Vacancy: Consultant, USAID CEGAH

Consultant for Developing Roadmap SIPP USAID CEGAH, Jakarta, Indonesia

Working Period: 25 days (RT 23)

Company Profile: 

MSI, a Tetra Tech Company, is a Washington, D.C. metro area international development firm with a 35-year history of delivering development results across the world. Our core expertise is in the fields of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), institutional development, public sector management, governance and anti-corruption. MSI has implemented projects in 90 countries around the world such as Jordan, Kenya, Indonesia, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Colombia and Mexico. As one of the leading companies in our field, MSI has partnered with organizations across all sectors of international development to support clients ranging from large bilateral and multilateral donors such as USAID, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program to national and local governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, foundations and universities. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at

Project Summary:

CEGAH is a 5-year USAID-funded accountability and integrity program that works with a wide range of Indonesian governmental and non-governmental agencies. The program runs between 2016 and 2021. The project is implemented by Management Systems International (MSI).


The Government of Indonesia (GoI) has mandated KemenPAN RB through the Law Number 25/2009 to develop the Public Service Information System (Sistem Informasi Pelayanan Publik/SIPP). SIPP serves as an electronic platform that aims to provide comprehensive and timely information about public services, include the procedure of government services, standard of services (including the cost and timeline), and many others. The website, which is accessible at, would ease the public to get information and also promote transparency of the agencies. SIPP is also integrated with other services, including the public complaints management application, SP4N-LAPOR!

In the past three years, CEGAH has been supporting KemenPAN-RB to develop and promote SIPP to local governments to input data of their public service into SIPP. By the end of December 2019, 520 out of a targeted 623 GOI agencies have input data, consisting of 28 out of 34ministries, 41 out of 42 government agencies non-ministry, 33 out of34 provincial governments, 318 out of 416 regency governments, 90 out of 98 municipalities, and 10 out of 108 state owned enterprises. A total of 2,814 local government units (OPD) and 58,583 services have already been included in SIPP. Afterward, CEGAH is also supporting KemenPAN-RB to improve security, user-friendliness, functional compatibility, and completeness of features of SIPP.

Currently, SIPP only provides information on public services from institutions that have inputted data into the system, whereas in the next 5 years, Kemenpan RB plans to develop SIPP as the  main portal of public service information, which means that all government agencies that provide public services input the data into SIPP, and SIPP can also be integrated into all existing public service information system. SIPP will become the initial portal for the public to access public service information, instead of accessing through different websites for each public service provider.

Considering that the improvement and development has quite a number of stages, KemenpanRB needs a document that can be formulated as a reference to make the SIPP as the main portal of an informative national public service information system in the next 5 years (based on the result of the “Rapat Terbatas Pengembangan SIPP” that has been conducted in Mercure Hotel, 12 February 2020). The roadmap aims to provide direction to the development and improvement of the IT system on an ongoing basis so that SIPP is compatible with the demands, changes in policy framework, challenges, and needs of GOI work environment. The design will include a detailed framework as a basis for policymaking. 

Considering the long-term development planning, CEGAH will support to hire a consultant to formulate a roadmap for the development of SIPP.                                                                                                                                        


A.     Objective:  

To formulate a roadmap of SIPP for the period 2020-2024. The roadmap will cover several major issues, such as:

1.      Identify the strategic needs of SIPP in the next 5 years in terms of IT system improvement to make SIPP become a main national public service portal;

2.      Design a strategy to encourage all government agencies to use SIPP;

3.      Provide an overview of the policy recommendations that can be taken by KemenpanRB for the management of SIPP in all government institutions.

4.      Ensure the sustainability of SIPP in the future,

5.      Sustain its value as the principal portal for public services information over time.  

B.     Scope of Work:

1.      Three (4) days:

·        Learn and analyze the regulation of SIPP;

·        Conduct initial meeting with Kemenpan-RB and USAID CEGAH;

·        Create workplan for the implementation.


2.      Twenty One (21) days:

·        Conduct interviews and baseline survey with SIPP users in KemenpanRB, and some local government who already used SIPP;

·        Conduct FGDs to identify the needs, both in terms of system and policies, in realizing SIPP as the main national portal of public service information system

·        Identify the future challenges on the development of SIPP

·        Formulate a long-term design of SIPP development plan including the performance monitoring and maintenance of SIPP;

·        Breakdown the plan into 5-years period;

·        Formulate a yearly strategy recommendation for KemenpanRB to achieve the plan;

·        Present the SIPP Five-year Strategic Sustainability Roadmap to KeMenPAN-RB and USAID CEGAH.

·        Revise the roadmap based on the input from the presentation.

C.     Scope of the expected Roadmap

The roadmap should cover at least (but not limited to) following section:

1.      Background (problem statements)

2.      Objectives

3.      Requirements (technical regulations, plannings, monitoring and evaluation, etc)

4.      Standard for evaluation of achievements

5.      Strategy for implementation (approaches, inter-agency collaboration, etc)

6.      Plan of actions (step by step based on yearly plan)


D.     Deliverables:

1.      Document of the SIPP regulation analysis;

2.      Workplan for the formulation of SIPP Five-year Strategic Sustainability Roadmap;

3.      Final draft of SIPP Five-year Strategic Sustainability Roadmap, approved by KemenPAN-RB and USAID CEGAH;

4.      Presentation slides;

5.      Final of SIPP Five-year Strategic Sustainability Roadmap.


E.     Qualifications:

1.      Having an experience in formulating roadmap/blueprint /masterplan of application system for Government Agencies or similar application systems.

2.      Good experience on working with Government Bureaucracy;

3.      Good understanding of information systems and user management;

4.      Having logical thinking ability to transform planning ideas into written documents systematically.

5.      Understand the regulations on Public Services and the National Public Service Information System so that they have critical thinking and suggestions for improving the SIPP application system from the consultant's perspective.

6.      Having knowledge related to the rights of service users in getting information about services.

7.      Strong analytic, communication, and writing skills

Application should include a CV  and contact information by July 28, 2020 at the latest. Please send applications to Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

MSI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer


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