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Title: Safety, Security and Risk Specialist [India, Indonesia, Philippines or Sri Lanka]
Div/Dept: Global Operations      
Reporting Relationship: Country Directors (co-management) and Global Security Director for technical quality and support.
The Safety, Security and Risk Specialist (SRS), under the technical supervision of the Global Security Director, is responsible for assisting the Country Offices of ChildFund International in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka with the implementation of staff risk management protocols procedures relating to safety and security.  This will include but will not be limited to promoting staff safety and security awareness, responsible business approaches, planning, preparedness and implementation of security management plans in support of country operations. 

S/he will work in conjunction with the country office security focal point of contact (COS) and Country Director (CD) to assure an acceptable standard of risk management to minimize the likelihood and impact of potential threats. The SRS is subject to regional deployment to provide technical support and assistance in support of country operations and may be deployed globally in crisis situations.


Job Responsibility
1: Support CO Safety and Security
 •    Assist Country Leadership Teams and the CD to develop a contextual understanding of the areas of operation and in consultation with program staff.
 •    Guide the CO in conducting regular risk assessments in all geographies of operation.
 •    Supervise the elaboration and monitor the implementation of Safety and Security Management Plans(SSMP)
 •    Assist CO’s to prepare for major events and critical security incidents.
 •    Support CO staff to organize and facilitate safety and security awareness training.
 •    Remain informed of developing trends, best practices and relevant analysis through active participation in networks, steering committees and the monitoring of various social media and information sharing platforms. Where it exists, the SRS will participate in the UN Saving Lives Together initiative. 

Job Responsibility 2: Procedures and Protocols
 •    Develop the most appropriate safety and security plans, protocols and operating procedures for each country office working together with the CO focal point and the Country Leadership Team.
 •    In collaboration with the CD monitor that protocols are followed by staff and report non-compliance.

Job Responsibility 3: Critical Incidents
 •    Support CO’s plan and train for potential critical safety and security incidents that may occur within their operating environment.
 •    Provide technical advice and physical support during a critical incident response at CO.
 •    Assist with emergency evacuation or relocation of staff because of safety and security.
 •    Support investigations as directed by the Global Safety and Security Director.

Job Responsibility 4: Communications and Report
 •    Guide CO’s on situational, and incident report formats and content, including conducting training or providing training materials
 •    Assure CD’s have clear communication to staff in respect of safety and security behavior and risk management procedures.
 •    Have regular (monthly) check in calls with Country Leadership Teams / CD and the director of security.
 •    Provide detailed quarterly updates on CO risks status and AOP goals.
 •    Conduct general staff checks to assure understanding of the risk environment and that staff are aware of safety and security protocols.
 •    Is responsible for the timely communication of information updates, alerts and advise to CO’s.
 •    Report on CO physical security implementation planning status.

Job Responsibility 5: Logistics and Other Business
 •    Advice CO’s on safety and security logistics and item procurement. 
 •    Monitor CO’s to ensure the right equipment is provided to perform their functions in a safe and secure way.
 •    Monitor cost effectiveness and efficiencies with regards to safety and security logistics.
 •    Perform any other duties related to staff safety and security as required by the Country Directors and the director of security.

 Child Safeguarding:
 •    Remain alert and responsive to any child safeguarding risks, acquire relevant knowledge and skills which will enable h/she to promote strong safeguarding practices, understand the child safeguarding policy and procedures and conduct self in a manner consistent with Child fund’s Child Safeguarding Policy.



3 years security management, information collection, analysis, investigations, assessments and reporting.

Practice assisting humanitarian or development organizations in safety and security programs.

Education / Training:
•    Bachelor’s degree with specialist training in safety and security such as NGO security, public safety, military or police training.  Education qualification may be relaxed against demonstrated operational experience of candidate.
•    English language required.
•    Must be computer literate.

Skills / Competencies:
•    Must be a people’s person with high levels of empathy and humility.
•    Must have good written and spoken communication skills.
•    Must be able to work independently and as a team player.
•    Must be able to manage self
•    Must have a good sense of humor.

ChildFund International is committed to staff safety and security and the rights, and well-being of all our staff.  ChildFund is committed to upholding our ethics and values and fulfilling our duty of care commitments to all staff and the children with whom it is in contact and to conducting its programs and operations in a manner that is safe.

Disclaimer: This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position.

Please submit your cover letter and CV to: JMarcelo@ChildFund.org not later than 07 December 2019

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