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Working in 30+ countries globally, Conservation International (CI) Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the good of humanity. We are constantly growing and expanding into areas new and old. We are currently looking Consultant to fill the following Terms below:  

Consultant for Forest Stewardship Consultant (FS_C)    

North Sumatra is one of our pilot provinces with a population of approximately 14.5 million people. It is approximately 7.2 million Ha in total area, of which 3.7 million Ha is forest area and 0.3 million Ha is peatland area. The total designated forest area is 3.01 million Ha and is managed in 22 units by Forest Management Units (FMU) and Conservation areas. Non-forest land increased significantly from approximately 4.7 million Ha in 1990 to 5.2 million Ha in 2015 – indicating 74% of land-use in the North Sumatra. The forest and land conversion also happened rapidly at the high carbon stock-peatland area. The peatland conversion was counted almost 80% of peatland have been drained and converted to palm oil plantations. Rapid deforestation occurred during 2000-2012 with deforestation rates in forests at over 3% from 2000 to 2005, increasing to nearly 6% from 2005 to 2010, and decreased from 2010 to 2012 at 3%. If North Sumatra continued with a business-as-usual scenario, it is estimated that by 2035 roughly 0.35 million Ha out of 1.9 million Ha of remaining primary forest cover, could be lost – impacting animal habitats, biodiversity, land degradation, and resulting in emissions of around 150 MT CO2e.

The Provincial Government, Provincial Forestry Agency (Dinas Kehutanan) and FMUs have a strategic role to address the deforestation and forest degradation and result development impacts from the forest management.  The Provincial Government and its FMU manages almost 2.2 Million Ha or 80% of forest land in the North Sumatera. The FMU is designed as the frontline in the field management who day to day conduct forest monitoring, develop forest management plan, and develop partnership with private sectors and community. However, decentralization of forest governance has been recently transforming from central government to district and then return to Provincial Government. With relatively new institutional framework, the FMUs face challenges with basic capacity to execute the forest management.

The FMUs have not yet had different technical and administrative skill sets required to effectively manage forest resources. The operationalization of FMUs always face with classic issues of limited budget and staff.  As results, the FMUs has had a capacity to develop comprehensive management plan and implement the plan that have been impacted to forest encroachment and degradation of forest resources.

Under partnership with Government of Indonesia, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, CI is looking for consultants support to provide technical assistance in developing forest management toolkits and provide training on basic forest management to targeted FMUs.
A.    Scope of Work:

1.    Conduct institutional and human resources capacity assessment on Provincial Forest Management and FMUs:

·         Develop baseline on institutional and human resources comparing standard competencies of FMUs and Forest Agency Institutions

·         Develop design of FMU institution to deliver forest management tasks

·         Develop effective frameworks for Provincial Forest Governance such as system operating procedure, and reporting for FMUs

2.    Develop forest management toolkits for Dinas Kehutanan and FMUs include but not limited to Forest Management Plan, Recreation Development, Forest Monitoring and Evaluation, Economic Impact reporting, developing partnership and managing forest management partners

·         Review available forest management tools and materials

·         Develop multiple use forest management toolkits: manual and handbook for Provincial Level and FMUs based on reviews

·         Conduct consultation about the draft toolkits with MoEF, and Provincial Governments, district Governments and multi-discipline inputs.

3.    Provide training manual for the toolkits and conduct training.

B.    TIMELINE: This Work will be effectively for approx. 6 months from June to December 2020.


Expected consultant must have:

·         University degree in forestry or an equivalent combination of education/vocational training and work experience relevant for the roles and responsibilities of this function.

·         At least 8 years of relevant professional experience and has worked with FSC certificate holders;

·         Sound understanding of the scope of FSC’s programmes and activities, policies and standards;

·         A practical understanding of forest management in Indonesia;

·         Certificate or licence to operate drone is preferred;

·         Knowledge of Forestry regulations and laws;

·         Experience in assessing the environmental and social impacts of forestry activities;

·         Knowledge and experience with issues related to natural resources, landscape, conservation, and/or forestry;

·         Understanding of commercial forest product value chain needs and market forces;

·         Ability to work independently and in a group; and

·         Good interpersonal skills, team working spirit, and excellent time management.

Please send your current resume and cover letter (no more than 4 pages) to:

Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mails in this format: <FS_C> - <your name>

Closing date for the application is May 20, 2020

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified).

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