Yayasan Indonesia Cerah (“CERAH”) is a non-profit organisation established on 11 October 2018. The organisation focuses on the issues of clean energy and the environment. CERAH promotes the narrative of shifting Indonesia’s policy in energy transition as a leader  in providing strategic communication to amplify key messages in the narrative of clean energy and its transition in Indonesia, cultivating and enhancing stakeholder engagement and providing recommendations to policymakers.


CERAH has been collaborating with multiple stakeholders and prominent figures, the media, and civil society organisations to educate and raise awareness highlighting issues such as good governance and corruption, air pollution and the health impact of energy choices and renewable energy future and how that affects lifestyle and jobs.


To assist the ever-growing team, CERAH is looking for a Research Assistant to assist our Senior Policy Researcher, work of the employee will include:


  1. Conduct intensive research of Indonesia’s statistics and policies regarding coal mining and usage, its path to transitioning to renewable energy, green economy concepts, issues regarding climate change and the environment, as well as all relevant and cross-cutting issues related to the aforementioned topics.


  1. Develop memos, briefs, longer research notes, presentation slides, and decks, as well as draft op-eds and public commentaries regarding point (1) above.


  1. Identify, build, and maintain relationships with a broad range of organisations (civil societies, student bodies, professionals, practitioners, government agencies), and communities that work within related spaces to collaborate with as well as to acquire relevant information, statistics, and policies.


  1. Assist the  Senior Policy Researcher in identifying, brainstorming, and refining novel research avenues.




  1. Candidates must have a passion for researching a diverse range of interrelated issues.

  2. Candidates with at least 1-2 years of experience in research and academic writing are preferred. Fresh graduates may also be accepted as long as you can show a strong willingness to research and write a lot.

  3. Excellent command of the English language, both written and oral.

  4. Have good organisational skills and work with a global network with the ability to work remotely under minimum supervision.

  5. Proficient in utilising digital tools for communication and coordination (slack, google docs, miro, etc).


Duration and Fee:


The position is for the duration of one year Jan - Dec 2022. The fee will be based on qualification, competency, and salary history. We will cover BPJS Kesehatan, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, and Personal Income Tax.

Please send your CV, a minimum of 2 (two) pages, detailing your experiences and expertise to at the latest Tuesday, Nov 30th, 2021 before 5pm WIB.


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