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The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries, while strengthening the capabilities of governments and the private sector in those countries to create and sustain high-quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance. For more information, please visit:

CHAI started supporting Indonesia’s Ministry of Health in 2010 to scale up adult anti-retroviral therapy, through improving supply chain management; as well as technical assistance for improving the quality of ART and laboratory systems to support HIV care and treatment. In recent years, CHAI has expanded its support to the Ministry of Health to other areas including hepatitis and helping to facilitate BMS to and donate pan genotyping DAA, daclatasvir, more effective treatment for HCV patient, improving access to family planning, point of care diagnostics, mhealth, maternal and child health, and technical support for the Ministry of Health’s drive to sustainably fund healthcare. In mid-2016, CHAI launched its vaccines program to introduce new vaccine introduction, PCV, to EPI, Ministry of Health Indonesia, The focus of the program is to support the EPI in new vaccine introductions, assisting the government to make an-informed and coordinated decision on PCV introduction

Overview of the CHAI Indonesia Vaccines Work

In mid-2016, CHAI launched its vaccines program to support the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) and the Indonesian Ministry of Health (MoH) to accelerate the introduction of PCV vaccine- specifically focusing on assisting the government to make an-informed and coordinated decision on PCV introduction. Vaccination is widely acknowledged as one of the most cost-effective and focused disease interventions. In addition, the unprecedented wave of new vaccines expected over the next decade has the potential to dramatically reduce the global burden of disease. The EPI faces several challenges in its attempt to introduce new vaccines like PCV. For example, as Indonesia is no longer eligible (as of 2018) for Gavi funding assistance, the EPI has to mobilize funding for the procurement of costly new vaccines as well as strengthen its immunization system to deliver vaccines effectively. CHAI expanded its support to MoH to manage the transition from Gavi funding and address associated system management gaps. Barriers to introducing PCV and other life-saving vaccines include: lack of adequate data and access to the evidence needed to inform the decision of whether and on how to optimally introduce PCV; a challenging country context with a fragmented and devolved government structure, and an imminent transition out of Gavi support. CHAI will help the government make a well-informed and coordinated decision on immunization comprehensive planning and budgeting including NVI. CHAI support EPI with strengthening immunization system including strengthening budget planning, cold chain infrastructure, cold chain management and supply chain systems in order to ensure that newly introduced and routine vaccines are a) available to children b) stored and transported in potent condition and c) delivered to the population in an efficient manner.

Program Manager, Vaccines

The Program Manager (PM) will lead efforts to deliver the ambitious objectives of the vaccine program, under the guidance and direction of the Senior Program Manager (SPM) and direct reporting to the Program Direction (PD) . She will provide both strategic and technical direction for the program, overseeing its development and assuming responsibility for high quality delivery. PM will maintain the relationship and communication with the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Unit within MoH, along with relevant Program Officers (POs). In coordination with SPM and or PD, PM will also work closely with relevant CHAI’s Global Vaccine team, other CHAI Country PMs, other international partners, and other national stakeholders.

Organize and manage technical implementation of CHAI Indonesia vaccines program to align with MoH national strategic plan.
Drive internal strategic planning and budgeting processes related to the vaccines program operation, finance and oversee project performance against work plans and budget.
Oversee the implementation of the vaccines program work plans including planning, budgeting, forecasting, identify key barriers and problem solving, monitoring and reporting, and prioritization.
Provide strategic orientations for future program development in relevant to expansion of vaccine program in Indonesia and inform new funding opportunities to SPM/PD/DCD/CD.
Work closely with the SPM and POs to ensure timely delivery on project activities that involve partner organizations.
Build and manage the POs vaccines team on a day to day basis, supporting staff to ensure optimal delivery, to provide in-depth and high-quality technical assistance to MOH.
Promote effective communication within the POs in order to ensure well-coordinated work streams and other CHAI Indonesia programs.
Monitor POs team performance to ensure objectives are met, support team members with training and development activities, and provide regular update of team development.
Ensure effective communication with the POs, SPM, PD and or Deputy Country Director(DCD)/Country Director (CD), vaccine teams globally and other PMs through regular daily/weekly/monthly meeting.
Develop communication materials, make presentations and represent CHAI at national and sub-national forums.
Play a major role in writing programmatic reports and engaging with other partners including the ITAGI or expert panel in collaboration and under oversight of SPM.
Working closely with the CHAI Global Vaccines Team to enlist support, capture and disseminate emerging best practices and ensure alignment with global standards in closed coordination with SPM and POs.
Lead in development of innovative approaches and tools as well as documentation and dissemination of best practices.
Take responsibility for effective documentation and file management within the programs.
Hold the team accountable to CHAI policies, procedures and guidelines, as appropriate and with the program teams, to enhance the smooth running of the programs through standardized procedures and improved support. This may include finance and governance procedures, staff management, fleet management and IT security and infrastructure.
Address POs safety and security matters in collaboration with Safety Point Persons (SPP).
Identify strategic areas for expansion or redirection and guide strategic planning or proposal development as needed in close coordination and collaboration with SPM and PD to recommend to CD on identify strategic areas
Perform any other tasks assigned by the Senior Program Manager, Program Director and or Deputy Country Director/Country Director when required.
At least Master's degree in a public health or a quantitative discipline
At least seven years of work experience in a field requiring both advanced analytics and exceptional presentation skills
Experience in healthcare especially in vaccine and experience working with Ministry of Health Indonesia
Experience in the planning and execution of large scale projects; including budgeting and activity planning
Exceptional strategic development skills, able to identify and pursue high-impact strategies in complex, uncertain, and evolving environments
Experience managing team members with diverse backgrounds and skills
Proven program management skills, based on several years of experience in strategic, operational, and/or financial management of complex, multi-stakeholder programs/projects
Ability to navigate complex government processes and influence decision-making in a professional and collaborative manner;
Ability to work independently and effectively in high-pressure, fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously whilst mentoring a team to perform consistently
Very advanced analytical skills and problem-solving with proven ability to develop and apply quantitative models using Excel and other tools to address specific challenges and improve working practices with a focus on outcomes
Exceptional communication skills, including the ability to create compelling, logical presentations, using PowerPoint and other tools, and a structured and assured oral and written communication style
The ability to build relationships and influence stakeholders
Experience structuring and leading evidence based decision making processes
Proven track record working in challenging multi-stakeholder environments
Excellent attitude to the work and self-motivated persona
Experience working in unpredictable environment, willingness to adapt
Fluently in English (oral and written) and in Indonesian
To apply, please submit your CV and cover letter to : Please write “Program Manager Vaccines”in the subject line by latest 2 March 2020.

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