Request for Proposal : Video Production in 3 Districts & Editing


Budget code             : 5.8.5 & 5.8.6
name of activity      : Video Production in 3 Districts & Editing

Barnfonden, YSKK, SID, and LPMM are implementing the project titled “Strengthening civil society and social accountability for improved access to quality, inclusive ECD services in NTT”, funded by European Union and SIDA. The project started in March 2018 and will end by February 2021. The objective of the project is increased access to inclusive and child friendly Early Childhood Development (ECD) in marginalized South West, East Sumba and Kupang Districts through greater capacity of Local Authorities (LAs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), enhanced collaboration, with tangible impacts on policy making, resource allocation and the quality of service delivery.

To ensure project visibility, Barnfonden has consolidated the communication plan in reference to EU communication and visibility guidance. One of the communication strategies is video production in 3 districts. The video will capture the project success stories and lessons learned from 3 targeted districts: Kupang, East Sumba, and Southwest Sumba districts. Barnfonden will have an open competitive bidding procurement procedure with submissions from at least 3 vendors.   Barnfonden initially planned to have 1 vendor to produce the video from 3 districts. However, due to Covid19 mitigation risks, Barnfonden will open the possibility to having the following combination:

1) 1 vendor produces video production and editing in all 3 districts and this vendor is responsible to ensure their resources to cover all 3 districts, or

2) 2 vendors produce the video (1 works in Kupang district and 1 works in East Sumba and Southwest Sumba districts) and 1 out of 2 vendors is responsible for the editing for all 3 districts.

The decision will be based on the proposal submitted by the vendors to Barnfonden’s steering committee. Please send links to examples of videos you have produced previously.

Purpose of the Contract

The purpose of this contract is to hire video production and editing vendors to record the project lesson learned and success stories in accordance to this ToR.

Results to be achieved by the Contractor

The result is a video describing project lessons learned and success stories in 3 districts. The video will be supplied produced and edited, and ready for screening via a digital link and on 10 flash drives.

The video should be no more than 30 minutes in length. The audience will be other community organizations and ECD committees in Indonesia, local village authorities, other NGOs, and the donor organizations. The storyline will be developed by the vendor and approved by Barnfonden, but should include footage of ECD centers (with appropriate permissions granted, as instructed by Barnfonden), interviews with CSOs, LAs and ECD Committee members describing why, what and how they participated in the project, achievements, challenges and advice, and stories of significant change. Viewers should feel informed and interested in advocating to their own Authorities for increased funding for ECD, understanding the process the project took to achieve this.

The video should be in Bahasa Indonesia, and include subtitles in English (assistance in translation will be provided).

The key elements of this project, which provide the background reference for the video production and should be captured in the video, are described below.

Project outcome and intermediate outcomes

Project Outcome: Increased access to inclusive and child friendly Early Childhood Development (ECD) in marginalized South West, East Sumba and Kupang Districts through greater capacity of Local Authorities (LAs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), enhanced collaboration, with tangible impacts on policy making, resource allocation and the quality of service delivery.

Intermediary Outcome 1: CSOs have the space and tools to organize themselves, and the capacity to mobilize resources, communities, support and advocate for children’s rights in 3 districts (South West and East Sumba and Kupang Districts)

Intermediary Outcome 2: Well-resourced inclusive ECD centers through empowered CBOs that influence LAs and ECD budgeting processes

Intermediary Outcome 3: Increased attendance in inclusive ECD centers with empowered CBOs that influence behaviors through community led initiatives

Intermediary Outcome 4: Improved quality of inclusive ECD through strengthened CBOs, CSOs and LAs that work collaboratively

Main activities of the Project

·       R1 - 1.1: Capacity building and mentoring of 2 CSOs (SID & LPMM) on project cycle and financial management; proposal development and networking;

·       1.2: Training of Trainers (ToT) and mentoring of CSOs to run ECD advocacy campaigns, influence budgeting processes while ensuring social accountability;

·       1.3: ToT for ECD CSOs to develop small asset-based livelihoods activities for ECD centers;

·       1.4: Development of a comprehensive module on quality ECD programming and ToT for CSOs and LAs on: running and monitoring child friendly and inclusive ECD centers, early stimulation and parenting.

·       R2 - 2.1: Training and mentoring of ECD Village Committees by CSOs in ECD advocacy, budgeting and accountability.

·       2.2: Training of Village, sub-district and district LAs by CSOs in participatory development planning and ECD budgeting; 2.3: District advocacy campaign by CSOs.

·       R3 - 3.1: 10 Grants provided to CBOs (financial support to third parties) to pilot behavior change campaigns on the importance of ECD or small asset-based livelihoods activities to support centers (call for proposals, grants design workshop, support to refine proposals, selection).

·       3.2: CBOs are mentored into piloting projects.

·       R4 - 4.1: Training of tutors from sub-district ECD Clusters by CSOs on quality inclusive ECD programs.

·       4.2: Training and mentoring of inspectors to monitor centers.

·       4.3. Knowledge management through sub-district ECD clusters’ meetings.

·       4.4: National advocacy campaign for the adoption of a Holistic Integrative ECD approach for an equal access to comprehensive, quality and affordable ECD education for all.

Project Coordinator & Partners

The coordinator of this project is Barnfonden in cooperation with 3 partners: YSKK (Yayasan Satu Karsa Karya) based in Solo, LPMM (Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Madani) based in Kupang city, and SID (Sumba Integrated Development) based in East Sumba. Barnfonden also provides technical assistance to SID and LPMM on ECD programming and project cycle management capacity building. YSKK acts as technical assistant of this project and provides technical assistance to SID and LPMM on social accountability, advocacy, and livelihood. Meanwhile, both LPMM and SID act as implementing partners who are responsible for ensuring the implementation of this project in the targeted areas. LPMM works in Kupang district and SID works in East Sumba and Southwest Sumba districts.

