Save the Children Indonesia Vacancy : Individual Consultant - Videografer for HBCC Program (Jakarta and Bandung)

 TOR and Scope of Work

Individual Consultant - Videografer for HBCC Program

For Jakarta and Kabupaten Bandung Barat

February - March 2021



1.      Program Description

SC Indonesia continue to deliver high quality program and reach that are impacting communities, including in the current pandemic situation of COVID-19. Therefore, SC will invest on carry out preparedness activities, initial response and eventually larger scale response to support government effort to mitigate risks and impact of COVID-19 pandemic and at the same time partnering with local organisation and engaging communities/schools optimally. This programme aims toprevent spread of COVID-19 among children, caregivers, their families, and the wider communities and to build resilience against future outbreaks. SC Indonesia will uphold critical implementation strategies to ensure high participation, increase community empowerment and build on local capacity to secure ownership to response activities. Furthermore, with existing SavetheChildren’s tools and guidelines, we will ensure that the activities are contributing to the gender equality in the long term, and engaging the most vulnerable populations (e.g., marginalized group, people with disabilities, people live in slum and highly populated areas, etc.) as active citizens.


HBCC Project aims to strengthened capacity of parents and school Covid-19 committee to minimize and prevent transmission of COVID-19 and reduce stigmatization, and to support assisted schools in preparing student both girls and boys to safely return to school through series trainings for parents and teachers who joined school covid-19 committee.


2.      Objective of Consultancy

This activity aim to help th HBCC Program to document SOP and various stories of change as a resul and impact of the implementation of HBCC Program as a part of covid – 19 respon to Prevention transmitted of Covid-19 and also to dokumentation to identify various lesson learn, good practices and story of change in term of video.


3.      Criteria Consultan

a.         Havin Experience as Creative Videographer/photographer/Filmmaker

b.         Having  Video/Photo Editor skill with Some Strong Portopolio

c.         Child Safeguarding Experience

d.         Have Experience making video or film documenter

e.         Have Experience working with Save The Children

f.          Have Crative thinking and be able to create conten according to audience needs


4.      Scope of Work

a.         Work closely with HBCC Tim in North Jakarta and West Bandung District

b.         Develop Workplan, script for documentation, Schedule for implementation documentation activities

c.         Taking Picture and Video Shooting in 9 schools  (intervance by HBCC Program in North Jakarta and West Bandung

d.         Will do The Video Editing

e.         Final report ont the implementation of Activities and other related dokuments


5.      Deliverable

  1. Submit Schedule and workplan
  2. Script for Dokuementation
  3. Final  5 video Simulasi SOP North Jakarta and West Bandung full HD -/+ 5 menit
  4. Final 2 Video Demonstration Experiment for modul CTPS
  5. Picture documentation

6.      Time frame

In between February - March 2021. Date and time will be agreed by the consultant and Project Coordinator of Jakarta and KBB

7.      Location     : 10 School in North Jakarta and West Bandung District


To apply for this position, please find below :


External applicant:




Closing date for application is up to 2 March 2021.

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified)

Please visit our website for more info


Save the Children encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or disability

All recruitment practices and procedures reflect Save the Children’s commitment to protecting children from abuse


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