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Consultant for


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1. Background

As one of top ten country with the largest forest in the world, Indonesia’s forest ecosystem assists nearly one-fifth of its people livelihoods, many of them are poor lives under the poverty line. Since 2015, government of Indonesia boost public investments in much needed infrastructure and social programs to improve economic livelihoods and expand access to social services for the poor. Many programs outlined to reduce interregional disparities by focusing regional development and improving connectivity. These and other measures should help improve the lives of the poor and reduce the rising divide in the country. On the other hand, environmental damage does occur, it contributes about 63 percent of Indonesia’s GHG emissions stem from land use change, deforestation, and forest and peat land fires. Under partnership with Government of Indonesia, Conservation International intend to support a paradigm shift to achieve sustainable development goals by reducing deforestation and restoring degraded lands while at the same time impacted to economic development and poverty reduction. The partnership envisions success pilot model of sustainable development in the two pilot Provinces, North Sumatera and West Papua that have drastically different economic development stages, deforestation and land use profiles.

IKI Project

The peat and mangrove ecosystems (PME) Project in Indonesia is part partnership between government of Indonesia and the Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) The project focus on climate change “Mitigation, Adaptation through Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Indonesia’s Peat and Mangrove Ecosystems”. The project will increase climate change resilience of highly vulnerable communities and biodiversity, while substantially mitigating GHG emissions in Indonesia by accelerating large-scale conservation and effective management of PMEs. One of the outputs is to develop a strategy document or policy white paper reviews opportunities for long-term funding and mechanism to sustain funding beyond life of programme. Sustainable finance will ensure project investments in any of the proposed project activities continue to be supported even after this project has ended.

To implement those missions, Conservation International Indonesia (CII) is looking for research analyst. The position will support Sustainable Development Coordinator to provide research and economic analysis including but not limited to the baseline review studies of regional development plan, historical and current socio-economic assessment, and analyze economy impact related to ecosystem health and green investment. The position is a full-time job and will be based in Jakarta with travel to CII field offices in North Sumatera and West Papua as needed.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this consultancy is providing assessment result from both pilot Province, North Sumatera and West Papua in developing low emission development scenario and sustainable financing scheme for conservation including the PME. The results of this consultancy will be used to:

Provide technical material for supporting review and revise to the land use plan (Pola dan Struktur Ruang) to ensure environmental regulations are followed and important natural capital areas are protected.
Provide material for strengthening the Provincial and District Development Plan.
Provide material for strengthening the Provincial Forest Plan (RKTP) of North Sumatera and West Papua, so that the management peat and mangrove areas are incorporated into protection zones as per regulations.
Support the development of Forest Management Unit (FMU) forestry management plan (RPJHP) that reflects the needs and alternative green business blueprint for West Papua.
Provide technical material to improve the capacity of both provincials and districts government agencies.
3. Duties and Deliverables

The SOW will include, but will not be limited to, the following deliverables and prescriptive tasks:



Due Date



Milestone 1: Regional Development Plan baseline review study of selected areas.

Reviews of North Sumatera and West Papua Development Plan and Implementation. The review should cover the following topics but not limited to:

·         Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah Kota (RTRWK)

·         Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah Propinsi (RTRWP)

·         Infrastructure and Program Priorities in Provincial Planning

·         Provincial and District Action Plan

·         Annual Government Development Plan (RKPD)

·         Provincial Forest Plan (RKTP)

·         Rencana Kerja Tahunan Penyuluh (RKTP)

June, 2020

Report on baseline review study including


Milestone 2: Analysis of historical, current, and projection economic development situation against sustainability principle.

Including trends and current condition of growth, poverty, job creation, equality, resources sustainability, investment, government budget and program, trade balance, etc.

July, 2020

Scientific Reports


Milestone 3: Evaluation of general state budget’s framework considering the developmental priorities and directions

September, 2020

Evaluation Reports


Milestone 4: Analysis and review the social and economic impact of palm oil plantation and mills on the peatland to Provincial and Sub-Districts’ targets

October, 2020

Scientific Reports


Milestone 5: Provide a methodological approach related to studies on investments and its components on the macroeconomic and sectorial levels with coordination with relevant entities

November, 2020

Technical materials.

Other responsibilities

Identify and assess suitable SDGs parameters related to green investment.
Collect and suggest best practices for Sustainable Economic Growth Theories, Methods and Principles.
Support on database acquisition and analysis of Regional Economy and its relation to environment.
After (or in parallel with) research activities, the consultant may also expect to provide her/his expertise for projects management. The assignment will be subject to prior discussion and approvals with supervisors.
4. Technical Direction

The primary point of contact for contract related queries is CI’s PME Senior Manager. Consultant will receive technical direction from Senior Director of Terrestrial Program (Nassat Idris), Senior Terrestrial Policy Advisor (Iman Santoso); North Sumatera and West Papua Program Manager (Isner Manalu and Yance De Fretes), Sustainable Development Coordinator (I Made Sanjaya), and GIS and Spatial Planning Coordinator (Sry Wahyuni) in order to ensure all duties and deliverables is proceeding in a timely manner.

5. Timeline

It is anticipated that the consultant will complete the work by fourth week of November 2020 with an additional support of 10 days per month over a period three months to advise and support to assist CI. The duration of the consultancy is not exceeded 180 days.

6. Experience and Qualifications

The consultant has high level of Economics, Environment, and Sustainable Development issues.

General Qualification

A degree in environmental economics, statistic with a strong quantitative background and a minimum 8+ years of professional experience in research area. Advance university degree is preferably.
Experience in Economic Valuation and Input-output analysis.
Proven skills in statistical analysis, excellent writing skills and ability to use statistical software such as R, STATA and/or SPSS. Advance skill on Microsoft Excel in an advantage.
Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills; and proven record of providing prompt and quality response to client requests both in Bahasa and English.
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and be a part of/contribute to larger teams and/or external parties.
Familiar with micro database from BPS (Susenas, Podes, Input-Output, etc.)
Able to work effectively with expert from different academic backgrounds is necessary.
Ability to prioritize and manage time efficiently, multi-task and coordination to meet deadlines
Knowledge and background in Sustainable Development, Economy and Environmental issues.
Additional Qualifications

Has experience in research, analysis, development and private sector.
Previous experience in authoring and co-authoring scientific publications is an advantage.
Has experiences in conducting economic and investment projection study.
Willingness to travel, including work in weekends and after hours as needed. 
Please send your Cover Letter along with your Resume (in PDF) to:  
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Closing date for the application is 10 May 2020.
(Only short-listed candidates will be notified). 
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