Consultant Evaluator with KEMITRAAN

 I. Position Information

Title:  Evaluation Consultant for the Protecting Human Rights Defenders for Sustainable Development in Indonesia Program                          

Department: DJGR (Democratic Justice Governance and Regionalization)             

Report to: Program Team Leader                               


II. Job Purpose

 The Protecting Human Rights Defenders for Sustainable Development in Indonesia Program or HRD Program is a partnership program between KEMITRAAN and the Dutch Embassy that aims to strengthen the protection for human rights defenders, especially in the environmental sector in Indonesia. This program lasts for 34 months, starting on November 15, 2018 and ending on November 14, 2021.

This program has three objectives:

1)      Support the strengthening and improvement of HRD protection mechanisms through state-based protection in the form of policies and institutions that have the authority to provide HRD protection;

2)      Support community-based strengthening and protection through capacity building and advocacy;

3)      Increase public awareness of HRD issues through mainstream media and social media.

Towards the end of this project and in accordance with its commitments to our donor, the HRD Program is conducting a final evaluation of the program with three main objectives as follows:

1)      Assess the achievement of the program objectives;

2)      Demonstrate the accountability of the program, and;

3)      Documenting the accomplishment of this project and its partners for similar initiatives in the future.


III. Principal Accountabilities

The Consultant is expected to provide a complete evaluation report as an outcome of this project. 


IV. Deliverables

1)                  Develop evaluation design consisting of methodology (including the analytical framework), data collection instrument, data collection plan, and data analysis plan;

2)                  Report on the results of the desk-study on project’s documents;

3)                  Revise evaluation design on the results of the document studies and discussions with the program and the PME Unit;

4)                  Draft the evaluation report.

5)                  Submit Final Evaluation Report which consists of a complete narrative report along with a presentation version).

All deliverable are in Bahasa Indonesia, except for the Final Evaluation Report (which should be prepared in Bahasa and English)

V. Time Frame and Budget

September 2021 week III – November 2021 week II.

Maximum budget: Rp. 96.000.000 (gross)


VI. Qualifications

§    Master's degree in Social Science (Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, etc.) or other related fields

§    7-10 years of experience in conducting program evaluations

§    Having adequate knowledge of human rights, gender, environmental advocacies, and issues related to the protection of human rights defenders

§    Proven skill of writing, being analytical, and being effective in communication

§    Able to work under a tight schedule and in a multidisciplinary setting


To apply for this position please submit your CV and other supporting documents as required using this link no later than September 7th 2021.  Please see/download the detailed TOR in our website at: Kemitraan | Partnership for Governance Reform      

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted. 

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