350.org - Content Specialist Coordinator

 VACANCY: Content Specialist Coordinator

(6 months contract)

Remote working within Asia timezone (GMT+7)

350.org in Asia runs diverse climate change-related campaign activities ranging from finance and divestment campaigns to local fossil fuel resistance. The organization also does organizing and mobilization on many different levels, from urban youth strike to Indigenous community rights.

One way to achieve digital visibility on climate-related campaign activities is to have consistent and regular content strategically disseminated through various channels. That includes a website, social media channel, email blast, and website content, among others. An integrated content calendar fused with communications work is needed for 350 Asia to be able to support the climate movement in the region.

For FY22, we have several projects planned that involve storytelling and activism, like the “Weave of Hopes”. In this project, we aim to connect with and engage artist communities across selected countries in Asia that are involved in any initiatives around climate or environmental protection. We intend to collaborate with art influencers to support the movement, bring out solidarity, and build an intersectional campaign that celebrates cultural diversity.

With the current resource that we have, together with the global digital team support, there’s an abundance of content and stories that are waiting to be amplified. We also want to make sure that the “Weave of Hopes” project will run and be able to meet its objectives.

To support that, 350 Asia is looking for a Content Specialist Coordinator consultant.

Please apply here: https://bit.ly/350asia-cshiring

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