Consultant for Baseline Survey-CREATION Project

CREATION Project - Baseline Survey

General information

Project name  : Increase Welfare in The Community (CREATION)

Country           : Indonesia (Deli Serdang, North Sumatera)


YNLM is an Indonesian civil society organization established in 2012 registered in Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights as a national entity, under the social department development section. The YNLM head office is in Medan, North Sumatera. Since the registration, YNLM has been engaged in development work based on community mobilization methods within thematic areas such as health, nutrition, education, agriculture and fisheries, and disaster risk reduction. 

YNLM have been undertaking a five year (2020 -2024) community development program names CREATION which focus in promoting community-based development within health, education and livelihood. The main objective of the health component is to improve maternal and child health by strengthening the Integrated Health Posts, capacity building of community health workers and midwives, and awareness raising in the community. Nutrition, safe delivery, monitoring and hygiene will be important topics. The education component will improve literacy among elementary students through introduction of pedagogical teaching methods, revitalized libraries, and the involvement of parents and school committees. Men and women will improve their livelihood by revitalizing/establishing farmers’ and female fishers’ groups that will be trained in good governance, increase productivity and income generation. 

The project will particularly cooperate with the village governments, 5 Integrated Health Posts, 3 elementary schools, Community Health Centre sub-district level, Pantai Labu government, the District Planning and Development Board, and the Deli Serdang District Health/Education/Agriculture/Fishery and Marine Office.

Currently, YNLM will conduct a baseline survey. In order to document and know that we have succeeded in developing the projects change, YNLM need to know what the situation and status is like before we start implementing activities in health, education and livelihood. In addition, information from a baseline survey will make it possible to monitor the effectiveness of the activities and have led to change over time. The survey will be located in the three villages Rantau Panjang, Bagan Serdang, and Kelambir in Pantai Labu Sub-District of Deli Serdang District, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia


The objectives of the baseline survey are

1.    To provide a comprehensive picture of the project areas by looking at their institutions and communities condition in terms of health of mother and children under five status including knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP); skills of literacy in elementary school including knowledge of teachers; and livelihood of farmers and fishers including groups knowledge in good governance, income generating and productivity and other information in their communities that will be used to fulfill the baseline data in the matrix of monitoring result of CREATION.

2.    As a standard Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework that aims to ensure program quality and support and adaptive management approach to meeting program objectives. 


The external consultant will be responsible to ensure the baseline survey is conducted in a scientific research methodology and meet statistical analysis requirements for both qualitative and quantitative approach.

To accommodate all outcome indicators required, the baseline survey methods should include detailed data on target beneficiaries, secondary data, qualitative data and quantitative data.

All data, qualitative and quantitative, collected through the assessment must be disaggregated by locations, age and sex, that is, separately for girls, boys, men and women, and households. The external consultant will develop specific questionnaire for each stakeholder.

The following methodology and research tools will be employed (but not limited) during the research study.

1.    Secondary Document: To conduct a thoroughly clearly referenced literature review, relevant documents, agreements and policies with regard to health, education, agriculture, fishery and marine etc. (both national and international official documents)

2.    Qualitative data: will allow verifying the perceptions and experiences of communities (men, women, girls and boys) and key stakeholders.

3.    Quantitative data: for some indicators of the project, it will be necessary to conduct a survey which explores knowledge, attitude and other information regarding the communities in the project areas.

Consultant will be charged to ensure collecting data by enumerators thus to correct and be completed for data entry process.

Expected product presentations

Written report: The consultant will provide a written report (in Bahasa Indonesia) containing methodology, analysis and recommendation.

Evaluation presentation: A brief evaluation presentation will be conducted with the project staff.

Timeline for Activity and Reporting

The consultanct is expected to start on April 13th   2020 and to be completed by May 15th 2020.

Selection Criteria of Consultant

·         At least five years of experiences conducting and leading qualitative researches/evaluations.

·         Minimum of Masters in relevant sciences (Doctorate/PhD would be preferable).

·         Understand the issue and experience in Health, Education and Livelihood, and community empowerment.

·         Excellent knowledge and skills in qualitative methodology.

·         Excellent writing skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

·         Gender balance would be preferable for team (maximum two consultants)

Submission of Interest

Interested consultant(s) are requested to submit an expression of interest with outlines how and when the consultancy will be conducted, proposed budget and curriculum vitae with references to Yayasan Nurani Luhur Masyarakat  (YNLM)  and cc (Project Coordinator) and not later than April 3rd 2020.    

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