Yayasan Plan International Indonesia Job Vacancy : HR & OD Officer - Jakarta Based

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia is presently implementing its country strategic 4 (CS 4) covering fiscal year 2017 to 2022, where the country objective has been defined as “to identify and facilitate the removal of obstacles that prevent children from enjoying their rights and participating fully in Indonesian society”. The organisation’s purpose is to “strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls”. This goal will be achieved by providing technical support and implementing quality programs and projects through partnership. An effective and efficient communications strategy is a must for Plan Indonesia to share the outcomes of these projects to influence different actors, specially state authorities and to position Plan’s profile within and outside at different levels – starting from community, sub district, district to national, regional and international levels.  Yayasan Plan International Indonesia invites highly competent, experienced and committed professionals to fill the following position :
HR & OD Officer ( Jakarta based )

Typical Responsibilities - Key End Results of Position:

“What” is done and “why”, but not “how”; include indicators for success

Key Ends Results Area (KERA) 1 Preparing Administration related to personnel

Indicators for success:

T.1.   Accurate and timely review of the agreement related to personnel

T.2.   Accurate and timely renewal of agreement related to personnel

T.3.   Accurate and timely amendment of agreement related to personnel

T.4.   Accurate OIC Letter

T.5.   Regularly remind final payment, payment related to OIC, payment related to HR Consultant

T.6.   Accurate Letter of Reference

T.7.   Pro-active in collecting new employee's document

T.8.   Accurate monitoring administration related to HR Consultant 

Key Ends Results Area (KERA) 3 Maintain HR Database

indicators for success

T.1.   Regularly updating monthly employee list and circulate it to CMT

T.2.   Regularly administering HRIS including updating and monitoring data base

T.3.   Regularly updating OIC list

Key Ends Results Area (KERA) 4 Assist to Management

Indicators for success

T.1.   Regularly monitoring the contractual status of all staff and ensure that the employee contracts information is updated and accurate.

T.2.   Timely remind the collection of annual appraisal

Key Ends Results Area (KERA) 5  Updating organization's policy

Indicators for success

T.1.   Accurate review of organization's policy based on updates with HRIS

Key Ends Results Area (KERA) 7  Human Resource Monitoring

Indicators for success

T.1.          To monitor number of HR-1, HR-3, HR-4, and employee contract status

T.2.          To monitor PIA, PSO & CO compliance with established personnel administration practices

T.3.          Support To HR & OD manager about  budget realization (salary and benefits
Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors, and Experience Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives: 


Bachelor Degree in economy , Psychology or Social Science

Training and Knowledge:


v  Computer

v  Written communication

v  Managerial

v  Interpersonal relation

v  Accuracy in figures

v  Filing

v  Fluent in Indonesian and English (oral and written)


v  Admin Principles

For complete information and how to apply , please click  https://bit.ly/HRODplan

Please submit your letter of application and detailed curriculum vitae in English on This site
not later than  April 27, 2020 

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