Job Vacancy Palladium International - Website and Knowledge Management - MENTARI Project

1.               Background

MENTARI (Menuju Transisi Energi Rendah Karbon) is an ambitious four-year programme that formally started on 6th January 2020. The programme aims to deliver inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in Indonesia, by supporting the uptake of low carbon energy. Led by the British Embassy Jakarta, MENTARI is implemented by PT Palladium International Indonesia in consortium with Castlerock Consulting and Hivos. The programme has a specific focus on developing the low carbon energy sector to best support the disadvantaged communities, and specifically those in eastern Indonesia. By working closely with the Government of Indonesia and other stakeholders to improve the enabling environment and drive investment, MENTARI will demonstrate the possibilities of low carbon energy for Indonesia's economic development, job creation and social inclusion, while helping to mitigate climate and environmental impacts.

MENTARI is developing a comprehensive and interactive website as our main platform of communication, with external stakeholders. The website will serve the following functions:

Online interactive platform for information sharing and collaboration among key users of the site, while promoting:

1.       High quality intellectual, ethical and professional standards;

2.       The development, adoption and good practices within key stakeholder; and

3.       The profile of MENTARI in Low Carbon Energy landscape at the national and international level.

Knowledge Hub, which will become:

1.      The resource for knowledge sharing; and

2.      A useful resource on Low Carbon Energy initiatives in Indonesia and/or globally.

We invite eligible organisation to submit their proposal to tender for MENTARI Website and Knowledge Hub.

2.               Terms of Assignment

The preferred Supplier will deliver services as outlined in Section 3: Scope of Work under the supervision of the Collaboration & Networking Lead in consultation with the MREL Manager and the Programme Manager of the MENTARI programme who will assess the services and outputs of the Supplier. The expected Terms of Assignment are:

1.      The duration of the contract will be one (1) year with the expected starting date in June 2020 to include the development and maintenance phase of the website;

2.      The development of website should be finalised within two-months’ since the contract start date;

3.      The user manual, webinar and the maintenance of the new webpages should be delivered in the third month of the contract following the handover of the website; and

4.      After month two, the preferred Supplier will provide quarterly check and troubleshoot support as part of the maintenance phase.

3.               Scope of Work

3.1.               Website Development

The main features of the website must:

1.      Incrementally migrate the web site to a standard CMS (e.g. WordPress, Drupal or Joomla) and implement new features that add value;

2.      Use simple, cost-effective techniques to test designs with representative users before implementation of major features such as restructuring the main navigation menu (testing period);

3.      Optimize the site for low bandwidth users;

4.      Develop open APIs onto our membership database;

5.      Implement a basic “blog” function with integrated twitter and Facebook posting (LinkedIn and Facebook groups; website should facilitate streaming of information between these different platforms);

6.      Browser compatibility with any devices. The site must also be compatible with the current versions of the following browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome), as well as Internet Explorer version 6 onwards;

7.      Add a conference registration module (e.g. Microsoft Teams / GoToMeeting webinar) that can be managed via the user interface based on the requirement of MENTARI; and

8.      Add a comprehensive search functionality to the website.

3.2.               Website hosting:

1.      The website to be hosted at .com domain ( which currently is available;

2.      The web site currently requires 2 GB, but this will increase significantly to over the coming years due to accommodate the requirement of data management and knowledge management;

3.      The web site should be allocated into an unlimited size server and the server will be linked to Palladium’s Corporate server; and

4.      The server should support the technologies used which currently includes PHP, MySQL.

3.3.               Website Maintenance

3.3.1.           Web site content updates:

1.      the contracted web development company will assist with content update when the changes that must be made are not possible from the CMS user interface. It should be endeavoured that as many changes as possible be made from the CMS user interface, including the website’s current functionality to add/customize and operate online voting modules etc.;

2.      The contracted web development company will maintain full backup of the web site through the duration of the contract. The backup, code and source files will be delivered in full to client on closing of the contract;

3.      The contracted web development company will have an automated testing system that checks for broken hyperlinks on the site;

4.      The contracted web development company will follow the terms of the standard GDPR provided in the proposal;

5.      The contracted web development company will verify regularly that the site is up and running and will revert to the back up whenever necessary;

6.      The contracted web development company will give guidance on using the admin interface of the CMS;

7.      Monitor the server logs to see most popular pages and downloads and generate regular reports; and

8.      Provide training to CNN Associate and any MENTARI team members who are appointed as support after handover.

3.3.2.           Web site maintenance policy:

1.      Maintenance does not include any website re-design or development;

2.      Documents and graphics, such as logos and images, will be provided by MENTARI Programme, including Structure of Website Menu;

