Liaison Officer - KEMITRAAN BAGI PEMBARUAN TATA PEMERINTAHAN (2 positions for Manokwari and Jayapura)

 I. Position Information

Job code title    :  Liaison Officer in Jayapura and Manokwari
Mode of contract: Consultant                           
Department      :  SGS               
Report to          :  PM CLUA Papua

Tanah Papua local governments are known for having strong political commitment to maintain their forest cover intact. Tanah Papua Provinces have Special Autonomy (as stipulated in Law no. 21/2001) status, which grants Papua greater authority and resources. However, Papua forests are still subject to State Forest, and most of Tanah Papua’s natural resources are controlled by the central government. Therefore, authority remains in the central government, which constrains Papua’s local governments to plan their own development pathway.

To conduct an effective and efficient facilitation, Kemitraan will work closely with CLUA Grantees and Partners in Tanah Papua -derive selection of priority issues to be discussed from existing experience and lessons learnt. Kemitraan’s niche is the governance and alignment of national and sub national low emission development strategies as have been done in other CLUA-funded projects such Green Development (GEDE) and Low Emission Development (LED) phase 1 and 2. Series of preparation will be done in the first quarter of this project period, including discussion with CLUA grantees and partners on selecting issues to be focused in the policy dialogues that relate to Inpres No. 9/2020 and the operational regulations.

Under direct supervision of Project Manager and guidance of Program Director, Liaison Officer will be posted in Jayapura and responsible to ensure effective communications with local government and other stakeholders in Tanah Papua and working on other tasks related to CLUA Papua

II. Job Purpose
1.    Liaise and coordinate with local government and relevant stakeholders likes NGO and Community Organization on Tanah Papua;
2.    Develop effective communication with local government in Tanah Papua and exchange information directly with local government and other key stakeholders;
3.    Actively Participate and/or organize regular meetings with local government and other organizations involved in the project;
4.    Strengthen collaboration between different organizations in Tanah Papua including the government;
5.    Prepares progress report and situation report to Kemitraan on the outputs and activities carried out during program implementation as well as all provides all required documents related to activities in Tanah Papua;
6.    Collecting data related to planning an evaluation about Development in Tanah Papua like the Provincial RPMD and RKP for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua related to environmental issues and sustainable development;
7.    Maintain and update database with all relevant contacts from government and non-government institution;
8.    Any other duties as assigned.

III. Principal Accountabilities
In order to carry out His/Her works, Consultant carries out their duties in accordance with Standar Operating Procedure (SOP) or policies applicable in Kemitraan. Furthermore, documents containing data and information generated while working as consultant are assets of the Partnership or its project. Consultants are required to keep documents accurately, before being officially submitted to the Partnership. Therefore, at the end of the work contract, the consultant is obliged to submit the work results to Kemitraan or other parties appointed by Kemitraan.

IV. Deliverables
1.    Monthly report contains situation report based on coordination with local government and other relevant stakeholders in Tanah Papua as well as to report progress related to outputs and activities carried out during program implementation as well as all provides all required documents related to activities in Tanah Papua.
2.    Quarterly report contains result of program intervention in Tanah Papua as well as provide means of verification to support submitted reports

V. Time Frame
April – December 2021

VI. Qualifications
1.    Education :
Minimum a Bachelor degree in a related field to environment, forestry, agricultural, social sciences or related educational area with a good knowledge on forestry and environment, climate change; having a good knowledge regarding forest management, climate change and development issues in general; clear commitment to the governance reform.
2.    Experience :
•    Four years of experience as liaison officer in Papua will be advantage.
•    Experience in coordinating and building relationship with stakeholders such as local government and the work units (SKPD), etc.
•    Experience in communication and representation of organization.
•    Knowledge and experience on environmental issues, especially in Tanah Papua will be in asset.
3.    Skill :
•    Familiarity and good knowledge of environmental conditions in Tanah Papua.
•    Ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with a wide variety of stakeholder and local government.
•    Ability to write and communicate orally  in a clear and concise manner;
•    Experience in conducting, participating in and reporting on meetings;
•    Computer literacy;
•    Strong translation skills desirable.

To apply for this position, please submit your CV using the link provided below no later than March 29th 2021.  Or check KEMITRAAN's website: Liaison in Jayapura and Manokwari   

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.  

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