Lowongan Calling for Quotation/Service Provider for West Papua Provincial Forest Management Plan (RKTP) (code: re-advertised-RKTP-Forestry)

Working in 30+ countries globally, Conservation International (CI) Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the good of humanity. We are constantly growing and expanding into areas new and old. We are currently looking Firm/Institution to fill the following Terms below:
Calling for Quotation/Service Provider
for West Papua Provincial Forest Management Plan (RKTP)
(code: re-advertised-RKTP-Forestry)
With 9.4 million hectares of forests (approximately 90% of its entire terrestrial area), West Papua is one of the ‘greenest’ provinces in all of Indonesia. The deep-rooted history and the knowledge that West Papua’s indigenous populations have in terms of forest resources and sustainable management is an incredible asset.

Nevertheless, the forests including the Peat and Mangrove forest are under threats due to increasing land-use change and development pressure. Most traditional land territory has not been protected under law and even less has been recognized in spatial and forest plan. Less than 10% of West Papua’s mangroves (650,000 ha) are protected despite having the highest diversity of mangrove species in the world. It is in this context that both planned and unplanned development of carbon rich PMEs will represent significant deforestation and GHG emissions.

The Provincial Forest Management Plan (RKTP) of West Papua is the key to guide the management of the rich forest in West Papua.

Conservation International (CI) is just awarded a project called Mitigation, Adaptation through Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Indonesia’s Peat and Mangrove Ecosystems funded under International Climate Initiative (IKI). Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The project will increase climate change resilience of highly vulnerable communities and biodiversity, while substantially mitigating GHG emissions in Indonesia by accelerating large-scale conservation and effective management of peat and mangrove ecosystems (PMEs).

The Firm/Institution for this-RKPT West Papua will support the finalization of RKTP West Papua; give technical material and facilitate capacity building for related stakeholders and public participation to strengthen the draft RKTP to become more reflecting multiple use forest management and strengthen PME management; with the following details:

A. Scope of Work:

Required Milestone 1: Research and Analysis:

Review the draft RKTP particularly for section objectives, plan area, forest-wide plan component and management approaches, desired forest condition and monitoring and evaluation.
Review and analysis the consistency of draft RKTP with National Forestry Sectoral Plan (RKTN).
Review and analysis the technical gap.
Conduct data acquisition and analysis for the forest resource inventory at FMU level particularly at PME area.
Conduct analysis for developing management prescription to improve forest management and promote multiple use forest management.
Required Milestone 2: Capacity Building:

Deliver forest management training of multiple use forest management toolkits-forest management plan to the Provincial and District Stakeholders.
Deliver training of for forest governance and operationalization of RKTN, RKTP, and RPHJP into government program and budgeting.
Deliver training to integrated critical area for biodiversity and carbon (PMEs) into RKTP.
Required Milestone 3: Facilitate Public Consultation and Finalization Draft RKTP:

Facilitate public consultant and public input to improve the quality of RKTP.
Finalize the draft final RKTP that have addressed the technical concerns and integrate public inputs.
B. TIMELINE: This Work will be effectively for approx. 120 days from December 2019 to May 2020.

C. VALUE: Maximum Bid will be not exceeding to IDR 640,000,000 (equal to EUR 40,000) for all inclusive.

D. REQUIREMENT: the firm/institution is required to submit:

Organization/Company Profile, including description of its Business Licenses.
Technical Proposal, containing:
Description of the Approach.
Timeline of each milestone.
Budget Plan
Qualification of key Personnel/Team Members
Please send your Cover Letter along with documents required on Point D above (in PDF) to:
ci-indonesia.hrd@conservation.org <mailto:ci-indonesia.hrd@conservation.org>
Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mails in this format:
<re-advertised-RKTP-Forestry> – <your firm/institution name>
Closing date for the Quotation/Application is 24 November 2019
(Only short-listed candidates will be notified).
For more information about CI, please visit our web:
Indonesia.conservation.org <http://indonesia.conservation.org/> // www.conservation.org <http://www.conservation.org/>

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