Vacancy in Yayasan Ishk Tolaram Indonesia - Program Manager (Education)

 Job Description: Program Manager (Education) at Yayasan Ishk Tolaram Indonesia

Yayasan Ishk Tolaram Indonesia is a philanthropic organisation that provides access to quality education, healthcare to underserved individuals in Indonesia. We are part of Ishk Tolaram Foundation Ltd., based in Singapore. The Education Program Manager will be responsible for managing the day-to-day education programs and grants of Yayasan Ishk Tolaram Indonesia.

The Job Scope of the Program Manager (Education) includes:
Implementation and Scaling of Existing Program in the Education portfolio
  • Leading in implementing and overseeing programs on the ground under the guidance of the Program Director, including managing relationships with vendors and other key stakeholders.
  • Supporting in conducting academic research and needs analyses, including understanding relevant stakeholders and ecosystems and identifying gaps to be filled.
  • Supporting in developing proposals, including timelines, budgets, and plans for sustainable and scalable long-term success.
  • Identifying issues and constraints in program and grant implementation as they occur and working towards resolving them with support from the Program Director (PD).
  • Supporting communication with various stakeholders related to the needs of the program.
  • Developing program playbook to support efficient program implementation and replication.
  • Monitoring impact of programs and grants against log frames and budget.
  • Collaborating with Monitoring & Evaluation personnel to understand data and revise program design if required.
Design and Implementation of New Programs in the Education portfolio (including Project Echo, a key program that Yayasan Ishk Tolaram is aiming to bring to Indonesia):
  • Support the Program Director to seed, select, contact, and communicate with stakeholders and experts about Project ECHO and its setup.
  • Manage communication with the Project ECHO experts team (New Mexico and worldwide) on the preparation and launch of Project ECHO.
  • To maintain continuous engagement with relevant parties involved in Project ECHO (Government officials, Subject Matter Experts (SME), spokes (Networks Participants), and other experts) as required.
  • To coordinate set up sessions and wrap up sessions with IT support staff/or other staff, the experts, and spokes ahead of time.
  • To conduct initial facilitation and wrap-up announcements to the participants, including data entry, monitoring the chat, and other communication (including survey, questionnaires, test, Q&A) delivered during ECHO Session.
General Aspects:
  • Carrying out other administrative tasks as required by the Foundation, including keeping meeting minutes, preparing updates for internal meetings and following up on actionable items.
  • Identifying new grants to support.
  • Attending conferences and educational seminars, and training sessions to upgrade knowledge and skills.
  • Representing the Foundation at relevant forums, including delivering presentations about our work.
Academic/ Work Experience:
  • Minimum Education Level: University Graduate. A master/ Bachelor’s in Education or Development/ Social Sciences sector will be an added advantage.
  • Ideal if prior work experience is in any of the following areas: development, education, healthcare, social enterprise, humanities/of social sciences.
  • Minimum prior work experience of 5 years.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English as well as relevant local language(s).
  • Above average communication and presentation skills (written and spoken).
  • Good command of IT, including MS Office, GSuite, social media.
  • Project management skills and experience.
  • Good financial skills: able to compile and manage a budget, carry out basic accounting.
  • Academic research skills: able to undertake desktop research, contribute ideas based on data and evidence/ best practice.
  • Able to adhere to basic data entry for data mapping and follow up with surveys.

Program Managers are additionally expected to:
  • Be highly organised and efficient, and able to manage multiple projects and timelines successfully and work independently.
  • Passionate about social development, change-making.
  • Professional and comfortable working within an organisational structure.
  • High EQ and good interpersonal skills, able to manage people of diverse backgrounds with empathy, humility, compassion, and without prejudice or judgment.
  • Knowledge of socioeconomic/ political climate related to country/ region of work.
  • Adaptable and agile to deal with systemic changes and have a positive attitude towards problem-solving and learning.
  • Ability to convert abstract ideas and concepts into an actionable framework.

Working Base
This position will be based in Jakarta, with frequent travels to the project site as required

To apply, please send your resume to contact@ishktolaram by 1st February 2022

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