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The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law is an independent academic institution, founded in 1984 and affiliated with Lund University in Sweden. The vision of the Institute is just and inclusive societies with effective realisation of human rights for all. Considering this, the Institute contributes to strengthening structures, systems and mechanisms for the promotion and protection of human rights at all levels in society. RWI’s global thematic focus areas are economic globalisation, inclusive societies, people on the move and fair and efficient justice. For more info, please visit: (  

In 2017, RWI launched the RWI Regional Asia Programme (RAPP) on Human Rights and Sustainable Development 2017–2021, which aims to contribute to just, inclusive, and sustainable development by mutually reinforcing human rights protection gender equality and the environment. The 2021 programming focuses on interlinkages on human rights, gender equality, and environment:

1.  Increased capacities among targeted academic institutions in the Asia Pacific region to mainstream human rights and gender-based approaches  to displacement in the context of disasters and climate change.

2.  Improved local stakeholders' capacities for effective realization and fulfilment of environment related human rights, gender equality, and SDGs.

3.  Relevant coalitions, networks and collaborations have their knowledge bases strengthened and expanded on human rights, gender equality, and environment.

4.    Increased public awareness and discourse of the interlinkages between human rights, gender equality and environment.

This term of reference (TOR) specifically applies to outcome No 2. “Improved local stakeholders’ capacities and collaborations to promote environment-related human rights, gender equality, and SDGs”, specifically on RWI’s work on localising human rights in SDGs processes. Since 2017, RWI has been working with partners in the region through research, capacity building activities, and development of a practitioner handbook, among others. This year, RWI aim to document the extent to which its work has been impacting partners, and training participants through video testimonies. Further, RWI wish to produce podcast series with its research partners to discuss and highlight their research findings. Learning from its experience in conducting training programme during the pandemic, RWI plans to produce videos to document human rights issues faced by local governments which will be used as part of teaching materials in 2022.

Considering the above, RWI RAPP will contract a video/podcast producer to be able to better engage audience and training participants and to give way to new strategies to share RWI’s work and research findings on localising human rights, gender equality and environment in the SDGs processes.

RWI is seeking to create a pool of individual consultant/companies to work closely with us on producing video or audio podcast, often at short notice. The consultant should have expertise on creating and executing our podcasts and producing quality podcasts.

The deadline for submitting the application is August 27 2021 and for more detailed info and how to apply please download our TOR.

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