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 I.        Background

Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE) was established in 2012 in the social and humanitarian fields . The organization is mandated to contribute and create positive impacts on poverty alleviation, strengthening the livelihood of grassroots’ communities,  adaptation and mitigation to climate change and assisting in disaster risk reduction through innovation and shared knowledge. The overarching mandates are translated into YRE’s 3 (three) main YRE programs, namely: i) Renewable Energy; ii) Sustainable Food; and iii) Social Business Incubation. This program diversification was carried out by YRE as an effort to adapt to the opportunities and needs of the YRE targeted beneficiaries for the past 8 years.

Program Biogas Rumah (BIRU) is one of the flagship renewable energy program of YRE with 119.000 beneficiaries and 25.000 units of installed bio-digesters across 14 provinces in Indonesia. YRE’s role in the program design is to create a market ecosystem for biogas supply and demand to thrive. In doing so YRE has forged partnerships with 35 local SMEs as biogas contractor, 27 Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and corporation partners for blended finance model. Our food security program is a continuation of our BIRU program where we are advocating for a circular economy model that connects and brings added value to energy and food security. We empower our farmers partners to use the byproduct of biogas to be used as inputs to their farming practices. Lastly, our social incubation program is aimed at increasing their business resiliency and amplifying their impacts to the environment. PROWOMEN, Biogas Service Centers and Puan Desa Inspiratif are several examples of our incubation programs which are mostly focused on empowering women entrepreneurs.

In order to increase its impact and strengthen the organization, YRE is formulating the right structure for its organization, so that YRE remains strategic , dynamic and adaptable in exploring exciting opportunities and facing future challenges. As an organization that works at grassroot level whilst also functioning as a market ecosystem enabler, YRE is also required to be agile and innovative in designing its programs. One of which is by way of seeking opportunities to raise funding and deploy innovative business models that involves various parties and sources of funding.

Currently YRE is looking for an enthusiastic, creative and experienced Fundraising Officer to join YRE’s team of passionate individuals creating impacts in the sustainable development sector.

II.         Scope of Work

The Fundraising Officer will work together with the Executive Director, YRE’s Communication team and research officer (“Fundraising Team”) to identify opportunities (i.e.: call for proposals), co-design concept of projects/activities under YRE’s programs, keeping records of business development pipeline, develop pitch decks, write concept notes/proposals, nurture relationships with potential and existing partners (e.g.: donor, grant giving bodies, corporates and individuals) and involve in pitching sessions. The Fundraising Officer will also provide input to YRE’s Fundraising Strategy manual that was formulated in 2020. The fundraising strategy will be the basis for the Fundraising Team to carry out its fundraising activities throughout the year. YRE’s fundraising activities are not only limited to funding its programs but also for its products and services as additional income generating activities. 

III.    Key Responsibilities

The Fundraising Officer is expected to carry out the following responsibilities:

·       to identify call for proposals at national and international level that are align with the organization’s strategic direction and programs;

·       to Co-design projects and/or activities to be pitched to potential partners;

·       together with the Fundraising Team to develop commercial models and plans to grow programs, products and services; 

·       together with the Fundraising Team to implement offline and online fundraising  activities to raise income from a variety of funding sources;

·       to write and/or co-write high quality pitch decks, concept notes and proposals to donors, grant giving bodies, corporates and individuals;

·       to maintain, grow and regularly update the business development pipelines of individual donors, corporates, as well as potential bids and growth opportunities.

·       perform other activities as and when required in order to fulfill the purpose and requirements within the fundraising objectives.

IV.   Knowledge, Qualifications and Experience:

The Fundraising Officer is expected to have the following qualifications:

·       Bachelor degree with minimum of 3 (three) years of experience working in fundraising activities. 

·       Proven experience and demonstrable success in at least 3 (three) fundraising activities.

·       Proven experience, demonstrate skills and demonstrable success in writing high quality proposals to national and international funders.

·       Experience of developing, implementing a fundraising strategy and achieving the fundraising target(s)

·       Experience of developing and maintaining relationships with funders / donor organisations.

·       Good skill in developing pitch decks.

·       Excellent oral and writing skills in Indonesian and English.

·       Strong stakeholder engagement and management skills.

·       Flexible approach with the ability to adapt to and embrace change.

·       Responsible, persistent and a team player.

·       Focused on quality with the ability to produce high quality work within tight deadlines.

V.           Contract Period

The contract period is one year.

VI.         Request for Proposal

The applicant is invited to present their application letter and resume by email to at the latest of 2nd May 2021 before  17:00 WIB

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