RFP No. 83378267, 83378269, 83378270 - Consultancy Service Technical Expert, Financial Expert & Legal Expert for 100 E-Bus Provision in Jakarta

 Request the submission of tender:

Dear Sir/Madam,


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, in Indonesia, hereinafter referred to as "The GIZ”, intends to have a consulting companies Through tender Process for Consultancy service Technical Expert as a Team Leader, Financial Expert & Legal Expert for 100 E-Bus Provision in Jakarta. The details requirement as stipulated in the Term of Reference.


Should you be interested in participating in this tender, please submit the proposal on 28 April 2021 at 13.00 Jakarta local time (GMT+7) at the latest. Any proposal arriving after the deadline will not be considered.


Please follow link below for downloading the tender pack:




Proposal should be submitted in English and sent by email to dewi.laluyan@giz.de cc to swesty.haryanty@giz.de not later than the date and time indicated above.


The tender requirement:


1. Requirement and the Content of the Technical and Financial Proposal

     Bids are to be submitted using the two-files procedure.

    Please submit your technical and financial proposal in two-files, technical and financial (PDF format). Price information shall not appear in any part of technical proposal.

    To secure your financial proposal (pdf and excel file) please set up a password which will be used at later stage once the evaluation of the technical proposal is completed. The bidders who achieve the technical score will be requested to provide a password. The maximum size of each email should not exceed 10 MB.

    The subject line of the email will include the reference:

    RFP No. 83378267 - Consultancy service - Technical Expert  and Team Leader for 100 E-Bus Provision in Jakarta. - (mention the name of the bidder).

    RFP No. 83378269 - Consultancy service - Financial Expert for 100 E-Bus Provision in Jakarta. - (mention the name of the bidder).

    RFP No. 83378270 - Consultancy service - Legal Expert for 100 E-Bus Provision in Jakarta. - (mention the name of the bidder).


    Content of Technical and Financial Proposal as follow:

    Technical Proposal should be consisting of:

    • Narrative description of relevant experience and capacity
    • References
    • Methodology refer to the Term of Reference
    • Work plan
    • Curriculum Vitae

    Financial Proposal should be consisting of:

    • Price Schedule Form (Annex 3).
    • Bank Account Details.
    • Taxpayer Registration Number for Indonesian participant.
    • All prices/rates must be inclusive income tax as GIZ obliged to withhold the income tax for Indonesian participant.

    2. Technical and Financial Assessment or Evaluation

    We will evaluate the bids received in the light of both technical and price consideration.

    The technical proposal will be evaluated based on the criteria and weighting (Technical Assessment Grid - Annex 2).

    The technical and financial proposals are weighted at a ratio of 70:30 respectively. The technical bid will be weighted with 70% and the financial proposal with 30% on the basis of the following formula: (Technical points obtained by Proposer X divided by the best number of points) x 70 % + 30 % x (Lowest price divided by the price of Proposer X).

    Technical evaluation of bid x 70% + most economical bid x 30%

    Technical evaluation of best bid price of bid

    An overall order of rank is thus established, with the most cost-effective bid at the top.

    3.  Validity of Proposals

    Proposals should be valid for a period of not less than 90 days after proposal opening, unless otherwise specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions. Proposers are requested to indicate the validity period of their proposals.


    4.  General Terms and Conditions for Contract

    GIZ General Terms and Conditions for the contract as Annex 4 of this document.

    5.  Contract Award / Adjudication of Proposals

    The Contract will be awarded to the Proposer/Bidder offering the most responsive evaluated proposal and whose services are commercially and technically acceptable (best overall value).

    If you have any further questions in this respect, please send an email to dewi.laluyan@giz.de cc to swesty.haryanty@giz.de The queries will be answered by email, both queries and answers will be forwarded to all bidders involved in the bidding process.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


    Sincerely yours,

    Contract and Procurement Divison

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für

    Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

    GIZ Country Office Indonesia

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