GIZ Indonesia for the Sustainable Urban Transport Programme Indonesia - National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (SUTRI NAMA INDOBUS) Project: IT Professional

 The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. GIZ has been shaping international cooperation on behalf of the German Government for and with international organizations and partners for more than 60 years. Operating globally, GIZ works to ensure that people around the world will have a better future. GIZ uses sustainable approaches and solutions both in our project work and within the company.


Indonesia is a priority partner country for German international cooperation. Technical cooperation with Indonesia began in 1958. In November 2013, it was agreed upon through intergovernmental negotiations with the Indonesian government to concentrate development cooperation on three points of emphasis, namely energy and climate change, inclusive growth that can reach the wider community, and good governance and global networks.


GIZ's commissioning parties are the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Currently, GIZ supports the Government of Indonesia (GoI) to achieve a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target within the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) at 29% using national resources and up to 41% with international support by 2030. The supports have been provided in different sectors by the implementation of various projects that are supported by BMU and BMZ.


The projects are the SUTRI NAMA & INDOBUS and the TRANSfer project which are being implemented to support GoI in reducing GHG emissions in the transport sector, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation. In addition, other projects include Climate and Biodiversity Hub Indonesia, Emissions Reduction in Cities Through Improved Waste Management as well as global and regional projects such as Felicity, CFF, CAP SEA, Scaling SCP, Rethinking Plastics, and IREK II under cooperation with the Ministry of Environment & Forestry, BAPPENAS, and Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment.  


To support the implementation of the above projects, GIZ Indonesia, through SUTRI NAMA & INDOBUS, is seeking a qualified Indonesian candidate for the following position:


IT Professional


A.  Responsibilities

·      Coordinate and manage relevant activities related to IT services in the projects.

·      Manage Information Technology (IT) systems in the operation of the projects.

·      Manage the development of implementation plan regarding IT aspect in the related projects.

·      Conduct the monitoring of IT systems in projects implementation.

·      Provide strategic and technical advice in IT systems and IT service to the projects.

·      Liaison between the projects and GIZ Country Office in related issues of IT aspect.

·      Coordinate the development of capacity-building material regarding IT aspects for project staff.

·      Provide advice on the framework of innovation and knowledge management related to the IT aspect.


The IT-Professional performs the following tasks:


B.  Tasks


1.   Management and Coordination:

·      Support Principal Advisors of the projects to prepare the concept, strategy, and work plan related to the IT aspect in project implementation.

·      Assist Principal Advisors of the projects to compile relevant information regarding IT development.

·      Manage and supervise the projects concerning problem mitigation and problem-solving in the IT aspect.

·      Coordinate ToR preparation for technical consultant works for the projects in the IT support area.

·      Supervise technical consultants and interns for supporting the implementation of the project in the IT support area.

·      Support Principal Advisors of the projects to set up a project monitoring system in the IT aspect.

·      Assist Principal Advisors of the projects to conduct continuous project monitoring and evaluation in the IT aspect.

·      Ensure timely reporting to Principal Advisors of the projects.

·      Evaluate results of activities related to the IT aspect and give input/feedback for better implementation.


2.   Professional Advisory Services:

·      Manage the Information Technology System including providing support in managing the databases for the projects.

·      Oversee the running of IT Systems, troubleshoot, and deliver services related to IT matters, in accordance with the IT system as required in the projects.

·      Oversee system capacity of existing IT System requirements and advice on future needs for the projects.

·      Provide information for inventory officers in projects to ensure and manage inventory lifetime circle respectively maintains a database with necessary information on every user/workplace/item.

·      Provide technical equipment set up and maintenance for all staff of projects.

·      Provide an approach to ensure that backups by the user’s data/documents at least once a month.

·      Provide troubleshooting based on requests of users (both via remote desktop and on the spot based on needs).

·      Document all existing IT devices of the projects, check their status, and advise on the next steps (upgrade, repair, reset, disposal).

·      Coordinate with GIZ IT Personnel in GIZ Country Office regarding GIZ IT Regulation and Implementation.

·      Maintain and update Data configuration (PFS and Server) in the projects.

·      Administer the Local Area Network (LAN) system in the premises of the projects.

·      Maintain the ‘shared folders and printer’ as the administrator of the network in the premises of the projects.

·      Handle the user authorization in the network.

·      Provide troubleshooting for the network for the projects based on requests both via team viewer and on the spot

·      Give and collect recommendations to improve the network (in technical terms and in regard to the usage).

·      Develop/update a backup strategy in the projects based on agreement with each project.

·      Support Office Managers in the projects to advise the functioning of the network, phone system, and computer hardware.

·      Ensure security of the network, IT devices, and Server.

·      Provide a recommendation on IT Security systems to the projects.

·      Maintenance CCTV and Alarm system network.

·      Troubleshoot problem regarding CCTV and alarm system.

·      Provide training on how to use CCTV and alarm system.

·      Support the projects with the design, preparation, and implementation of workshops, seminars, and other events in the IT aspect. Develop and organize quality assurance measures and suggests necessary changes, improvements, and initiatives.


3.    Networking and Cooperation:

·      Ensure cooperation between the projects with GIZ Country Office in the IT aspect.

·      Travel (abroad) or in the region, in accordance with projects requirements

·      Communicate interest and aspirations and exchange ideas and information related to the IT aspect for the benefit of the projects’ implementation.


4.   Knowledge Management:

·      Compile information related to IT development and ensure knowledge transfer to all staff in the projects.

·      Prepare report and presentation materials related to IT development to be disseminated internally within the projects.



C.  Required qualifications, competences and experience



·      Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferable


Professional experience

·      At least 10 years professional experience in government/international organization/non-government organization in the area of the information and communication management

·      Experiences in working with or facilitating cooperation

·      Experience in supporting in event facilitation, including handling IT equipment for virtual events


Essential skills, additional competences and other knowledge

·      Fluent Written and Spoken in English and Bahasa Indonesia

·      Comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Windows server and desktop Operating Systems;

·      Extensive knowledge of bandwidth management and internet load balancing system

·      Extensive knowledge of computer hardware, including Network Attached Storage (NAS), Access point Mesh

·      Comprehensive network experience including Routing, NAT, Firewall Access Rules, VPNs

·      Willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management IT infrastructure program development, implementation and coordination, systems management, internet/intranet systems, and IT training

·      Good communication skills, both written and verbal

·      Strong analytical, diagnostic, and problem-solving skills

·      Working knowledge of relevant operating systems, software and programming

·      Professional and able to work in a team


Duty Station: Jakarta

Joining Date: 1 September 2021

Direct Supervisor:   Principal Advisor of SUTRI NAMA & INDOBUS


Please submit your motivation letter and comprehensive resume (including training and list of references) to by August 20th, 2021 with subject line SUTRI NAMA – IT Professional.


Please name your file as follow format:

[Your Complete Name]_[Motivation Letter/CV/Latest Education Certificate] (i.e: Nakula Sadewa_CV or Nakula Sadewa_Motivation Letter or Nakula Sadewa_Reference) – the attachments are not more than 300 KB.


Only short-listed candidates will be notified

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