VACANCY FAO ECTAD Indonesia : Data Information Assistant

 Data Information Assistant – ECTAD Programme

NPP Level : 7



The Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Division of FAO ECTAD (Emergency Center for Transboundary Animal Diseases) Indonesia Programme as well as the Technical Teams need support from the professionals but not limited to monitor weekly participant data collection, data updates, ensuring regular timely submission by providing a consolidated regular data monitoring report, and automated regular reports. The M & E Division will also need support to develop M&E system including Global Health Security (GHS) Programme participant database and indicator tracking, other relevant application/platform based on web or other appropriate applications/software.  are not going to wait until the workload escalate but it must be anticipated for the upcoming overload activities. The M&E division also requires support to manage day-to-day database and to support the regular M&E data call that required by FAO HQ. More than that, in preparation of data collection to measure the performance indicators as one of project showcase, the M&E division also need assistant from professional to create or develop both on- and offline tools of data collection and data analysis. This is very important to support the completion of reporting system by presenting its performance of GHSP that required by Donor and GOI. Therefore, the M & E Division needs a full time Data Information Assistant but not limited to manage GHSP database and develop tool of data collection.


The Data Information Assistant (DIA) will work under the overall supervision of the FAO Country Representative, the technical supervision of the FAO ECTAD Country National Veterinary Advisor (CNVA) and the day-to-day technical supervision of the FAO ECTAD National Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor. Furthermore, the incumbent will work in close collaboration with the Senior Software Engineer, other FAO Technical team, relevant sub-directorates of the Directorate of Animal Health (DAH), Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services, other national authorities, and agencies that responsible for conducting Global Health Security Program in Indonesia. The Data Information Assistant will be responsible but not limited to collect, to storage and to maintain of accurate and good quality ongoing project monitoring and evaluation data, and to develop on- and off-line tool of monitoring data collection.


Specific responsibilities will include:


·         Manage the regular submission of national and sub-national project databases, and distribute them to relevant technical teams while storing their backups off-site regularly,

·         In collaboration with the Senior Software Engineer, support the M&E system by developing tools of data collection of project monitoring and evaluation as well as updating and maintaining the indicator tracking of GHSP logical framework.

·         In collaboration with Senior Software Engineer, provide input for the development and maintenance of the project website and database for M&E activities, including data validation/integrity, checks/quality control and pilot testing of new databases; analyze database usage and present findings to improve performance and decrease reporting errors.

·         Provide a technical support on data and information analysis for the development of GHSP success story including its presentation in the appropriate reporting system. 

·         In collaboration with the FAO technical team, monitor regular M&E database collection, data updates, and ensuring regular submission by providing a consolidated monthly data monitoring report, semi-annually data monitoring reports, annually data monitoring report, and automated regular reports,

·         In coordination with the FAO technical teams, proactively provide suggestions/analysis to improve data and information collection, communication and regular reviews of data and information submission.

·         Ensure that project M&E data including training activity in details and its instruments are maintained and cleaned into the database, managed in a proper filing system and updated in a timely manner in the server.

·         Assist in the installation of project databases while providing potential backups and technical support on data collection as required.

·         Prepare special queries and provide ad hoc reports and data analysis as needed and present the compilation including findings.

·         Provide inputs for FAO and donor reports.

·         Participate and provide inputs in annual project planning activities.

·         Provide an End-of-Assignment report on work carried out; and

·         Perform other related duties as required and related to the M&E activities.


Key Performance Indicator


Expected Outputs:

·         Establishes data collection tools

·         Update indicator tracking of the GHSP logical framework

·         Maintains and updates the FAO ECTAD’s databases

·         Reports on periodic database collection and data updates

·         Updates M&E data of project activities in detail

·         End of Assignment Report


Required Competencies


Academic Qualifications:

·         Hold a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree of at least Bachelor’s level or other similar technical discipline or equivalent demonstrable M&E experience particularly on computer programming.


Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3-4 years working experience in related field.
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, etc) and advanced knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, statistical data analysis experience as well as experience in using but not limited to MS Access queries or other database queries.
  • Experience in handling operational issues of database management and computer programming.
  • Desirable to have specialized formal training on IT systems, databases, business software (Microsoft Office and Outlook), and/or web-based applications.
  • Desirable to have experience in using SQL Query language for database manipulation and reporting is necessary.
  • Having capabilities in IT programming and knowledge.
  • Attention to detail, flexible, reliable, and results-oriented under tight deadlines with minimum supervision; personal commitment to development.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills with well-developed analytical and writing/presentation skills.
  • Team player, able to work respectfully and cooperatively with colleagues or different national and cultural backgrounds.


Languages: Proficiency in both written and spoken English is required


Duty station: Jakarta, Indonesia with possible field trips as necessary


Duration: Initially 3 months, with possibility of further extension, subject to satisfactory performance

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