vacant position: Business Mentor Officer for SCORE Program

 I.        Background

Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE) is an Indonesia NGO that was established in 2012 in the social and humanitarian fields . The organization is mandated to contribute and create positive impacts on poverty alleviation, strengthening the livelihood of grassroots’ communities,  adaptation and mitigation to climate change and assisting in disaster risk reduction through innovation and shared knowledge. The overarching mandates are translated into YRE’s 3 (three) main YRE programs, namely: i) Renewable Energy; ii) Sustainable Food; and iii) Social Business Incubation. This program diversification was carried out by YRE as an effort to adapt to the opportunities and needs of the YRE targeted beneficiaries for the past 8 years. Our social business incubation program is aimed at increasing beneficiaries’ entrepreneurial skill, sharpening their business resiliency and amplifying their social and environmental impacts.

YRE in collaboration with Cocoa Life will carry out a 2 (two) year business incubation program under the SCORE Program (Sustainable Cacao Farmers and Organic Fertilizer Market). The Program will take place in Pringsewu and Pesawaran Districts in Lampung Province. The Program’s goal is to improve the welfare of 16 farmers groups through building a local composting market whilst strengthening the resiliency of cacao farmers groups farming practices to the impacts of climate change.  The specific objectives from the Program are to increase the application of composting by cocoa farmers; create local market ecosystem for compost and strengthened the entrepreneurial capacity of cocoa farmer groups in driving the sustainable compost business in Lampung Province.

Hence the YRE is looking for an experienced Business Mentor Officers (“Mentors”) who will be closely assisting the farmer groups as the main beneficiaries of the Program. The Mentors will follow through and co-design methodology and module specifically designed to fit the nature of the business and the profile of the beneficiaries based on a thorough needs assessment.  The SCORE team will be working in a team that comprises of a Program Manager, 3 (three) Mentors, Supply Chain and Market Development Officers and a Promotion Officer. To maximize the Program accompaniment, the Mentors will be working on site in Pesawaran and Pingsewu District in Lampung Province.

II.         Scope of Work

The Business Mentor Officers are expected to provide knowledge, expertise and accompaniment to the farmers groups compost/bioslurry (fertilizer) business. Each of the business mentors will be in charge of assisting 5-6 farmers groups (business entities) starting from baseline measurement/needs assessment, co-create modules, regular one on one mentoring sessions, provide business related feedback and support to the businesses and provide regular reporting to the Program Manager.      

III.    Key Responsibilities

The Business Mentor Officers are expected to carry out the following responsibilities:

·       Carry out baseline and needs assessment of the assigned farmers groups

·       Co-design SCORE incubation program modules

·       Provide learning assistance to farmer groups in understanding modules and assignments during the learning process.

·       Assist the Project Manager in developing and implementing the program strategy related with the composting business incubation

·       Coordinate with Supply Chain Officer and Market Development Officer regarding the know-how of the local compost/bioslurry/fertilizer market

·       Co-design, organize and deliver series of business development workshops

·       Conducting regular mentoring sessions to the assigned farmer groups

·       Provide trouble shooting assistance related to the business of the farmers’ groups.

·       Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the incubation & mentoring process to the Program Manager

IV.   Knowledge, Qualifications and Experience:

The Business Mentor Officer is expected to have the following qualifications:

·       Bachelor degree in economic and/or business management educational background with minimum of 5 (five) years of experience working in business incubation

·       High proficiency level, knowledge and proven experience in all aspects of business creation and mentoring

·       Proven experience in establishing and managing at least one of own business is preferable

·       Thorough understanding of business management and organization

·       Have a strong teaching skills and ability to form one on one coaching strategy

·       Understand the legislative framework for new business start-ups

·       Have a strong understanding of financial statements, sales and marketing strategies

·       Excellent oral and writing skills in Indonesian and English

·       Willing to travel to remote areas and working directly with communities

·       Excellent communication, presentation and reporting skills

V.           Contract Period

The contract period is for one years from the October 1st  2021 to September 30th  2022

The applicant is invited to present their application letter and resume by email to at the latest of 18 September 2021.

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