Lowongan Situation Analysis & Formative Research Consultant for the Plastic Reduction Project in Disaster Affected Areas, Central Sulawesi Province

Yayasan Indonesia Bhadra Utama (IBU Foundation) is focused on development issues which include Health (maternal, adolescent and child newborn health), Livelihood (women and youth empowerment), Nutrition (infant and young child feeding, micronutrient supplementation), Education (early child development, inclusive education, and life-skill education), Disaster Risk Reduction (safe school and community-based disaster risk reduction and also Humanitarian Response which includes Health (Mother and Children Nutrition Health), Nutrition (infant and young child Feeding in an emergency, nutrition surveillance and several acute malnutrition), Management mental health psychosocial support, and Waste Management, Sanitation and Hygiene.

IBU Foundation invites application for Situation Analysis and Formative Research from individual consultants/firms/research organizations dealing with health and development intervention programs to carry out formative research for the Plastic Project in Di Disaster Affected Areas of Central Sulawesi Province 2019. (Please click here or check on our website: http://www.ibufoundation.or.id for more detail.)

The Situation Analysis and Formative research is an assessment that informs the design of effective behavior change activities by gaining understanding about the local context where the behaviors take place, and by identifying key barriers and enablers. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are combined in the assessment.

The Main Objective of this Situation Analysis and Formative Research will be:
·        To improve understanding of the area of intervention and inform the design of a behavior change strategy.
·        Describe relevant characteristics of the people involved in the behavior of interest: socio-demographic characteristics; way of life and daily routine; current practices, knowledge, and attitude regarding the behavior; traditions or cultural beliefs linked to those practices; gender roles and dynamics.
·        Identify the main factors inhibiting and facilitating behavior adoption.
·        Provide concrete recommendations to guide behavior change activities.

Selection period: 30 Sep – 4 Oct 2019

Consultancy period: 7 Oct – 10 Nov 2019. Within the consultancy period, the consultant is expected to complete the scope of work. 

Other Duties: 
• Comply with the regulations and policies of the organization, including child protection and Protection against Sexual, Exploitation, and Abuse (PSEA) policies.
• Managing the work environment in accordance with practical guidelines, rules, and program team arrangements to ensure the health and safety of team members.

Application process:

Interested candidates should send their CV, technical proposal, financial proposal (detailing the cost calculations), and one sample of research or baseline study led by the applicant and written in English to peopledev@ibufoundation.or.id and fatima.astuti@ibufoundation.or.id before or by 2 October 2019 (11.30 PM). Short-listed offerors are contacted for the further selection process. Telephone calls and office visits for inquiries are not entertained. They could be the basis for disqualification. 

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