Target Groups

Civil Society Organizations (CSO):

a)     5 CSOs: SID (Sumba Integrated Development), LPMM (Institute of Civil Society Development), KLMAF (Consortium for the Empowerment of Children and Communities based in Ende), LPPA (Institute of Child Protection and Development, based in Belu), and Adjarmanu Foundation (based in East Sumba)

b)     3 advocacies organizations: Rumah Perempuan (based in Kupang), Bengkel Appek (based in Kupang), and Charis Foundation (based in East Sumba);

c)     54 ECD centers (PAUD)

d)     54 ECD committees (parents of children 3-6 years old registered in ECD center)

e)     16 sub-district ECD clusters (tutors)

Local Authority (LA):

a)     30 Village Government: 10 villages in Kupang district, 13 villages in East Sumba, and 7 villages in Southwest Sumba.

b)     22 sub-district Heads and UPTD (Area Technical Implementation Unit) from 4 sub districts (Nekamese, Taebenu, Kupang Tengah, Amarasi) in Kupang district, 3 sub districts (Kota Waingapu, Umalulu, Nggaha Ori Angu) in East Sumba district, and 5 sub districts (Wewewa Barat, Kota Tambolaka, Laura, Kodi Utara, Kodi) in Southwest Sumba district;

c)     3 Kindergarten Model/TK Pembina and 3 Teacher Association/IGTKI based at each district

d)     District and sub-district inspectors at each district

e)     District Education Office (DEO) at each district

Final Beneficiaries

Direct beneficiaries: 1,841 boys and girls (3-5 years) attending ECD centers, their 85 tutors and 3,682 parents.

Indirect beneficiaries: 51,346 preschool aged children from the 3 targeted Districts (including 1,638 boys and girls attending associated ECD centers through sub-district clusters, 117 tutors and 3,276 parents).

Note: The full details of the project description will be shared by Barnfonden to successful vendors, but can also be made available to those who wish to read this before submitting a letter of interest.

The success stories and lesson learned should be demonstrated in the video and reflect the key elements of the project. The success stories reflect the success of the project at the result level including but not limited to human success stories or most significant change perceptions from the target groups and the beneficiaries, local authority engagement, and CSOs capacity improvement. Meanwhile, the lessons learned should reflect any challenges faced during the project and recommendations to ensure the sustainability of the project objectives/outcomes. Both success stories and lessons learned could be visualized through interview with the key informant and highlights of the situation in the 3 targeted districts. Barnfonden will work with the Vendor to identify the best interview prospects and locations for filming, and will provide guidance as to the questions relevant for each of the interview subjects.

5.1. Description of the assignment

The vendor should submit a proposal on the video production and editing approach to the Barnfonden CSO-LA Project Manager ( by maximum 21st June 2020, 17.00 WITA.

The proposal should describe:

1.     the approach taken to achieve the Results to be Achieved by the Contractor,

2.     methodology of video production and editing,

3.     risk mitigation plan of covid19,

4.     timeframe, and

5.     budget detail.

Below is additional information of Barnfonden’s expectation on the video production and editing.

Video production. The vendor will produce the video of the project success stories and lesson learned of 3 districts. The video production (technical preparation, shooting and recording) should take place between 1st July and 14th September 2020, with the edited video submission received by Barnfonden not later than 14th October 2020.  The interview participants and ECD centers involved should be done in consultation with Barnfonden.

Editing. The vendor will edit the video with maximum 30 minutes duration. The vendor will ensure the logos of EU, SIDA, Barnfonden, YSKK, SID, LPMM, NTT province, Kupang district, East Sumba district, and Southwest Sumba district included in the video.

If the selected vendor is only 1 vendor, the instalment will be divided into 3 phases: 1st instalment is 40%, 2nd is 40%, and 3rd is 20%. If the selected vendor is 2 vendors, the instalment will be divided into 2 phases: 1st instalment is 60% and 2nd instalment is 40%.

The final video should be submitted to Barnfonden as the raw file, as a video link, and copied to 10 flash drives.  

5.2.  Estimated Tasks and Duration


Month and Date



TOR development

4th – 10th June 2020

CSO PM, Admin, GM, Program Director


Opening vacancy

11th – 19th June 2020





22nd – 26th June 2020

Prepared by: Admin

Steering Committee: CSO PM, GM, Program Director


Contract assignment & first instalment

29th – 30th June 2020

Admin, Vendor

Monitored by Admin

Refining production and editing plan

1st – 7th July 2020


Vendor could contact CSO PM in the process

Reviewing the production and editing plan

8th – 10th July 2020

CSO PM, GM, Program Director, Vendor

Through skype

Disseminating the plan to YSKK, SID, and LPMM

13th – 14th July 2020


Through skype

Video production

15th July - 14th September 2020


Vendor should coordinate with CSO PM if needed

Second instalment

15th – 20th September 2020



Video editing

15th September – 14th October 2020  



Reviewing the edited video

15th – 21st October 2020

CSO PM, GM, Program Director, YSKK, SID, LPMM



22nd – 28th October 2020



Video submission to Barnfonden

29th – 4th November 2020

Vendor, Barnfonden Admin.


Final instalment

5th – 10th November 2020



Expressions of interest for the Scope of Work must be received no later than 19 June 2020.

The proposal can be sent by email to:, or

Mail to: Barnfonden Operational Office/ ChildFund International in Indonesia-Eastern Zone: Jl. Samratulangi III No.20, Kel. Oesapa Barat – Kelapa Lima, Walikota, Kupang – NTT 85228.

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