3.      This contract offers a Service Agreement with guaranteed server uptime and response time to queries. The Supplier should have an automated issue management ticket system for customer requests and allow clients to access tickets via the web at any time, including the correspondence log; and

4.      The Agreement will include financial penalty clauses should the Supplier break the terms of the agreement.

3.3.3.           Search Engine Optimization and site analysis

1.      The contracted web development company will ensure the search engine optimization. The SEO work will include:

o    Keyword research & analysis

o    Site analysis

o    Competitive analysis

o    Site content optimization

o    HTML code optimization

o    Search Engine submission (free search engines)

o    Link exchange

o    Web ranking report

2.      The contracted company will provide the first detailed annual reports on analysing progress, trends and areas to be improved. The reports should also include comprehensive and cumulative figures for downloads, as well as a competitor analysis.

3.      Additional tasks as required, including upgrade of the rich text editor control used in the website backend to the latest version (CKEditor) and move it out of the "iframes" to stop multiple downloads of the control; improve search options on the web site and databases; and others.

4.               Deliverables

The MENTARI website that follows a MENTARI branding guidelines, displays representative visual design and its functionalities that are enhanced to provide a better experience to users.
2.      A comprehensive document of the MENTARI Website User Manual and deliver a webinar training for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration.

3.      Source code handover: Full source code including all developed libraries to be handed over to MENTARI team after the finalisation of the website.

4.      Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, including quality control, for a period of 9 months.

5.               Procurement Process

5.1.               Selection Criteria

The Supplier needs to demonstrate a strong experience in providing similar services as follows:

1.      Source code handover: Full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to MENTARI.

2.      Be a reputable firm with at least 3-4 years of prior experience designing visually appealing and navigation friendly web sites.

3.      Familiarity and relevant experience in using different Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly WordPress.

4.      Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs including use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Macromedia Flash, Java.

5.      Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, web sites, including online video publishing, and social media networking.

6.      Demonstrate the ability to create innovative and visually appealing design.

7.      Proven experience of web design and support in the international development sector, particularly donor-funded programmes.

8.      Strong experience in developing in well-known and widely used open source platforms, such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.

9.      Understanding of End Users needs to match with adequate technical solutions.

10.   Strong track record in web site design; security and administration; Google analytics.

11.   Experience with creating dashboards is desirable.

12.   Search Engine Optimization.

5.2.               Selection Stages

The Procurement will be conducted in two stages: (i) Submission of Proposal and (ii) Presentation.
All eligible organisations are welcome to submit their proposal that must include the following:

1.      Narrative on how the company engages with its clients: existing processes and requirements they have regarding timeline, requests and approvals;

2.      Proposed technical approach to the website including samples of websites they have provided to similar Project or industry, mitigation of risks, options of approach and proposed working timeline;

3.      Company profile and CV of the team of (programmers and designers) assigned to the work;

4.      Proposed working timetable for the website; and

5.      The financial proposal including percentage Lump Sum in the commencing phase of development should address all associated costs in the development and maintenance stage of the programme. The budget should be broken down by activities and the maximum expected budget will be IDR 50,000,000 inclusive of maintenance and hosting for the period of services / agreement.

The shortlisted Suppliers will be invited to present their proposal to the Selection Panel at the agreed time with a minimum ten days of shortlisted announcement, to include:

1.      Dummy or sample of the website of MENTARI to be presented to the Selection Panel;

2.      Proposed workflow of requests and approvals during development and maintenance phase;

3.      Proposed timeline; and

4.      Overview of financial proposal for the delivery of services.

5.3.               Selection Criteria

All received proposals received will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Profile and experience of the company including professional capacity and experience of professionals assigned


Technical proposal including proposed website development approach and system, and the accessibility and proximity of the support team


Financial Proposal, inclusive of development and maintenance period


6.               Submission

The deadline for proposal submissions is at 23:59 Indonesia time on 19 June 2020.

All proposals should be submitted to p Duhita.Primandhira with Subject Email: MENTARI Website Proposal – [Your Company Name].

Tender Clarification period will be conducted from 4 – 9 June 2020. Any questions should be sent to with Subject Email: MENTARI Website Proposal – Question. All Clarifications answer will be posted on 10 June 2020 to answer all questions from Suppliers.


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