Palladium HEALTH POLICY PLUS: Organizational Management & Operations Consultancy


Organizational Management & Operations Consultancy – Terms of Reference

Assignment Overview

The USAID-funded Health Policy Plus (HP+) project is supporting PT Sijariemas Teknologi Inovasi (STI) to strengthen its core business model as a health technology company focused on improving maternal and newborn health. HP+ will provide support in improving scale and sustainability of STI’s core product (SijariEMAS Rujukan) and strengthening one or two priority products that have the highest potential for expansion.

STI was established in 2017 after the end of the USAID-funded EMAS program and is continuing to sell products independently with the lead of their founders, Bambang Wijayanto and Carwoto Sa’an. The company has 17 full-time employees—and has operated with positive net profits for the last three years. HP+ is seeking a consultant to support STI’s capacity development plan for 2020. The Consultant will report to STI’s senior management team and follow their guidance and deliver regular updates of ongoing activities to HP+.

The purpose is to support STI in strengthening its administrative, human resources, and personnel systems.

Consultant’s Responsibilities

Support STI in clarifying organizational reporting structures, developing clearly defined department functions, and clears lines of responsibility and communication among departments.
Support STI in documenting operational policies and procedures and reviewing compliance with national and donor agencies and processes for regularly reviewing and updating operational policies.
Support STI in documenting procurement policies and procedures and that all staff are aware of procurement procedures and developing a fixed-asset register of company inventory and equipment.
Support STI in ensuring that all administrative and personnel systems are documented.
Support STI in documenting job descriptions for all staff members, including volunteers and interns.
Support STI in ensuring that all human resource and recruitment policies/guidelines are documented and communicated to staff.
Final Products

Draft and final versions of all products developed for STI: 1) reporting structures, 2) operational policies related to USAID and other donor compliance, 3) procurement policies, 4) administrative and personnel systems, 5) job descriptions for all full-time staff, and HR and recruitment policies.

Bachelor’s degree in administration or management
At least 5 years’ experience in administration, personnel, or HR position.
Experience in supporting development of organizational, HR, and procurement policies
Experience with private sector clients preferred
Strong attention to consistency, detail, and quality
Ability to write high quality, clear, and concise report in Bahasa Indonesia and English
Ability to respond to comments and questions in a timely and appropriate manner
Ability to work remotely as some period of the consultancy may be home-based
Period of Performance

August – September 2020 (2 months)

Interested candidates should submit their CV and salary history (past 1-3 positions), and letter of interest by Friday, July 17th to Follow-up online interviews will be held for qualified candidates.

About the Organization

Palladium implements the USAID-funded Health Policy Plus (HP+) Project. HP+ works with key stakeholders to advance health policy and financing for family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH), HIV, and maternal and newborn health at national and subnational levels.

PT Sijariemas Teknologi Inovasi (STI) is a leader in online referral platforms in Indonesia. They have been working to implement a tech-based referral system across Indonesia since 2017 with focus in Banten, West Java, and Central Java. Their products are used by 65 districts/cities across Indonesia, and they are contributing to the decrease in  maternal and neonatal  (MNH) deaths with innovative solutions urgently needed to improve the Indonesian healthcare system. With their holistic approach to healthcare solutions and steady increase in technology adoption, STI has a limitless room to grow and expand across the nation.

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