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Jakarta, Semarang, Lombok

Application Deadline:
December 8, 2019

Contract Type:
Professional Service Contract

Working Language:    

Expected Starting Date:
December 18, 2019

Contract Period:
December 18, 2019 =96 January 31, 2020

I. Background

Since overcoming the financial crisis in the 1998, Indonesia 92s economic
growth has been impressive at an average of 6% annually over the last
decade. Economic growth has increased investment and opened up job
opportunities, leading to a halving of the overall unemployment rate, from
11.24% in 2005 to 5.7% in 2014 (OECD, 205). The demand by industry for
graduates from senior high school and tertiary education increased from
22%in 2002 to 35% of graduating students in 2013 (World Bank, 2015). It is
estimated by the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of
Economic Development in Indonesia (MP3EI) that the country will need 113
million skilled workers by 2030, an average of 3.2 million additional
skilled workers per year.

One third of the total workforce is aged 15 to 29. This demographic
91youth bulge 92 is a potential socioeconomic advantage for the country,
though this depends on the availability of jobs for youth, as continued high
youth unemployment will create huge costs in the future (OECD, 2015). The
unemployment rate among youth aged 15 to 24 years was 18.3% in February
2015 (gender disaggregated data not available), representing 56% of the
total national unemployment rate. Among the unemployed youth, 44% have low
educational backgrounds (below junior high school) and are therefore
ill-equipped for the modern labor market (ILO, 2015). Children and youth
with disabilities face serious disadvantages throughout schooling and in
the world of work. Access to formal employment is especially difficult for
youth with disabilities, especially young women (TNP2K, 2014).

The female labor participation rate has increased only slowly over the
last decade and at 54% is significantly lower than for men at 86 %, and is
one of the lowest in South East Asia 143. Of the total number of employees,
53.6% work in informal employment and 46.4% in formal employment. Women
represent only 35.4% of employees in the formal sector. On the other hand,
women are more likely to work in vulnerable situations (48% of female

Related the program YEE Pathway will sharpen its gender transformative
approach and work with strategic public and private stakeholders to achieve
advocacy objectives on gender equality and girls 92 rights for economic

With the Above situation, Wired For Word (W4W) Project will est ablish
labor demand and supply, where around 45 million youth (ILO, 2015) w= ill
process to cope with this demand, a supply strategy need to be in place, one
of those strategies is Market Scan. W4W Project would like to conduct
market scan to all area program implementation in December 2019 96
January 2020.

II.  Objectives of the Assignment

The purposes of this survey are:
* To gain a comprehensive information about Indonesia 92s situation in
terms of youth and employment.
* To gain information about the potential industries that are suitable for
youth in the area (Jakarta, Semarang and Lombok).
* To gain information about company profile and job profile in the company
from one specific company from the industry.

III. Scope of Work/Duties and Responsibilities

There are three steps in this direct observation. First, we need to do
desk research to get secondary data on current situation. Second, we will
do some focus group discussion to validate the data from desk review. Third,
we will do some in-depth interviews with company management as
representation of each industry.

Desk Research

There are four criteria that we used to select the industry:
* Sectoral GDP. Sectoral GDP is used to see market size in general from
selected industries.
* The distribution of labor as a basis measures the demand for labor.
*  Availability of training facilities. This variable is important to be
considered because the sustainability of the program have to= be maintained.
Plan can work with local training institutions to run its programs.
*  The distribution of employment for migrant workers.

Focus Group Discussions

Focus Group Discussions (FGD) will be carried out for youth groups in 3
(three) areas (Jakarta, Semarang and Lombok). Each group will be composed
by 8-10 person with different age ranging from 18-29 years old, working or
unemployed. These discussions are conducted in order to validate desk
research result and to get information on opportunities available in the
area as well as youth interests.

In-Depth Interview Method

In-depth interviewing, also known as unstructured interviewing, is a type
of interview which researchers use to elicit information in order to
achieve a holistic understanding of the interviewee 92s point of view or
situation; it can also be used to explore interesting areas for further
investigation. This type of interview involves asking informants
open-ended questions, and probing wherever necessary to obtain data deemed
useful by the researcher. As in-depth interviewing often involves
qualitative data, it is also called qualitative interviewing.

All of data collected in the survey will then be submitted to the Market
Scan tool provided by Plan International Asia Regional Office at[2]. It is recommended for the consultant to
review the tool before starting the observation.

IV. Key Deliverables and Level of Effort

Estimated level of effort


Get familiar with tool

To ol review

Detailed work plan

2 days


Get secondary data on country and region profile as well as employment

Desk research

Information on country and region profile and potential industries for

2 weeks


Get primary data on local opportunities and interests of youth in the area

Focus group discussions

Information on opportunities available in the area as well as youth

1 week


Get first-hand information on company and job profiles

In-depth interview

Information on company and job profile from each potential industry

1 week


Write report

Analyse data and get conclusion

Final report

3 days

V.   Duration of the Assignment

The duration of this research is estimated to be 45 days. It includes
creating research design and work plan as well as final report writing.

VI.  Inputs

The consultant will provide their own equipment and needs for the
research,such as laptops, internet connection, etc. including travel cost.
Yayasan Plan Internationa l Indonesia will link consultant to project
partners in the area to coordinate and get more information about the

VII.  Key Principles, Approach and Ethical Consideration

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia Staff and consultant must adhere to
Plan International Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection. The
consultant must follow Ethical Principles for involving human subjects in
a research and obtain written/ verbal consent from the human subjects.
Permission from elder must be sought if the children under 18 years are
involved as subjects. Signed informed consent of each child and his/her
parents need to take after explaining purpose of the study and its usage.
Training on this will be part of the training provided for the team.

All the projects managed by Yayasan Plan International Indonesia and is partners, should also aligned with Plan International global ambition to reach 100 million girls, using gender transformative approach in delivering its
tasks.  In this assignment, the Consultant is expected to apply gender
transformative approach through addressing gender norms, strengthening
girls' and young women's agency, advancing girls' and women's condition and
position, working with boys and men to embrace gender equality, responding
to the needs and interest of girls and boys in a ll their diversity, and
fostering an environment that enables gender equality and girls' rights.

VIII. Required experience and qualifications

The consultant should possess experience and qualification of:
  * Conducting qualitative methods of survey as well as desk research
  * Familiar with economic and employment issues in Indonesia
  * Analytical and report writing skill

IX.  Application Procedure

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) invites firms/teams of consultant with relevant expertise and portfolio to apply for the assignment by sending:
* A letter of intent
* Proposal of the assignment with the following content: (a) background;
(b) approach and methodology of the assignment outlining key activities
and key deliverables produced; (c) workplan; (d) personnel involved
* Proposed budget, to include travel and perdiem of personnel involved.
* Organization Profile with the information on: (a) current and previous
relevant works and clients/users; (b ) CV of the personnel involved in the
assignment and their key responsibilities/roles in the assignment.

The above documents can be sent electronically through the email:; mentioning the code [W4W_MARKETSCAN] in the email subject.

Or send in hardcopy in a sealed envelope with the code [W4W_MARKETSCAN] = in
the left corner of the envelope to

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia
Menara Duta Building, 2nd Floor
Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kav B9, Kuningan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: Office +62-21-5229566
Fax: +62-21-5229571

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