UCLG Asia Pacific Region_Job Vacancy : Phase II of the Regional and Local Municipal Sanitation Advocacy in South Asia Project


UCLG ASPAC is the largest regional section of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), an amalgamation of International Union of Local Authorities (IULA), United Towns Organisation (UTO), and World Association of the Major Metropolises (METROPOLIS).  UCLG was established on 1 January 2004 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.  Following this unification, UCLG ASPAC was established in Taipei on 14 April 2004, as the new entity of IULA ASPAC.  UCLG ASPAC is the key knowledge management hub on local government issues in the Asia Pacific region.


UCLG ASPAC’s mission is: 1) to promote strong and effective democratic local self-government throughout the region/world by fostering unity and cooperation among members, 2) to ensure the effective political representation of local government to the UN and other international communities, 3) to be the worldwide source of key information on local government, learning, exchange, and capacity building to support democratic local governments and their associations, 4) to promote economic, social, cultural, vocational and environmental development by enhancing the services to the citizens based on good governance, 5) to promote race and gender equality, combating discrimination, promoting decentralised cooperation and international cooperation between local governments and their associations, and 6) to promote twinning and partnership between local governments and peoples.


UCLG ASPAC is implementing the Phase II of the Regional and Local Municipal Sanitation Advocacy in South Asia Project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The project primary outcomes are to:

1.    Demonstrate innovation on SDG 6.2 measurement by mobilizing cities in South Asia;

2.    Document the Municipal-led investment for CWIS and FSM in South Asia; and

3.    Ensure SDG 6.2 are mainstreamed into the regional agenda through advocacy, knowledge exchange and joint activities among municipalities in the Asia-Pacific region

Thus, UCLG ASPAC is seeking a qualified Project Manager which is based at UCLG ASPAC Regional Secretariat Office in Jakarta. The Project Manager will be responsible to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the day-to-day project's’ implementation. S/he will covers all substantive and administrative matters and the functioning of the project from the beginning to end, including projects’ inception and activities, annual and quarterly planning and reporting, and implementation of projects, reviews, and closure.



Scope of Work/Key Duties:                                  

  1. To be responsible on the delivery of the projects’ objectives within time and allocated resources and budgets;
  2. To ensure a well-coordination with donor agencies and related partners/institutions in multiple countries in the Asia and the Pacific region;
  3. To establish network and facilitate cross learnings amongst cities local governments at regional level;
  4. To be responsible in project execution with the strategy, mission, culture and ethics of the organisation;
  5. To identify the projects’ issues, find innovative solutions and approaches and ensure the exit strategies for sustainability;
  6. To lead the projects’ team members with positive motivation and energise their internal talents;
  7. To take part in promoting UCLG ASPAC.


The Project Manager is directly supervised by Secretary General, and supported by projects’ team members and partners.  S/he will undertake the following tasks:


A.   Managerial duties:

1.    Manage and coordinate projects’ activities, from substantive, administrative and financial points of views, apply strategic planning and systematic coordination of the projects;

2.    Manage day-to-day project implementation and overall coordination of project outcomes;

3.    Provide direction and leadership in advocating project objectives and in ensuring that all interested members and parties are well informed about the projects’ activities and goals;

4.    Identify any support and advice required for the management, plans and control of the project;

5.    Ensure timely preparation and compilation of the projects’ monthly and annual/quarterly work plan and progress/final substantial and financial reports;

6.    Prepare weekly reports to the Secretary General and monthly reports to the donors on key projects’ activities, issues and required action points;

7.    Ensure the quality of outputs and results with optimal monitoring mechanism, establish effective coordination, monitoring, information sharing and reporting systems;

8.    Manage project administrative, monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports;

9.    Perform any other duties as required from time-to-time as assigned by the Secretary General.


B.   Functional Duties

1.    Ensure proper professional relationships with members, relevant national and international partner agencies;

2.    Establish and maintain relationships and act as the key focal point with donor agencies to ensure that all programming, financial and administrative matters related to the Projects are transparently, expediently and effectively managed;

3.    Oversee the substantive and financial management of the project in close consultation with the Secretary General;

4.    Build strategic partnerships by maintaining a network of contacts;

5.    Ensure the financial procedures followed as requested by the donor agency(ies);

6.    Ensure the establishment and maintenance of proper electronic and paper filing systems;

7.    Facilitate and corporate with auditor at all time as required;

8.    Organise and oversee any missions set during the period of the projects;

9.    Develop and maintain a database of the projects as well as database of stakeholders and beneficiaries;



v  Education:

