Admin and Finance to be based in Pekalongan - KEMITRAAN

 I. Position Information

Job code title            : Admin and Finance Assistant – AF Pekalongan

Supervisor                : Team Leader

II. Organizational Context

The coastline area northern of Central Java (Pantura) is severely affected by climate change. An area covering of 3 Regencies comprising of Pekalongan, Batang, Demak and 2 municipalities of Pekalongan City and Semarang City are the area where the impact of climate change in the form of sea level rise are visible.

The coastal sub-districts of the municipality of Pekalongan are one of the most affected by climate change impact, which destroyes not only the livelihood source of the affected community but also the social- cultural aspects of the city. Tidal flood and permanently deepening inundation of the coastal settlement areas of Pekalongan City makes it difficult for the coastal community there to organise or generate alternative livelihood, such as fish ponds. Lost of livelihood source force the men to seek for other income alternative, while women are burdened both with domestic activities and income generating activity to support the households. This thus increases women vulnerability caused by the double responsibility they have to carry over their shoulders.

At community level in the affected kelurahan, concerns about health issues arise caused by inundation that also affects houses, leading to destruction of the individual sanitation system. Waterborn disease has been identified infecting the population in the affected areas. Since the occurrence of frequent tidal flooding and  inundation  covers  a  vast  areas  of  coastal  settlement,  individual  support  to  improve  sanitation condition of the community is almost   impossible. Urgent collective solution   is one option to rapidly overcome the issue.

In partnership the municipality of Pekalongan, KEMITRAAN has develop a project to increase theresilience and improve the adaptation capacity of Pekalongan City’s community towards climate change impact.  This  project  is  funded  by  the  Adaptation  Fund  (AF)  under  the  oversight  of  its  Designated Authority, which is the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) . The activities under this 3-year- project range from strengthening coastal protection, improvement of community’s sanitation, promotion of alternative livelihood and improvement of the city’s climate change adaptation policy implementation. To support the activities on-site in Pekalongan City, KEMITRAAN therefore is seeking for a potential Admin and Finance Assistant to be based in Pekalongan that is capable to help with the technical implementation of the project.

The Admin and Finance Assistant will work closely with Project Officer, Team Leader, Program Director of Sustainable Governance Strategic, Finance & Grant Officers, Admin & Procurement Officer, Monitoring,  Evaluation  and  Learning  Manager,  Monitoring,  Evaluation  and  Learning  Officer, Consultants /Experts,  and other staffs within KEMITRAAN’s office.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected
Summary of Key Functions:
•    Administration and implementation of the project activities
•    Administration of reports, correspondence and related documents
•    Management of travel and meeting arrangement
•    Procurement and logistical services
•    Support to administration of budgets and cost-recovery system
•    Payment, receiving and bank account management
•    Provide financial monitoring and reporting of activities on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis

IV. Impact of Results
The key results have an impact on the overall execution of the Partnership administrative and
financial transaction and success in implementation of operational strategies on the following areas :
1.    Accurate administration and presentation of financial data transaction
2.    Accurate and timely information on financial status

V. Competencies
Corporate Responsibility & teamwork:
•   Serves and promotes the vision, mission, values, and strategic goals of the Partnership
•   Plans, prioritizes, and delivers tasks on time

People Skills:
•   Sets clear performance goals and standards; executes responsibilities accordingly

Partnering & Networking:
•   Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices from within and outside the

•   Plans and produces quality results to meet established goals

Innovation & Judgment
•   Strives for quality client-centered services (internal/external)

•   Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills

Job Knowledge & Expertise
•   Executes day-to-day tasks systematically & efficiently
•   Uses Information Technology effectively as a tool and resource

VI. Recruitment Qualifications
Minimum   Diploma   III   (three)   in   administration,   finance, economics, accountancy, management  or other relevant fields
3 (three) years working experiences with a minimum 2 (two) years experiences  in  the  field  of  development  assistance;  including
specific experience in public administration issues (experience in the international CSO/NGO is preferred).
Fluency in written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia


To apply for this position please submit your CV using this link no later than August 4th 2021.  Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.  

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