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South Sumatra Partnership for Landscape Management Support Project (KELOLA SENDANG)
SNV is part of the South Sumatra Partnership for Landscape Management Support Project, also known as Kemitraan Pengelolaan Lanskap Sembilang Dangku (KELOLA Sendang), which has been initiated by several organisations to support the South Sumatera Government's Green Growth vision. The landscape is stretching across Musi Banyuasin and Banyuasin districts in South Sumatra province. This is a multi-use landscape that includes settlements, cultivation (predominantly industrial timber, rubber, and oil palm plantations), as well as biodiversity hotspots including Berbak-Sembilang National Park and Dangku Wildlife Preserve.
In the period 1990-2014, deforestation accounted for about 63% of all observed land use/cover changes and forest degradation for about 20% (Bioclime 2016, processed). Moreover, the conversion is dominated by cash crop plantations with oil palm cultivation as the major contributing factor (65%), 10% from agriculture and 9% by the development of forest plantations. The highest deforestation occurred in the period 2000-2010 and was around 30%. However, increasing global demand for other agricultural commodities may soon also increase pressure on forests.
The project promotes Sustainable Landscape Management as an approach for sustainable development at the landscape and village level, while minimizing the trade-offs between economic, social and environmental goals. Under the KELOLA Sendang project, SNV leads the development and implementation of key interventions aimed at enhancing the sustainability practice of commodities, including natural rubber, palm oil and coconut; improving livelihood of smallholder farmers managing those commodities, and engage with private sectors to implement responsible sourcing approach in their supply chains.
Up to date, SNV has support and improve livelihood of more than 2,000 rubber and palm oil farmers in the landscape to implement better management practices (BMP). The capacity of farmer groups and cooperatives has also been improved, including their institutional and business capacity. Market linkage has also been developed, including direct selling to factories, as well as the implementation of Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders approach to 5 rubber and palm oil companies in the landscape. The project will be finished on March 2020, and some lesson learns will be developed. SNV is looking for a consultant to support the project developing lesson learns and other relevant publication materials from the project.
Scope of Work and Key Deliverables

1. The consultant will develop two lesson learn papers/articles on the topics of: (1) Private sector and Smallholder Partnership to establish responsible and sustainable supply chain (2) Strong farmers' institution as a key to improve livelihood and sustainable practice. The language will be Indonesian and English.

2. The consultant will support the Project Manager to develop the concept for a video about "Responsible sourcing of sustainable natural rubber from smallholders in Kelola Sendang landscape". The consultant will work directly with the video maker and supervise the development process of the video.

3. The consultant will collect information and data related to those above mentioned products from SNV project technical teams and our partners, both through reports and direct interview. If needed, small scale research and self-observation can be conducted.

4. The consultant also needs to coordinate with Kelola Sendang Team, in particular Knowledge Management division, to align the products with KS communication products in general.

5. Provide supports on the development of SNV ID Agriculture Sector communication and outreach strategy, specifically using the case of Kelola Sendang project.

Timing & Duty station
The consultant will be working for 30 days, starting from Mid October 2019 - Januari 2020, with possibility travel to South Sumatera Province (Banyuasin & Musi Banyuasin district).
Payment terms
Payment will be made on deliverable basis.
The Consultant will directly report to SNV Project Manager of Kelola Sendang Project.
Candidate profile

* Master degree in agriculture, communication, journalism, or international development.

* 10 years working experiences in the field of knowledge management or communication with agriculture or relevant background

* Strong writing skills in English and Indonesian

* Outstanding communication skill and networking

* Having research experiences is a plus

* Excellent computer skills and experience in preparing and maintaining communication materials

* Demonstrated ability to work with minimum supervision, proactive and creative

* Builds strong relationship with internal and external actors

Deadline Application
Application will be closed on 29th September 2019. We will close the advert earlier when best candidates are identified at earlier dates.

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