Lowongan Urgently Required: Business Plan Design and Coaching for Cocoa Cooperative in Maumere

Business Plan Design and Coaching for Coffee Cooperatives in Maumere Flores


Lutheran World Relief has been assisting cooperatives in Ngada and Maumere. The cooperative capacity assessment tools confirming that the cooperatives:

Lack of understanding about product cycle
Lack of understanding in identifying actors in value chain
Lack of understanding on relation between member as cooperatives’ supplier and service to member and profit that create by managing those two
These three major issues are significant to address to help cooperative develop their business planning. To ensure coops can continue the progresses on their business activity and managerial capacity, LWR is looking for high quality consultant to work with coops in developing a business plan that visualizes clear business vision to be achieved then be used as guideline for coop in running their business.


The consultancy of designing business plan and coaching to cooperatives is aimed at objectives below:

Coop is able to visualize and capture their vision in a simple document that will be used as guideline in running their business.
Coop is able to assess their capacity and ability to work effectively with their members as their main suppliers and their buyers.
Coop is able to project their entity as social and business organization in 2-3 years. To capture and measure the opportunity and challenges and developing strategy to be survived.
Expected Outputs

·       Business plan for each coop comprises

List of activities to be carried out. This should be structured in detail by showing the steps and changes to be measured.
Product and service of coop including the strategy of expanding the business/service. Projecting the most suitable service coop can provide for its member should be included in this section. Projection of potential cost and benefit coop can generate by implementing the service should be visualized in simple worksheet.
Projection of cost and profit/loss and cash flow projection for at least 2 years. The projection will be used the actual financial statement of coop as the reference. The projection should be presented in simple worksheet yet comprising a detailed and tangible forecast that allow coop in seeing their business in future and at the same time keeping them on track. A forecast on possibility of coop in obtaining financial support can be included in the projection as well as the time line of coop is able to pay back the payable.
·       Monitoring and evaluation tools to be used by:  Coop board member in ensuring they are on track or not and how to have quick identification in evaluating the business run as planned.


The consultancy will be conducted as coaching rather than training. The consultant will be working closely with the coop in collecting data, working on the collected data, analyzing the data and simulating the data presented in the business plan. One consultant will be working to coach one coop. She/he will be supported by LWR staffs in compiling and providing data she/he needs to complete her/his work. The business plan should be developed by all potential product that cooperative able to produce, including but not limited to: dry cocoa (conventional and fermented), cashew, copra and another possible commodity.

Proposed Topic:

Leadership and Teamwork: 2 days
Managerial and Planning: 1 day
Business Activities and Risk Management: 3 days.

Contract signed: 7 October 2019
Consultancy work: 14 - 18 October 2019
Reporting: 21 - 25 October 2019
Qualification on the consultant.

The successful candidates should have:

Demonstrated capacity in business planning development especially for cooperative
3-5 years’ experience in cooperative assistance or management
Experience in motivating cooperative management and staff in business management and development
Experience in coffee value chain is a must
Understand the coffee value chain in Flores is a plus
Broad network on coffee supply chain is preferred


LWR will provide daily fee up to 10 working days, including preparation, travel, field work and report preparation. Field work should be done by October 18. All travel and accommodation will be covered by LWR.

All interested candidates should submit the proposal including proposed method and approaches, daily rate, updated CV, sample of Business plan development and three (3) professional references not later than 4 October 2019 (not exceed 350kb) to JobsIndo@lwr.org.  Please put “Business Plan Maumere_<your name>” in the subject line and put your name in the file name on CV and Proposal (sample: CV_<your name>, Proposal_<your name>.  Only selected candidates are contacted.  No phone call please.

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