Call Proposal for Scoping Waste Management in Jakarta and Makassar

WWF’s No Plastic in Nature initiative (WWF NPIN) was founded in 2018 and its goal is to stop leakage of plastic by 2030. The initiative is organized by 3 Pillars: Policy, Markets and Cities. With institutional funding and charitable giving, WWF is working on Cities projects in plastic hotspots in South East Asia with a key focus on city policy, collection and waste management systems, entrepreneurial innovation and citizen science. WWF NPIN works on projects in Indonesia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China and Hong Kong. 

This call for proposal is open for applicants from NGOs, CSOs, Universities or Consultant Firm who have experience in conducting the scoping/assessment and develop action plan of waste management in cities area.

The submission:
Interested company or organization are interested please to submit your proposal with following sections:

Letter of interest and organization experience and background.
Proposal including assessment activities/process and methodologies; information of expert team and their background; and outline report.
Financial proposal and timeframe
The proposal should be in English.
For detail please to visit the link:

The proposal submit to email : with the subject "PSC Scoping in Jakarta/Makassar" not later than 5th April 2020

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