National Finance Expert (Consultant) - KEMITRAAN

 I. Position Information

Job code title : National Finance Expert – SIAP IFM (Integrated Fire Management)
Department : SGS
Report to : Project Manager SIAP IFM

To enable and facilitate development of human resource capacity in the Indonesian SIAP Project by establishing and operationalizing fire management cluster in targeted rural districts in Indonesia. This includes an accelerated programme of training and skills transfer to cluster members and operational fire management resources. The SIAP project is a ground breaking endeavor whereby SIAP Project partners (Government of Indonesia, UN Environment and Kishugu) have the opportunity to lay the foundations of a fundamental collaboration and IFM mind shift change in Indonesia. The Project Manager will be key in managing the project planning, implementation, coordination and monitoring and evaluation.

Due to the many similarities of environmental, socio-economic and political dynamics in Indonesia, having sound knowledge of the international best practice as manifested in the South African models are paramount. This will be combined with building knowledge on Indonesian regulations and operational realities and combining these for best effect. The skill will be in recognizing both the similarities and differences and gently guiding the process onward. There is a need for competent advice on all of the client’s needs, and develop capacity to pass those skills on. Fostering this capacity is critical for developing core and redundancy in skill sets, both operational and strategic, and ultimately ensuring sustainability of the Project.

KEMITRAAN (Partnership) together with UNEP and Kishugu developed a project plan for the pilot implementation of Cluster-based Integrated Fire Management in Ogan Komering Ilir Regency (South Sumatera), Pelalawan Regency (Riau) and Pulang Pisau Regency (Central Kalimantan), and at national level in managing multi-stakeholders collaboration to improve policy and strategic actions to combat forest and land fire. To oversee and coordinate the project management and implementation both at national and sub-national level, the Project requires a National Finance Expert.

II. Job Purpose
– Prepare, plan and provide substantive input to Project to ensure the adaptation of finance perspective in Fire Management.
– Conduct a study on costs and effectiveness of current forest/peatland fire responses in comparison to the established produces cluster prototypes and discussed with GoI to refine the existing policies/plans.
– Conduct a study on assessment of private sector concessionaire’s costs to meet the Desired State, which could be mobilized through private blended finance mechanisms, based on the land users pays principle.
– Conduct stakeholder mapping on targeted peatland areas, identify project gaps and current sustainable of social-economic and political dynamics in Indonesia.
– Conduct feasibility study on blended financing private finances options to meet the desired stated of IFM.
– Coordinate with the KEMITRAAN team and policy makers, such as BNPB, KLHK, BPBD, Manggala Agni, Forestry Office, Environment related agencies and other relevant offices at the local level, including partner organizations, CSOs, and local media.
– Coordinate and meet with government agencies, land users, concessionaries and communities to obtain information on IFM and cluster principles.

III. Principal Accountabilities
The consultant will work closely with the Project Manager, Deputy Cluster Manager and Cluster Manager of KISHUGU under the supervision of the SGS Director and ensure that technical assistance on IFM and IFM-related documents can be produced on target.

IV. Deliverables

– To provide a report on the study on how to assess private sector concessionaire’s costs of meeting the Desired State, which could be mobilized through private blended finance mechanisms, based on land user pays principle and is endorsed by GOI.
– To prepare the allocation/ budgeting for handling KAHUTLA.
– To provide report/document that informed the portion of the anticipated private sector concessionaire’s costs of meeting the Desired State where possible has been calculated and structured.
– To organise two consultative meetings with financiers and facilitators to contribute to the concept of the draft mechanism.
– To provide feasibility study on structure and securing possible private finance as an exit strategy based on land user/polluter pays principle to be published and submitted to GoI.
– To provide planning of completed and structured funding on private finance resource mobilization and implementation mechanism to achieve Desired State of IFM in Indonesia.
– To provide a draft blended financing mechanism headed for the desired state of IFM, with financial market viability based on “land user pays principle” to be endorsed by GoI.
– Other deliverables as discussed and agreed with the team.

V. Time Frame
30 days over the period of 6 months (Feb – July 2021) – an average of 5 days/month

VI. Qualifications
1. Education :
Master Degree in Financing/Social Science/Environment/Fiscal Administration/ Management/ Public Policy
2. Experiences :
– Minimum 15 years of relevant experience in non-government organization/s.
– More than 10 years experiences in IFM.
– Experience in IFM training and mentorship functions.
– Experience in close coordination with government and private sector.
– Experience in creating a draft policy on fiscal related to the environment, involvements in fire management in an advantage.
– Experience and ability to facilitate multi-stakeholders forum, enticing stakeholders such as key government agencies, civil society organizations, social-political figures, private companies and grassroots communities, etc.;
– Experience in report writing, project management and skillful in operating ICT.
– Familiarity with BNPB, BPBD, Manggala Agni, Forestry and Military.
– In-depth knowledge on Fire Fighters Handbook, Fire Managers Handbook, Aerial Firefighting Handbook, NIMS / ICS Fire line Handbook, WoF BOPs and SOPs, Wildfire origin and cause – PMS412, Integrated Fire Management, relevant wildfire legislation and regulation (SA or equivalent with Indonesia to be provided) would be advantages.
– Understanding forest and land fire would be a big plus.

3. Skills :
– In-depth knowledge on fiscal policy related to environment, and understanding forest and land fire would be a big plus.
– In-depth knowledge and understanding central and regional financial policies.
– Possessing good knowledge regarding the current socio-political and economic conditions; forestry issues, landscape approach, forest and land fire; climate change, mitigate impact of fire on the landscape & economy; fire Management/wildfire management; fire-related disaster risk.
– Computer skill and adaptability, especially Microsoft office, statistical package and/or data analysis software.
– Training and coaching experience. Ability to work effectively as part of a team and individually.

To apply for this position please submit your CV using this link no later than February 5th 2021 or go to KEMITRAAN website at Kemitraan


Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

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