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Secretariat Support for the Indonesia Marine Funders Collaboration

December 2019

Indonesia-Based Individual(s) or Organization to Provide Secretariat Support Services

Indonesia Marine Sector

The waters around Indonesia are home to some of the richest biological diversity in the world.  With over 54,000 km of coastline and over 7 million people employed by the fisheries sectors, the country is intimately connected to the ocean. Marine resources in Indonesia are under threat from a variety of stressors. There is growing momentum for the sustainable management of marine resources in Indonesia, but more is required to achieve long-term resilience and balance the need for development with robust fish populations and marine habitats.

The Indonesia Marine Funders Collaboration (IMFC) is an informal group of funders with a shared vision of restoring and protecting Indonesia’s coastal and marine resources while improving the fisheries management that supports Indonesia’s economy and benefits local communities.

A Secretariat provides administration and coordination services to the IMFC. The Secretariat serves as a neutral support function that represents the interests of all IMFC participants. Currently, Meridian Institute (Meridian) provides these services. Meridian is a US based, mission-driven organization that builds understanding, guides collaboration, and drives action to address our world’s complex challenges. We believe that Indonesian-based secretariat support is an important step toward advancing the evolving needs of the IMFC. On behalf of the IMFC, Meridian is seeking a partner, based in Indonesia, to help support secretariat services.

IMFC Secretariat Support Services

The Secretariat supports good decision-making, information sharing, and communications among IMFC participating organizations. The desired outcome is to increase the collective impact of individual organizations and their efforts. The Secretariat conducts the following activities:

Task 1.  Provide administrative support and strategic planning functions

Task 2.  Track grant making

Task 3.  Plan and facilitate IMFC convenings

Task 4.  Facilitate grantee and partner coordination on behalf of the IMFC

Task 5.  Manage information and track relevant activities and partners

Summary of Opportunity and Scope of Work

The goal of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to identify potential candidates for a part-time contractor position to work with Meridian to provide secretariat support to the IMFC. 

Location of Work



This position will increase capacity to support the IMFC in Indonesia. Specifically, that includes the following goals:

·         Improve in-country coordination with and among grantees;

·         Strengthen and diversify partnerships (funders and implementing partners) working in the marine sector in Indonesia and engage with them on relevant issues;

·         Serve as a liaison for the IMFC to the Government of Indonesia;

·         Increase IMFC involvement in relevant activities in Indonesia; and

·         Improve the value of IMFC convenings with grantees and partners.

The longer-term expected outcomes include:

·         Increased capacity for marine conservation leadership within Indonesia;

·         Stronger relationships with and among grantees;

·         Stronger relationships with the Government of Indonesia;

·         Greater awareness of the activities of other funders and partners in the region; and

·         Improved convening capacity based in Indonesia.


Activities of the Indonesia-based secretariat partner may include the following:

·         Coordinating meetings or field activities in Indonesia that involve multiple funders and grantees;

·         Tracking grants and grantees initiatives;

·         Helping to align grantee activities with IMFC strategy;

·         Conducting directed and independent research on a variety of topics and summarize results;

·         Attending and documenting meetings on behalf of the IMFC;

·         Planning and facilitating grantee convenings; and

·         Coordinating with a US-based IMFC secretariat (currently Meridian).

Structure and Timeframe

The secretariat partner may be an individual or an organization. The initial contract will run for one year, from spring 2020 to spring 2021. The secretariat partner will report to Meridian Institute and receive tasks and input from the IMFC funders directly. After this year, the IMFC will assess secretariat needs and structure going forward.

Evaluation Criteria

The following qualifications will be considered in evaluating EOIs to determine viable candidates to invite a full proposal.

Qualifications of the successful individual or team include:

·         Ability to work both alone and in partnership with the Meridian team and funders in the US;

·         Superior written and oral communication skills to communicate across many audiences;

·         Strong attention to detail;

·         Ability to manage confidential information and act impartially, independent from a specific political agenda or programmatic position;

·         Professional fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia; 

·         Ability to use Microsoft Office and electronic media tools;

·         Ability and enthusiasm to work with people from diverse backgrounds;

·         Ability to legally work in Indonesia without visa support/sponsorship;

·         Training/experience in facilitation and collaborative process;

·         Logistics and event planning experience;

·         Connections and experience in relevant fields, particularly oceans and fisheries; natural resource management; community resilience; or a related topic.

Instructions for Submitting an Expression of Interest

The selection of an Indonesia-based partner will be a two-step process. First, we are requesting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested individuals, teams or organizations. Based on the results, we will invite finalists to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). Following the evaluation of RFPs and selection of a partner, Meridian will award a sub-contract.

Interested parties should submit an Expression of Interest no later than January 13, 2020.

The EOI should be approximately 3 pages in length.  Please include the following items:

Full name and contact information.
Relevant skills, expertise, experience and networks to fulfill the goals of the IMFC secretariat.
Please provide the expertise and experience of the lead.
List any other team members or partners that would enable you or your organization to fulfill this role.
Ability to support the anticipated activities (described above).
If you are a current grantee, please include a clear explanation of how you would manage confidential information and maintain objectivity. This role would require you to impartially support the interests of all IMFC funders and grantees.
Any challenge(s) you anticipate.
Please explain why you think you/your organization would be a good project partner.

Numbers 2 and 3 of the instructions are key components of the evaluation for qualified candidates. Responses will be evaluated against the evaluation criteria listed above.

Please submit your EOI by email to imfc@merid.org no later than January 13, 2020.

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