Lowongan Indonesia Country Director


Job Title: Indonesia Country Director
Industry: Non-profit/International Development
Job Location: Jakarta, Indonesia with frequent travel to the in-country program locations (or based out of one of the in-country programs in
Padang, West Sumatra or Palu, Sulawesi)
Start Date: Immediate
Term: At-will employment
Salary: Competitive, based on experience

Founded in 2004, Build Change is an innovative non‐profit social enterprise whose mission is to save lives in earthquakes and hurricanes. We do that by designing disaster-resistant houses and schools; training homeowners, builders, engineers and government officials to build them; working with governments to develop and implement building standards; partnering with the private sector to improve building materials quality and create jobs; and facilitating access to incentive-based capital for reconstruction and retrofitting by partnering with financing institutions and government subsidy programs.

Build Change has been in Indonesia since 2005, and Yayasan Bangunan Cemerlang Indonesia (YBCI), the Indonesian-registered arm of Build Change, was established in 2013.

To learn more about us and our programs in Haiti, Indonesia, Colombia, Guatemala, Philippines, Nepal and the Caribbean, visit www.buildchange.org.


Build Change is seeking a Country Director for our Indonesia operation to join its senior management team. The Indonesia Country Director will represent Build Change and Build Change interests in Indonesia. The Country Director will be the highest in-country negotiator with Build Change’s existing and potential partners.

This position reports to the Chief Executive Officer of Build Change.


Program Management Deliver on scope, schedule and budget for the hands-on technical assistance and training programs.

Provide quality assurance oversight for all projects in Indonesia by putting in place measures to ensure they follow established Build Change disaster resistant design and construction standards.


Identify work areas.

Build and manage partnerships with other humanitarian, multi-lateral and non-profit agencies, and the private sector for Build Change’s design services, technical resources, and training programs.

Be a presence in network and meetings with political and community leaders in Indonesia and consistently publish and communicate program results.

Finance & Budget

Maintain bank accounts and represent Build Change in solicitation of services and resolution of problems with financial institutions.

Supervise the local accounting team and support the Director of Finance and Administration to prepare program and annual operating budgets.

Manage effectively within the budget given and report accurately and on-time on progress made and challenges encountered.

Ensure costs are allocated to correct cost centers and documented in compliance with audit-compliance procurement and finance procedures.

Ensure internal control procedures are followed for all cash disbursements, receipts and transfers.

Provide training to all staff to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Bank Signatory

Ensure ethical and transparent financial transactions by acting as bank signatory.


Oversee the operations of Build Change offices in Indonesia.

Actively engage and energize YBCI board members, staff, volunteers, partnering organizations and funders in the development, support and promotion of YBCI activities.

Maintain and negotiate leases for offices and staff housing, including utilities.

Manage the budgeting, purchasing, printing or manufacturing of Build Change technical resources for safe reconstruction.

Maintain functioning, up-to-date IT systems including hardware and software, ensuring data is backed up, virus free and secure. Maintain phone and internet systems and systems for remote communication.
Implement Build Change’s procurement system, obtaining requests for quotations, keeping track of items ordered, and inventory control system.
Maintain and update asset registers.

Fund and Business Development

Lead in marketing Build Change’s programs, engineering services and training programs to other agencies and potential partners.

Supervise fund development staff to write and win grants and/or contracts to expand Build Change’s Indonesia program.

Recruiting and Team Building.

Recruiting and Team Building

Recruit, mentor and oversee key management staff, including: Lead Engineer, Program Management staff as needed, Impact Monitoring and Reporting staff, Support Staff.

Lead recruiting process for expat and national staff. Create and maintain national staff personnel files.

Processes and Systems

Fully document and improve Build Change’s program implementation and IMR systems for use in future programs and create a results-driven culture with clearly documented impacts.

Extend impact monitoring and reporting scope to systematically track indirect impacts in addition to direct impacts.

Build Change Model

Expand and extend the Build Change model for implementing post-disaster reconstruction technical assistance programs to include financial partnerships.

Implement and complete the transition from a post-disaster program to a disaster risk reduction (DRR) program.

Strategic Communications

Oversee Build Change’s strategic communications program for safe construction as it pertains to the homeowner technical assistance program and other in-country programs.


Represent Build Change in-country and globally to support our approach to resilient housing and school and establish credibility and respect in our areas of expertise.

Work with Build Change’s social media staff to tell our story well and compellingly

Strategic Planning

Work with the senior management team and the Board of Directors to plan and implement strategy for Build Change’s Indonesia operations and overall operations.


Ensure that all programs operate consistently and ethically within the mission and values of Build Change.

Safety and Security

Implement Build Change’s Safety and Security SOP’s.


Your experience includes:

A minimum of 8 years operational experience in program development and implementation
An advanced University degree in program management, engineering, architecture, disaster risk management or business management
Working cohesively on multidisciplinary teams
Marketing, public relations, and/or fundraising
You are able to:

Demonstrate excellent written, interpersonal communication and networking skills, with the ability to communicate complex research findings or technical content to both expert and non-technical audiences, and demonstrate project impact
Make the business case for the Build Change Bank to investors and partners
Work effectively in a team environment, and lead a developing program
Work under pressure, handle multiple priorities and meet deadlines
Work independently, including some evenings and weekends, and travel as needed
Represent Build Change as a globally trusted expert in front of external audiences, including conferences, networks, wealth advisors, donors, and funders
You would describe yourself as:

Committed to the mission of providing financing for resilient school and housing construction and retrofitting to vulnerable communities
Drama-free, optimistic, flexible, humble, patient, and having a good sense of humor
Willing to roll up your sleeves and build a robust global investment program.
Pro-active, self-motivated, and able to work independently while also contributing fully as a team member
Fluent in English
And maybe you also:

Have worked in Indonesia
Understand basic engineering and construction principles
Speak Spanish, French or Bahasa
Are you interested?

Then please visit www.buildchange.org/about/careers and select the link for this position. Applications will be accepted until filled. Qualified women and citizens of Build Change’s program countries are strongly encouraged to apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. No calls please.

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