GIZ Indonesia for the Peatland Management & Rehabilitation (PROPEAT) project: National Policy Advisor for Forest Policy & Strategic Planning and Project Liaison officer

 As a part of Indonesia – German Cooperation in reducing emission from forestry sector as well as improving livelihood of rural communities a project name Peatland Management and Rehabilitation has been implemented.  The project aims to develop the planning and implementation capacities to rehabilitate peat ecosystem and mangrove forest in Kayan Sembakung Delta.  The module combines policy and capacity development measures.  Activities are implemented at the macro-meso and micro levels (pilot measures are used here as well).  Policy advice is one area in which close cooperation at National level with the Environment and Forestry Ministry is pursued.

The project expected to deliver the several basic outputs as follows:

  • Integrated planning processes for the protection and sustainable management of peat ecosystems and mangrove in Kayan Sembakung Delta Area.
  • Improved peat and wetlands ecosystems land use system/practices.
  • Results from applied research and documented field experiences will be distributed at local, national and international levels. 

GIZ seeks a qualification Indonesia candidate for 1 (one) position of 

National Policy Advisor for Forest Policy & Strategic Planning and Project Liaison officer

 A.     Responsibilities

In close cooperation with the Principal Adviser of the PROPEAT project, the incumbent is responsible for the

                     Coordination of Project activities with the implementing agencies according to the overall objectives of GIZ engagement in the forestry sector.
                     Coordination of overall Project activities with other relevant government agencies at national, provincial and district level, local and international organizations, GIZ office Jakarta and other GZ-supported projects.
                     Maintenance of good communication and flow of information among all involved institutions and organizations especially related to communication between subnational level in the overall Project.
                     Promoting and mainstreaming the results and experiences of the overall Project within the Project executing agencies (Direktorat PKL - KLHK, Directorate International Cooperation (KLN), Biro Perencanaan) and among all other involved institutions and organizations (e.g BRGM)


B.     Tasks

1.         Professional advisory services

                     Provide professional support and advice in particular with regard to the elaboration of policy recommendations and the development and implementation of sector strategies.
                     Support to the Project Executing Agencies (PKG) and Implementing Agencies within the Ministry of Forestry and local authorities in Kalimantan regarding monitoring and evaluation of strategic plans.
                     Contribute to the preparation and implementation of consultation processes at all levels within the context of national forestry and peat related policy processes.
                     Contributes to preparing and implementing the coordination process, joint Project activities and work in the regions.
                     Assist in defining terms of reference, selection, and supervision of contracted third Parties in carrying out Project activities, including performance evaluation.
                     Support to the design, preparation and implementation of workshops, seminars, and other events on subjects that are related to the project field of activities.
                     Provide professional inputs to workshops, seminars and other events that are related to the Project's field of activities.
                     Support in preparing entrance permit and other necessary documents for  project’s international personnel, as well as visa for national personnel and counterparts' duty trip.

2.         Networking and cooperation

                     Co-operate with and maintain-regular contacts with both project executing- agencies on national level and its departments, other relevant government agencies at all levels, local communities, relevant local and international organizations, non-governmental bodies and persons within the project environment as well as with other projects in order to enhance and maintain good working relationships and smooth implementation of project activities.
                     Communicate and channel local interests from Kalimantan and aspirations and exchange ideas and information for the benefit of the project.
                     Conduct field visits to relevant provinces and districts in accordance with the requirements of the project in close consultation with the GIZ Principal Advisor.

3.        Knowledge management

                     Compile information about policies and sector strategies of the Project executing agencies and ensure knowledge transfer from national level to local level.
                     Contribute to the development of strategies and technical concepts including guidelines, manuals, and procedures, which are ready to be applied.
                     Prepare reports and presentation materials.
                     Prepare appropriate inputs to the various project reports and publications; contribute to other reports required by the GIZ project Director, the GIZ headquarters and the project executing agencies.
                     Support research and study activities on policy topics that will benefit collaborative projects.
                     Liaise with universities and The Research and Development agencies on national level especially on new research related to peat issues.

4.         Management and coordination tasks

                     Support the development, implementation and monitoring of Project plans and activities in close consultation with counterpart agencies within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and with BRG.
                     Support general Project planning and design, including preparation, organization, and moderation of planning exercises in close coordination with the project executing agency and the GIZ Project director and Principal Advisor.
                     Contribute to quality assurance and propose necessary changes, improvements, and initiatives.
                     Contribute to the design and implementation of M&E of Project activities.
                     Compile relevant information for collaborative activities and missions.
                     coordinates and prioritizes relevant Project activities at local level in cooperation with the partners, both as regards the organizational preparation and implementation of the activities/
                     manages and monitors the component budget in consultation with the officer responsible for the contract and cooperation/
                     compiles the relevant information for joint activities and assignments.
                     In the absence of the Project Director and Principal advisor, undertake appropriate action to facilitate continued and smooth operation of the Project.

5.         Other duties/additional tasks

                     Coordinate counterpart contributions according to the requirements of Project implementation/
                     In close cooperation with the GIZ Project Director and Principal advisor, contribute to the planning, coordination, and organization of tasks within the Project team.
                     Performs other duties and tasks at the request of the management.


C.     Required qualifications, competences and experience 


  • Masters/MSc or doctorate in an area that is related to the Project objectives with a focus on a relevant field.

Professional experience

  • 10 years' professional experience, with at least 10 years professional experience in a comparable position.

Other knowledge, additional competences

  •  A proven record of accomplishment in a managerial position.
  • Fluent written and oral knowledge of English preferably with a working knowledge of German.
  • Wlingness to upgrade skills as required by the tasks to be performed.


Duty Station: Jakarta
Direct Supervisor: Principal Advisor

Interested candidates should submit a motivation letter, CV, trainings attended and list of references (a must), addressed to The closing date to submit the application letter is on 12th, August 2021. 

Please indicate your application by putting the following code in the subject line: PROPEAT – NPA/LO.


Please name your file as follow format:

[Your Complete Name]_[Motivation Letter/CV/Latest Education Certificate] (i.e: Nakula Sadewa _CV or Nakula Sadewa _Motivation Letter or Nakula Sadewa _Reference)


Only short-listed candidates will be notified.


GIZ Office Indonesia – Human Resources Unit

Menara BCA, 46th Floor, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta 10310, Indonesia


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