RFP- Annual Review Meetings and Seminars for UKSM Manager Level

 Dear Potential Bidders,

Nutrition International (NI) has been supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH), Government of Indonesia in implementing Weekly Iron and Folic Acid (WIFA) supplementation for school-going adolescent girls since 2015. NI is now continuing its support to scale up and to replicate the key WIFAS program elements in Banten and West Java Provinces.

The COVID-19 pandemic is undermining nutrition across the world including Indonesia. Consequent nationwide school closures have also led to disruption of the WIFA supplementation program which is no longer accessible to adolescent girls through the regular school platform. Some innovations to continue deliver the WIFA supplementation to adolescent girls during distance learning due to COVID-19 have been implementing by Puskesmas and District Health Office in several provinces including West Java and Banten.

Government of Indonesia through a joint decree signed in March 2021 by the education minister, health minister, home minister and religious minister started reopening schools with extra cautions due to the C-19 pandemic starting in July 2021. Only 25 percent of the total number of students are allowed to attend classrooms at a time and student attendance is limited to twice per week. While other students will follow the distance learning. While the schools have started to reopen, the WIFA supplementation for adolescent girls is continue channeled through school and existing community platform such as "Youth Posyandu". Therefore, capacity, and strong collaboration among multi-stakeholders including capacity of UKS/M managers at all levels to implement, monitor the program and report the coverage data need to be strengthened.

NI is planning to conduct seminar WIFAS to UKS/M managers in Banten and West Java provinces and as the WIFAS program enters in the last quarter of the implementation year, NI also would like to facilitate annual WIFAS program meetings in both provinces. These events will be conducted hybrid of in-person and online participation and will include the participation of schoolteachers, UKS/M managers, Puskesmas, district, provincial and MoH officials and ministry of education, ministry of home affairs, ministry of religious at provincial level.

Kindly find detailed RFQ in the link as follows:

Deadline for submission: Wednesday, January 05, 2022

The proposal shall be put into a covering email specifically indicating with subject line:

"Annual Review Meetings and Seminars for UKSM Manager Level" and should be sent by email to:



Nutrition International

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