Founded in 2015, JAPFA Foundation is committed to improving the standards of living in Indonesia through its involvement in education, health, and social sectors, helping over 1000 students, 19 schools, 5295 beneficiaries and 239 educators. Starting this year, we aim to improve our programming by piloting a new initiative named Bertani untuk Negeri, an accelerator specializing in agriculture development Indonesia which creates comprehensive training programs for both farmers and fresh graduates.

At the heart of Bertani untuk Negeri, we seek to rebrand agriculture as a prestigious and lucrative sector to be involved in, especially for the millennial generation. As such, our  visions are two-folds: (1) increasing the productivity of Indonesia’s smallholder farmers and livestock breeders, which later translates into better profitability; and (2) improving workplace readiness and soft skills of young Indonesians to be the leader in the agriculture sector. The pilot of this program will be rolled out in September 2020 - May 2021.

To make sure the current pilot design and programming is able to achieve the above vision, Japfa Foundation is looking to engage a third party non-individual consultant (professional organization/team of individuals under a legal entity) to help us conduct baseline and end of project evaluation for program Bertani Untuk Negeri with two objectives: (1) measure whether or not we can achieve the program’s outcomes and (2) increase the credibility of the program as such measurement is conducted by an independent third party, instead of relying on 100% internal evaluation.

As we aspire to expand the program for other commodities upon successful pilot, it is worth noting that we are also looking for long-term partners for M&E that can grow together with us to deliver better and more effective program in each batch.

For more details about the job, how to apply, and the deadline please find the RFP file attached. (only shortlisted candidate will be contacted)


How to apply

1. Proposal : Applicants are required to submit a written proposal in word or ppt format

electronically which outline:

a. General description of organizations’ capabilities to meet the terms of this

solicitation, your contact details (address and phone numbers), a short description of

unique capabilities (skills, methodologies, or technical approach) typically employed

for carrying out work as described in the “Deliverables” section, and a brief

description of past performance with contact details of previous client;

b. A comprehensive technical proposal focusing on delivering the above-mentioned key

activities and deliverables in Cirebon Timur, including proposed methodology of

evaluation, stakeholders involvement, instruments development, data collection

mechanism, data analysis, and expected sample results;

c. Most recent Curriculum Vitae of the organization and/or individual team members

(key personnel involved) and details of staff composition with clear demonstration of

previous experience in project evaluatio

d. Proposed work plan including timeline for key activities, milestones, and deliverables

for pre and post program.

e. A comprehensive financial proposal in Indonesian rupiah, including daily rate for

team members or external consultants, budget allocation for activities, travel and

accommodation, monitoring and evaluation activities, dissemination activities,

incidentals and other expenses, as well as proposed terms of payments/schedule.

Proposal must be submitted to by Monday, 24 August 2020

at 9 am Jakarta time, with the subject line: Proposal Bertani Untuk Negeri in Cirebon


2. Bidder Presentation - After submitting Proposal, selected applicants will be invited to attend

virtual presentation and clarification on the proposal that will take place on 25 and 26

August 2020. Information will be distributed through email addresses written on the


3. Revised Proposal Submission - After presentation and clarification session, bidders can

submit their revised proposal to by Monday, 31 August 2020 at

5 pm Jakarta time, with the subject line: Revised Proposal Bertani Untuk Negeri in Cirebon


For further information and enquiries, please contact Ms. Dame Manalu, M&E Specialist

Japfa Foundation, at



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