEF found that In Indonesia, 67% children owned a mobile phone, 60% of children with mobile phones accessed the internet, 53% of children used apps, 89% with a smartphone, and 63% of children who used the internet used social networking. The most common of first mobile ownership was 12 years.

SobatASK is a multimedia platform for young people that has been developed by RutgersWPF Indonesia since 2014, with the website, mobile apps and social media. The goal of these tools is to address sexual and reproductive health (SRH) by improving access to a broad spectrum of comprehensive, reliable, and non-judgmental reproductive health information and creating a supportive and friendly environment for youth. It has reached 372.090 pageviews in the last six months which is linked to more than 20 youth counsellors and 130 youth-friendly clinics at five provinces. See SobatASK link: www.sobatask.net.

The platform has been revamped twice based on inputs from local partners and the analytics of users’ behaviour. The initial platform was only consisted of articles, e-learning, and directory sections. On the second phase of development, we added online counselling feature which was created based on users’ needs and focus group discussion with partners and alliance. This counselling feature is popular amongst young people who use the internet to search for answers for their personal problems. Most of the problems they asked are topics covered under CSE; such as unwanted pregnancy, sexual activities, sexually transmitted diseases, relationship, bullying, and sexual orientation. Based on our review, this counselling service is in needs of more interactivity, credibility, and interconnectivity.

This ToR is prepared to advance the SRH online platform standard operating procedure, particularly on standardized behavioural online counselling, conduct training and capacity building for counsellors, and improving the quality and skill of our youth counsellors and expanding the network to trusted youth clinics and increasing the reach of information on adolescent..

2.  Objectives of the Online Counselling Development
During the second semester of 2019, a development of online counselling trial will be done under GUSO program. The trial is to provide input for the model and strategy on developing the online counselling in the next stage of implementation and beyond 2020. The trial is will pave the way for improved programme delivery for the remaining duration and will propose amendments and recommendations in programme design and implementation arrangements. This process also wants to capture the need and demand of online counselling amongst young people and related parties.
The consultant will be developing:

·         Standard of operating procedure (SOP) on online counselling implementation and mechanism,

·         Develop the standard of quality and tools/instrumentation to measure the online counselling trial process, 

·         Develop materials and resources for online counselling training and series of capacity building,

·         Train the counsellors and counsellor coordinator on online counselling and together with the counsellor coordinator to execute the SOP and measure the process.

3. Outputs - Deliverables

The mission’s development and recommendations will be thoroughly discussed with the Rutgers Indonesia and program person during and also at the end of the development process. The Mission will complete and submit a draft final report in Bahasa Indonesia. The consultant will report to the Country Representative of Rutgers and coordinate with the Communication Officer and SRHR Program Coordinator. The key outputs of the consultancy are:
a)      Inception Report: consisting of SOP of online counselling;

b)      First report: consisting of standard of quality and tools/instrumentation on measuring the online counselling process including monitoring tools;

c)       Second report: consisting of material and resources for online counselling training and series of capacity building plan for counsellors;

d)      Final Reports: consisting of training report and capacity building plan for counsellors.

4. Consultants

Rutgers Indonesia would like to contract a team or individual of consultant, the consultants with at least 8 years of counselling expert related to health, youth and gender issues with excellent skill of training and facilitate the training.

The consultant should together have experience and expertise in the following areas:

·  Counselling both face to face and or online counselling,

·  Excellent skill on case management and standardize the quality of counselling,

·  Excellent skill in training and workshop on counselling, counselling with youth is advantage,

·  Track record of capacity building in Indonesia,

·  Experience with qualitative evaluation methods.

·  Perfect communication skills.

5.  Application Submission

Submissions must be emailed and received through email recruitment.rutgerswpf.indo@rutgerswpfindo.org by 5 PM on August, 22nd 2019.  Please write “SobatASK - Online Counselling Development Consultant” on the subject of your email.

All application submissions will be evaluated on the basis of a technical and expertise assessment.

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