RFP: Discourse NetworkAnalysis for USAID Health Financing Activity

Thinkwell LLC is requesting for proposal to contract a local firm in Indonesia to conduct a Discourse Network Analysis for USAID Health Financing Activity. Discourse Network Analysis will map out the verbal interaction among political actors surrounding sustainable health financing, who make normative claims about policies conditional on each other, rendering discourse a dynamic network phenomenon. From the map we will observe the congruence or conflict networks at the actor or concept level, affiliation networks of actors and concept stances, and longitudinal versions of these networks. The findings should inform decisions about how to engage policy makers to influence the right people effectively.

If interested please reach out to Niva Shrestha, Contract Officer at nshrestha@thinkwell.global to request for a copy of complete Request for Proposal (RFP).

Please note that the inquiries concerning the RFP is due 5:00 PM GMT +7 on  Thursday, 19 March 2020 and the proposal must be submitted by no later than 5:00 PM GMT+7 on Friday, 3 April 2020.


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