Dear Sir/Madam,

The Stop TB Partnership Indonesia (STPI) is a national platform of Stop TB Partnership. STPI provides a platform of inter-sectorial partnership that supports National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) since 2013. This organization consists of 75 national and international partners that collaborate to end TB in Indonesia. STPI operates under the strategic direction of a wide range of expertise, such as the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board, representing public health practitioners, academia, development partners, as well as public and private sector.

We kindly request you to submit your quotation for procurement from trusted vendors.

Additional information can be found in the website at

The Specifications of the Products Required:



Quantity based on Destination


Surgical Mask

Type : ear/head loop

Merk : Sensi/ One Med/ Nexcare/Aviamed

1 Box : 40 /50 pcs

-     Sumenep (Kota Sumenep) : 200 box (1 box = 50 pcs)

N95 Mask

Type : Respirator 8210

Merk : 3M

1 Box :  10 / 20 pcs

-     Sumenep (Kota Sumenep) : 10 box (1 box = 20 pcs)

The quotation should include :

1.       Name, Address and Contact of Vendor;

2.       Name and specification of Product;

3.       Quantity of Product;

4.       The Price of Product;

5.       The shipping cost (if any) to Sumenep (Kota Sumenep);

6.       Terms of Payment;

7.       Availability of Product

Evaluation Criteria :

-          Trusted vendors;

-          Responsiveness/ full compliance to requirements;

-          The Price of the products (the lowest price);

-          The availability of the Product;

-          The location of the Vendor (prefer the nearest with the destination)

Vendor is allowed to submit 1 type of requested product (Surgical Mask / N950 Mask). This selection is subject to the approval of the Executive Director STPI. Please note that all of the product should be READY TO DELIVER on June 19th, 2020.

Each vendor shall send the quotation no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 17, 2020 (Submission Deadline) to STPI’s address at For further information, please send email to

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