(Position Announcement) Team Leader – AgResults Indonesia Aquaculture Challenge Project

Team Leader – AgResults Indonesia Aquaculture Challenge Project

Longtime partner INGOs Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and IMA World Health (IMA) have founded Corus International to spearhead new collaborations and innovations across the global development, aid, public health, and private sectors that achieve transformational change and build self-reliance.

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is seeking candidates for the position of Team Leader for the upcoming AgResults Indonesia Aquaculture Challenge Project. The AgResults Initiative is a US$152 million multilateral initiative financed jointly by the governments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. AgResults uses “Pay-for-Results” prize competitions to incentivize, or “pull”, the private sector to overcome agricultural market barriers by investing in innovative research and delivery solutions that improve the lives of smallholder farmers. The AgResults Indonesia Aquaculture Challenge Project aims to use a private sector prize competition to enhance smallholder aquaculture farmers’ productivity to meet existing and growing demand for fish and fish products in Indonesia.

The Aquaculture Challenge Team Leader will be responsible for management of day-to-day Project activities and the quality delivery of all the Project Manager team’s work. The Team Leader will ensure that all tasks and activities are performed in a timely, professional manner, subject to appropriate review and approvals by the Secretariat, and that deliverables and other work products related to the Project will be clear, well thought out, complete and thoroughly checked for quality control. The Team Leader will be assisted in tasks by a Technical Officer.

Specifically, the Team Leader’s responsibilities will include the following:

·       Lead the process for project registration/ approval in Indonesia.

·       Assess and validate the Project design, to ensure alignment to the stated goals and objectives of the AgResults program.

·       Develop Annual Work Plans to be submitted to the Secretariat for review and approval.

·       Monitor and ensure that the Project Annual Work Plan is implemented.

·       Prepare and submit Quarterly Performance Reports to track, identify and inform the Secretariat of all completed, in-process and forecasted Project activities, and to propose Work Plan adjustments if needed.

·       Identify and proactively report to the Secretariat on potential opportunities or problems that could impact Project implementation or the reputation risk of the Project, AgResults, the Secretariat or any other AgResults entity. The Team Leader should employ critical thinking to troubleshoot solutions, and recommend appropriate solutions, responses and next steps to the Secretariat before acting.

·       Monitor and supervise Project implementation, including, without limitation, for misuse of funds and fraud, implement misuse and fraud avoidance management processes.

·       Manage annual lessons-learned exercises with competitors and the Advisory Committee and submit summaries of these exercises to the Secretariat.

·       Ensure quality verbal and written reporting on Project operations as required.

·       Coordinate the formation of the Advisory Committee and their input on technical matters throughout the course of the Project. Ensure that the members of the AC are eligible to serve on and contribute to the Committee, do not face conflicts of interest, and otherwise comply with the requirements of this Agreement.

·       Manage and oversee the competitor sourcing and sign-up process with the competitors. Support potential competitors in joining the AgResults contest by providing information on the prize structure and contest requirements.

·       Develop a transparent dispute resolution mechanism for the Competitors and other Project participants and coordinate dispute resolution for approval by AgResults.

·       Ensure effective stakeholder engagement, including government engagement, public outreach, and communications. Communicate as needed with competitors and the TAC on matters of Project operations, and report regularly to the Secretariat.

·       Collaborate with the Secretariat in the development and/or finalization of the verification process, as well as help with drafting the terms of reference for the Verifier and identifying Verifier candidates.

·       Along with Secretariat, prepare a verification oversight plan, oversee, and perform spot checks of the sales audit tasks that the Verifier will perform.

·       Liaise closely with the Project Verifier(s) to ensure consistency in work plan development, reporting, and to advise on verification processes with necessary.

·       Collect and submit verification reports to the Secretariat, indicating the companies that should receive a payment and the payment amounts.

·       Maintain neutrality in all aspects of the facilitation of the Project, including impartiality toward the Competitors, and eschew influence by any pre-existing personal or professional relationships that would create an actual or perceived bias or unfair advantage for a Competitor or other stakeholder.

·       Ensure that Project deliverables are met on a timely basis and keep the Secretariat informed of all delays or changes to the timeline.

·       Develop and implement communications and outreach in coordination with the Secretariat. This includes engaging proactively with the aquaculture industry and stakeholders at external events and conferences.

·       Coordinate and provide reasonable support as needed to the AgResults External Evaluator to harmonize work plans and facilitate assessing specific parameters and outcomes of the Project.

·       Lead Project close out.

·       Perform other duties as assigned and needed by the Secretariat or the Steering Committee.


·       A minimum of seven to ten years of experience managing international donor-funded projects and/or private sector-led initiatives, with Indonesia experience required.

·       A Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, animal science, aquaculture, economics, business, international development, or a related field. A Master’s degree is preferred.

·       Demonstrated experience facilitating programs or projects that include public and private sector involvement.

·       Proven ability to work independently; effectively manage time, competing priorities, and complex tasks; and identify opportunities and challenges and propose appropriate responses or solutions.

·       Proven excellent project management and problem-solving abilities.

·       Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills in English. Fluency in Bahasa also expected.

·       Experience with positive stakeholder engagement, including the private sector, international donors, and government officials.

·       Experience overseeing monitoring and verification systems.

·       Proficiency in MS Project, MS Outlook, MS Word and other Microsoft Office programs.

The Team Leader position will be based in either Jakarta or Surabaya, Indonesia. Actual hiring is contingent upon successful project award and approval of AgResults.

To apply please send CV and cover letter to JobsIndo@lwr.org not later than June 10th, 2020.

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