Palladium Indonesia - HPP Project: SALES REPRESENTATIVE

 Assignment Overview

With support from HP+, PT Sijarimas Teknologi Inovasi (PT STI) is seeking a sales representative to expand its core business model as a health technology company focused on improving maternal and newborn health. PT STI’s product portfolio includes:

·       SijariEMAS Rujukan: emergency referral platform for mothers and babies

·       SijariEMAS PWS KIA: tracks and monitors high-risk pregnancies

·       SijariEMAS PSC 119: call center for emergency referrals

·       SijariEMAS COVID-19: tracks positive patients for COVID-19

·       SMILE Puskesmas: health management system for local clinics (Puskesmas)

·       InfoBidan: education and consultation app for midwives

·       InfoBunda: education and consultation app for pregnant mothers

The majority of its products are offered via a B2G (business-to-government) model to local government at the district/city level as support to their health system and management of emergency referrals. In terms of platform, currently most of the products are web and app-based (Android) to allow easy access in rural areas where most of the population are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. A web-based dashboard is still used in each district by representatives of the local government, district health office (DHO), and healthcare facilities (hospital/clinic/puskesmas) to engage with users in their respective communities. In the near future, PT STI is planning to diversify its business line by creating a specialized (business-to-business) B2B segment targeting hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities that might benefit from the product.



This role is to support PT STI in getting new clients for their B2B sector, primarily into hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities specializing in maternal and childcare.


We will hire up to 3 (three) people for this role.


·       Support sales and new business opportunities for STI’s B2B model

·       Identify, generate, and contact new leads and decision-makers.

·       Screen potential business opportunities and select the deals in line with strategies.

·       Lead and facilitate pitch logistics including presenting relevant product knowledge materials.

·       Attend sales meetings, conference calls, and related events to expand sales pipelines.

·       Create tailored sales materials according to client needs.

·       Maintain and share professional knowledge through education, networking, events, and presentations.

·       Track and maintain activity records for reporting and feedback.


*  At least 3 (three) years of relevant experience.

*  Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields, business or management would be preferred.

*  Successful track record in B2B sales.

*  Experience in health or pharmaceutical industry is highly preferred.

*  Web-based platforms sales experience would be an advantage.

*  Having existing networks/contacts in the health sector is preferred.

*  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

*  Proven experience in achieving sales targets.

*  Ability to deliver engaging presentations.



Various sales activities for STI, which includes:

·       Track Contacts and Sales Performance: List of new business contacts (hospital/clinic/etc.) and monitoring of sales metrics on weekly basis. The target is to establish new contacts (email/text message/direct sales calls) with 8 (eight) potential clients per week.

·       Pitch to New Clients: Tailor and edit content from current PT STI sales pitch deck to adjust to individual clients in pipeline, increasing interest in PT STI’s products & services and chances of deal closing. The target is to pitch to at least 2 (two) new potential clients per week.

·       Onboard New B2B Clients: Onboard new B2B clients for PT STI, based on B2B model and leads created by previous consultants (hospitals). The target is to onboard 6 (six) new B2B clients (hospitals/clinics/etc.).

Working Location

Applicants will be working in one of three focused geographical areas:

·       DKI Jakarta

·       Tangerang & Tangerang Selatan

·       Depok


Total timeline for this consultancy is 12 (twelve) weeks, and consultant is estimated to join on Week 2 of March 2021 (March 8th, 2021)

·       Track Contacts and Sales Performance: target achieved by June 4th, 2021

·       Pitch to New Clients: target achieved by June 4th, 2021

·       Onboard New B2B Clients: target achieved by June 4th, 2021




















Briefing by STI team & review pitch deck










Eid al-Fitr Holiday




Develop sales contact lists













Pitch to new clients













Onboard B2B Clients














Period of Performance

March – June 2021 (12 weeks), with the possibility of extension if candidate is able to perform.

Candidates should submit their CV and salary expectation by Friday, February 26th, 2021 to Online interviews will be held for qualified candidates.


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