SNV is Looking for Facilitator to Support WASH BCC Implementation in Kota Bandar Lampung and Kota Metro

 Facilitator to Supporting Implementation of WASH SDGs Program

in Kota Bandar Lampung and Kota Metro

(1 person for each city)




SNV is an international not-for-profit development organisation that focuses on increasing people’s incomes and access to basic services in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Agriculture, and Renewable Energy. By connecting our global expertise with longstanding in-country presence, we help realise locally owned solutions in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Established in 1965 in the Netherlands, our projects directly benefit millions of people (4.4M in 2018). SNV specializes in supporting the resourcefulness of development actors by developing local capacities, improving performance and services, strengthening governance systems, helping to create access for excluded groups and by making markets work for the poor.



SNV understands safe sanitation and hygiene services as a pre-condition for health and economic development in cities. With Indonesia’s urbanization rate at 2.3% (World Bank, 2018), a failure to invest in urban sanitation will become a barrier for almost any development in the country. Access to sanitation is a human right and governments are the duty bearers of progressive realisation of this right. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably SDG6 and the 2020-2024 RPJMN, Indonesia is committed to work towards universal access to safely managed sanitation services, this means services for all and addressing the safety of the entire sanitation chain from access to safe disposal or re-use.

Through the Dutch Government funded WASH SDGs programme, SNV supports local governments of Bandar Lampung & Metro Cities in Lampung Province and Tasikmalaya City in West Java Province in achieving sustainable and inclusive city-wide sanitation services, in line with national programmes and targets. Together, we change the way human waste is managed by addressing different needs among the population, different parts of the sanitation service chain, and different geographical areas with appropriate service delivery models.



National target for safely managed sanitation has been developed for all provinces in Indonesia and the Lampung province is targeted to achieve 90% of improved sanitation with 10% safely managed in 2024. This target needs significant efforts from all stakeholders in the Lampung Province to commit and act as well as synchronize between planning and implementation.

City of Bandar Lampung and Metro have similar target to be achieved in 2024 which is 95% improved sanitation with 12% safely managed. Current condition shows that Bandar Lampung has 80% improved sanitation while Metro city 89%. The dissemination about WASH SDGs goal 6 is important to stakeholders especially at sub-city and village level in order to improve community behaviour change and the quality of access to sanitation facilities at house hold level. Behavioural change communication (BCC) is a key component to encouraging it



One of the specific objectives of the BCC is to improve the capacity of the local partners or to implement behavior change communication activities at scale in their area, leading to improved performance.


To achieve this objective, SNV has supported the local government (LG) of Bandar Lampung and Metro Cities, Lampung Province to develop a comprehensive BCC strategy by conducting series of workshops of BCC Strategy Development since October 2020.

Therefore, as a of the follow up of the BCC Strategy, SNV will facilitate the city to implement the BCC activities in Bandar Lampung and Metro cities. In implementing BCC activities, SNV will coordinate closely with city, sub-district and village governments and other stakeholder to promote safely managed sanitation and hygiene behavior.

As part of BCC activities, SNV also encourages youth to promote sanitation and hygiene behavior through integrated green kampoeng activities, which encourage sanitation and green village management at the village level. This activity is integrated with the city's BCC activities and involves youth at the university.

To achieve the safe sanitation target by 2024 all stakeholders must be involved. To support target achievement safely managed sanitation,  SNV is required 2 (two) sub district facilitators to support facilitate the implementation of BCC activities. Each of the facilitators will support activities in Bandar Lampung and Metro cities.



The facilitator will work under the guidance and supervision of the  WASH Specialist/Officer in the assigned geographical areas by performing following tasks:

1.    Monitors the implementation of project activities, progress reports; and project inputs, and assists in ensuring that the project is implemented in accordance with the plan and standards.

2.    Assists in implementation and follow-up of project activities related to Behavioral Change Communication

3.    Coordinate with stakeholders in the cities

4.    Drafts relevant progress, status, and situational reports on regular basis with recommendations.

5.    Assist  BCC & Youth Project Officer and BCC Advisor to implementating BCC activity in Bandar Lampung or Metro Cities.




To implement BCC Strategy activities, SNV is recruiting for the position sub-district facilitator to conduct the facilitate BCC activities in sub-district level that will carry out the following activities :

1.    Coordinate with stakeholders in sub-districts level

2.    Preparing establishment of sub-district Sanitation Task force team

3.    Facilitate the establishment of the sub-districts Sanitation Task force team

4.    To monitor the implementation of Sanitation Task Force in village level

5.    Assist BCC Advisor and BCC & Youth Project Officer to implementating BCC activity in Bandar Lampung and Metro Cities.




The expected deliverables from the selected facilitators are:


1.    Monthly Report in Indonesian, presents about monthly implementation activities and progress. The report should be sent to SNV within 2 weeks in the next following month.

2.    Activity Report in Indonesian, should be report to SNV at least one week after activity end

3.    Final Report in Indonesian, presents about program implementation and progress as well as evaluation of the activities until the end of the program. The report should be sent to SNV within a month after project end.




The facilitation period is planned for 6 months and started as soon as possible in August 2021.




·       Advise on the assessment set up and design, provide feedback as required.

·       Develop concept and work plan for BCC activities

·       Provide budget for activity implementation

·       Conduct regular meeting to monitor and evaluation of activity progress

·       SNV will lead all the activity

·       Pay the fee and costs related to BCC activity.



     Conduct intense coordination with SNV in the implementation of activities

     Facilitation Implementation & Monitoring BCC & Youth activities

     Coordinate closely with the local authorities and stakeholders in the city's

     Support the achievement of targets and outputs of the Wash SDGs program

     Carry out activities that have been determined by the WASH SDGs program

     Comply with the SNV reporting and financial procedures

     Comply with the SNV Code of Conducts




The selected Facilitator shall be managed by and report to the BCC & Youth Project Officer and in coordination with BCC Advisor and City coordinator with following detail:

1)  The selected facilitator shall coordinate with BCC & Youth Project Officer in implementation of activities. In the implementation the facilitator will discuss closely with BCC Advisor and City Coordinator

2)  The selected facilitator shall provide the progress report of the activities which is align with SNV reporting procedures to BCC & Youth Project Officer





1.    Minimum D3/ Bachelor Degree in communication, sociology, environmental, health or related field

2.    At least three (3) years work experience in implementation of development project

3.    Required a local people, native from Kota Bandar Lampung or Kota Metro and have knowledgeable of local culture

4.    Know and understand the process of community empowerment.

5.    Have experience in the facilitation process in community institutions.

6.    Having a motorcycle 

7.    Good computer skills (Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point, Internet and E-mail)






Please submit your application by submission of the following documents:

-      A cover letter include recent CV (3 pages maximum)

-      Financial proposal mentioning expected service fee

-      At least 2 contact details of previous experiences

-      Information that you are applying to be facilitator in Bandar Lampung or Metro city


via email to and cc to by latest 2nd August 2021 with subject “WASH Facilitator BCC


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