[AMISEWAKA - DLCC] Director of Academic& Curriculum - DESA LES, BALI

 Amisewaka – Desa Les Community Center (DLCC) is a vocational training center based in Desa Les, Tejakula, North Bali.   This facility will provide education to primarily low income students in a variety of vocational and sustainable subjects (culinary skills, permaculture agriculture, Living Values Education and Cultural Preservation) as well as assist in job procurement.  There will be a training kitchen and restaurant on the grounds.



  1. To assist the Center Manager, Project Director and Operations Consultant with the SOP.
  2. The Director of Academics & Curriculum must be committed to improving teaching practices through collaboration with staff, community members, and students. You should be able to use new and existing resources to ensure student needs are met, and educational goals are achieved. You will authorize textbook acquisitions and, on occasion, be tasked with writing your own educational materials.
  3. To support teaching staff in delivering the highest quality learning experiences in order that all our students achieve their potential.
  4. To ensure that regular student attainment tracking checks are carried out, followed up, reported as appropriate and information used to eliminate ‘gaps’ in students’ progress.
  5. To work closely with the faculty team to ensure the effective management of students, placing emphasis on a positive system of care and support, social and personal development, integrating the principles of Living Values Education into all aspects of DLCC.
  6. To ensure that school policies and procedures are understood and implemented by staff and students, especially with regard to health & safety, risk assessments, equality of opportunity and social inclusion. To keep up-to-date with local and national developments within the subject and with wider professional policy changes
  7. To oversee arrangements for internship/work experience (coordinated by Head of HR).
  8. To Network and build professional relationships with members of the institution and the community.
  9. Supervising all faculty recruitment and vetting prospective teachers.
  10. To create and maintain a stimulating environment for teaching and learning
  11. To ensure that staff are following agreed upon curriculum policies and that appropriate syllabi, resources, schemes of work, marking policies, assessment and teaching and learning strategies are in place
  12. To ensure that the Center’s specialist objectives are met, including integrating Living Values Education into all aspects of the Center.
  13. To ensure the welfare, performance management and training of staff
  14. To lead curriculum development within the team
  15. To monitor student attendance and behaviour in lessons and liaise with the teachers and families.
  16. To encourage the display and celebration of students’ work in the Center.
  17. To develop and enhance the teaching practice of others
  18. To ensure that staff development needs are identified and appropriate steps taken to meet them and to assess the progress of teachers’ work.
  19. To promote teamwork to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, motivation and working relations of staff
  20. Recruitment of students: creating marketing materials to appeal to students and their families, going into the field to check poverty levels and ensure the willingness of students to adhere to the Center’s policies (this will be done with consultants on Living Values Education)
  21. Finding chefs to teach voluntarily in the Center
  22. Coordinating the after school program of short courses in English, Business Skills, Tailoring and more.
  23. Instigating and maintaining student morale
  24. To complete an annual school self-evaluation report
  25. To ensure that school’s staff present themselves professionally at all times and that they realize what sort of role models they should be for students
  26. Closely evaluating results at the end of each semester and writing up progress reports.
  27. To be successful as a director of academics and curriculum, you should stay up-to-date with pedagogical theories and developments in education. An exceptional director should have superb people skills and be confident in engaging individuals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. You should be energetic, passionate, and able to clearly communicate objectives.


  1. Indonesian Nationality
  2. Master's degree in education administration or a related field.
  3. Teaching certification and previous teaching experience.
  4. Fluent oral and writing skills in Indonesian and English
  5. The ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  6. First-class organizational skills.
  7. The ability to use tact and diplomacy in interactions with all relevant parties.
  8. A strong ethical code.
  9. Maintain a positive attitude and be open to feedback.
  10. A commitment to Amisewaka’s values in reaching economically challenged sectors of society.
  11. Willingness to undergo Living Values Education training.
  12. Willing to live in East Buleleng.

The Amisewaka campus is a healthy, green zone. No smoking or alcohol is allowed.

Please sent your recent CV to hr@desalescommunitycenter.org 

Applications close on 8 February 2022.

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