-          Master’s degree in environmental engineering, civil engineering and/or related fields;

v  Experience:

-          Minimum of 7 (seven) years of management experience – preferably as Project Manager and or Coordinator for a comparable water and sanitation project;

-          Experience working as a WASH actor; managing large-scale WASH infrastructure (especially on sanitation) and policy advocacy; supplemented by hygiene promotion and cash-based programming. Strong familiarity with SDGs 6 and 11 indicators and data, gender and climate change mainstreaming into local government’s development plans, as well as Shit Flow Diagrams (SFDs) and its utilisation is preferred;

-          Demonstrated experience and ability to build and maintain relationships with local governments, donors, multi-donor agency, other donor-funded projects and stakeholders, local organisations, and other development partners;

-          Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with donor funded development project policies, procedures and approaches with regards to design, implementation, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation;

-          Strong management skills and demonstrated managerial experience in the field of development cooperation including in grant management, with good understanding of relevant cross-cultural issues. PMDPro, PM2 or other program management certification is strongly preferred;

-          Has experience in working in an international environment, respecting different cultures and nationalities;


v  Language:

-          Fluency in oral and written English is required.


v  Computer skills:

-          Advanced computer skills, particularly MS Office.


v  Other skills and competency:

-          Exceptional leadership and strong organisation skills;

-          Team oriented, decision making, coaching, result and motivating oriented;

-          Strong communication skills, including ability to draft/edit texts and to articulate ideas in clear, concise style to a variety of audiences, as well as facilitation skills;

-          Demonstrated attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members;

-          Honest, trustworthy and demonstrate positive and sound work ethics;

-          Ability to quickly establish professional rapport with colleagues and other persons;

-          Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines required;

-          Excellent organisational and planning skills;

-          Superior project management and time management skills;

-          Self-motivated with a positive and professional approach to management;

-          Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills are essential, including ability to present concepts verbally;

-          A wide degree of creativity and latitude;

-          Be willing to travel during the project’s implementation as required;

Key Deliverables

1.    Policy advocacy strategies and plan to support municipalities in developing policies and regulations that will create enabling environment to provide a universal access of total safe sanitation (SDG 6.2). The strategy and plan will also include database of stakeholders and beneficiaries and the appropriate communication plans;

2.    Concept of options for the local circular economy which include partnership options with international financing institutions, including the potential donor mapping and progress of the funding exploration and technical support with them;

3.    Promotion of UCLG ASPAC Knowledge Management Platform through the development of lesson learned, best practices, and training material that will be disseminated to wider audience across Asia-Pacific region.

4.    Developing weekly, monthly, quarterly and final reports of the project;

5.    Quality grant management and financial reports of the project;

6.    Developing monitoring and evaluation system for the project;

7.    Other supporting documents for the projects as required by the donor agency and Secretary General.


Success Factors and Indicators

The successful Project Manager will combine exceptional management skills and experience in maintaining donor, government and partner relationships. S/he will have an outstanding ability to develop, implement and manage programs. S/he will also have proven experience with cross-cultural team and capacity building, individual staff development and strong mentoring skills. The Project Manager must have demonstrated experience managing large infrastructure programs and experience providing WASH services in camps, including strong CARM functions. Multi-tasking, prioritizing, problem-solving and simultaneous attention to detail and strategic vision are essential.

Success indicators for the post will include:

1.    Attainment of the project outputs, outcomes and impacts;

2.    Publication of the projects’ results;

3.    Monitoring and evaluation tools for the projects;

4.    Donor mapping’s result;

5.    New project development.


Supervisory Responsibility and Accountability

The post will closely work and supervise the Communication and Knowledge Management Senior Officer, Project Assistant, and three local grantee partners in Nepal and Bangladesh.

S/he reports directly to the Secretary General and closely coordinate with other Manager level positions and team members at UCLG ASPAC to ensure knowledge transfer and long-term sustainability for the project.


How to apply

Please send your cover letter, CV, and its supporting documents (copy or link of academic and professional certifications to recruitment@uclg-aspac.org, copied to regional_pm@uclg-aspac.org by 30 November 2021. Only selected ones will be contacted.

This following link can be referred to this post : https://uclg-aspac.org/en/programme-and-project-regional-and-local-municipal-sanitation-advocacy-in-south-asia/

Best regards,

HR Division 
UCLG Asia Pacific Region

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