NO. CWS-PALU/TOR/2021 - 001

Reference of Activity           :    MID-TERM EVALUATION

Project Name                        :    DREAM – 2 (Disaster Resilience through Enhanced Adaptive Measures - 2 
Project Location                   :    Sigi District – Central Sulawesi

Office                                     :    Palu – Central Sulawesi

A.                  Background


Funded by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) and supported by Act for Peace (AfP) Australia, CWS Indonesia has been implementing the Disaster Resilience through Enhanced Adaptive Measures (DREAM-2) Project in Sigi District, Central Sulawesi. The project that started in August 2020 is designed to support communities engaged in building adaptive capacities, reducing the risk presented by ongoing climate change and building resilience.

The DREAM-2 program is a project aims to strengthen the resilience of community and government of Sigi district in dealing with the impacts of climate change. This goal will be achieved through three areas of change that are expected to be achieved, i.e.:
1.           Capacity enhancement and motivation for community members to conduct climate change vulnerability assessments and develop community-based adaptation action plan.

   2.         Civil society organizations and the relevant Governments have succeeded in modifying the development planning system to support  CCA and planning strategies.

     3.           Successful community-based adaptation, successful strategies/plans and specific actions shared to the other communities.

To achieve the goal, objectives and outputs, the project has been implemented in 4 villages in the Sigi districts for engaging local community and government on the activities that will lead to climate change adaptation including improve disaster readiness, disaster response and on better understood of system, policies, and protocol in support of the action.

DREAM2 project has been running for 18 months and now the project is approaching the second year of implementation in June 2022. Therefore, CWS Indonesia need to look back and reflect its service approaches and results particularly at target groups and partner level. Finding out lesson learned and best practices through evaluation activities in order to provide the necessary recommendations for the development and improvement of the second year implementation. Referring to this rationale, CWS Indonesia would like to conduct a mid-term monitoring and evaluation.

 B.  Purpose of the Midterm Monitoring and Evaluation


The main purpose of the mid-term monitoring, and evaluation is to assess whether the overall project is on the track in terms of achieving the objectives that have been set, and to identify constrains, gap, and learn and improve the ongoing work for the remaining one year of the DREAM2 project. The mid-term monitoring and evaluation should lay the ground for the final evaluation of the DREAM2 project in 2023.

Interested consultant should submit an Expression of Interest to CWS Indonesia 
to: the latest on December 21st, 2021 

please see the attachment document for detailed information.

CWS /Indonesia.

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