SNV looking for Service Provider to Produce Video "WASH in Islamic Schools Implementation"

 Service Provider for Video Production: WASH in Islamic Schools Implementation


Safety COVID19 Regulation

All activities will be carried out following government guidelines and directions for handling COVID-19. Field activities and domestic trips will follow local government regulations and may be excluded unless deemed safe. SNV prioritizes the safety and security of staff, local partners and communities, and will continue to monitor the situation in all program areas and adapt the program to the latest developments.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

SNV is an international not-for-profit development organisation that focuses on increasing people’s incomes and access to basic services in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Agriculture, and Renewable Energy. By connecting our global expertise with longstanding in-country presence, we help realise locally owned solutions in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Established in 1965 in the Netherlands, our projects directly benefit millions of people (4.4M in 2018). SNV specializes in supporting the resourcefulness of development actors by developing local capacities, improving performance and services, strengthening governance systems, helping to create access for excluded groups and by making markets work for the poor.

The WASH SDGs for Sustainable and Inclusive Cities Programme

SNV understands safe sanitation and hygiene services as a pre-condition for health and economic development in cities. With Indonesia’s urbanization rate at 2.3% (World Bank, 2018), a failure to invest in urban sanitation will become a barrier for almost any development in the country. Access to sanitation is a human right and governments are the duty bearers of progressive realisation of this right. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably SDG 6 and the 2020-2024 RPJMN, Indonesia is committed to work towards universal access to safely managed sanitation services, this means services for all and addressing the safety of the entire sanitation chain from access to safe disposal or re-use.


WASH in schools (including Islamic schools/madrasah), as it is defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a critical element in achieving universal access to quality education as the SDG 4 and water and sanitation as the SDG 6 mandate. WASH in Islamic Schools 2020 Profile shows that 70% of madrasah have access to basic drinking water, leaving 30% of them with limited or no access. 50% of them also have basic sanitation access, with the remaining 50% still face limited or no sanitation access challenge. 56% of madrasah provide basic handwashing facilities, while 44% of them only have water or no water and soap at all.

Since 2018, SNV has been part of the WASH in Schools Technical Working Group with UNICEF and GIZ, providing technical assistance to both the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Two supervising ministries play a vital role in creating enabling environment for WASH in school setting, including guiding schools to implement the WASH programme according to the national policies and standards.

In collaboration with GIZ and the Ministry of Religious Affairs, SNV will be producing video to guide madrasah on the WASH in Islamic Schools concept translation into implementation. The video will highlight the 3 main components of WASH in Schools concept, namely WASH infrastructures, WASH behaviour change, and school-based management. The video will also showcase best practices from madrasah in various grade/level, including their safe reopening preparation in COVID-19 context.


The video production aims to produce a guiding video on WASH components implementation, including in COVID-19 context and its impact to the overall WASH access in madrasah. It also disseminates best practices from selected madrasah for reference and further discussion.

Date & Location

Following completion of procurement procedure, pre-production stage is planned to be completed in late December 2021 until mid-January 2022. Production is expected to be completed in late January 2022, followed by post-production stage to be completed mid-February 2022.

SNV will consult with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and GIZ in selecting maximum 6 madrasah to be exposed in the video. The madrasah shall come from all levels (pre-school, primary, and secondary level), all types (public and/or private), and located in Greater Jakarta considering COVID-19 situation and travel restrictions policy.


The expected outputs include:


1.   A max. 10-minute high-resolution video on WASH in Islamic Schools implementation, in Indonesian voice over, Indonesian caption, and equipped with sign language interpreter video

2.   A max. 3-minute high-resolution video on highlights of WASH components (infrastructure, behaviour change, and management, including in COVID-19 context) in Indonesian voice over, Indonesian caption, and equipped with sign language interpreter video

3.   Similar videos with point (1) and (2) with English caption




·       To deliver information on WASH SDGs and WASH in Schools program, to direct the video concept according to SNV’s policy

·       To cover production fee, travel cost, and others activity that might occurred during the video production

·       To assist the coordination with all related stakeholders, including consultation with GIZ and the Ministry of Religious Affairs

Video Production Team/Service Provider

·       To develop storyboard and script of 2 videos

·       To produce footage and video recording in selected madrasah and gather information from resource person (equipped with informed consent)

·       To provide editing and finalise the videos

·       To provide the features in the videos i.e., subtitles in Indonesia/English, narrator, translation into English, and sign language interpretation

·       To produce high quality video that could be used in multiple platforms

·       To provide final videos into softcopy file (shared drive)

·       To meet SNV communication and visual policy

·       To obey SNV child protection policy and GDPR/EU data protection policy

·       To allocate time for max. 2 revisions discussion with SNV, GIZ, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs

·       To not give and share information or any part thereof, to any third party without the written permission of SNV. The information and all its components will be a property of SNV, and the agency will not share the same with anyone else


The video making process must comply with the following SNV’ policies:

·       Video showing related stakeholders and beneficiaries (children, women, men, people with disability, elderly, teenagers, etc) should be captured in the empowerment, creative, supportive context

·       The video shooting process is carried out fully with respect for the dignity of the beneficiaries and with the written consent of all parties involved in the video


·       More than 5 years’ experience in video making (from pre- to post-production)

·       Experienced working in WASH sector and COVID-19 context will be advantages

·       Experienced in making video with various profiles in accordance with policies

·       Able to comply technical requirement

·       Able to meet the timeline

·       Able to travel for video shooting and taping and always implement health protocols

·       Have excellent technical capacity

·       Good capacity in English Language

Reporting Line

The video production team will work closely in coordination with GESI and WASH in Schools Advisor, who will also facilitate discussion with GIZ and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Chosen consultant/team should ensure the quality of video meet with SNV requirements and able to finish revision as requested by the SNV team.



The whole production cost will be covered by SNV and GIZ. The applicants should attach detailed budget on video production service and divide it into 2 parts for SNV and GIZ. The payment under SNV’s contract will be made in lumpsum basis according to the agreed payment terms. SNV will arrange travel and cover accommodation and transportation costs as per SNV policy.

How to apply

The applicants must submit technical proposal, budget, portfolio, and CV of team members via email to Christina Heri Satsiwi (, cc Saniya Niska ( with subject “WASH in Islamic Schools Video”, no later than 31st December 2021.

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