[Call for Proposal] Consultant for Final Evaluation of Coaching for Life Program



Consultant for Final Evaluation of Coaching for Life Program


Project: Coaching for Life


Role: Consultant for Final Evaluation Study in North, South, and East Jakarta



During the assignment of the selected consultant, Save the Children expects that the consultant will be able to produce following deliverables:

·         Translating Tools into Bahasa Indonesia

·         Piloting Tools to targeted respondent

·         Report on piloting including tool revision

·         Data Collection Process – KII and FGD, and transcribing

·         Pre-Analysis and Data Translation to English

·         Providing feedback on draft and Final Evaluation Report

Scope of Work

·         Preparation of detailed schedule for the field work (with support from remote evaluation team)

·         Contract and manage local data collection team (supervisors, data collectors and facilitators)

·         Logistical arrangements for data collection team, including lodging, transportation, field site locations

·         Secure necessary materials for data collection (smart devices, printed materials etc)

·         Translation of data collection tools

·         Training for data collectors, facilitators and supervisors (including on methodology, interviewing and facilitation techniques, tool familiarization, PFA and safeguarding)

·         Carry out pilot testing of qualitative tools (with support from Remote Evaluation Team)

·         Facilitate the introduction and sensitization of community to research activities.

·         Carry out key informant interviews with local community, facilitate focus group discussions using provided tools

·         Undertake data collection quality control and participate in debriefing sessions

·         Safely store all collected data

·         Provide translated, anonymized and digitalized data (including both raw and clean data, KII and FGD notes)

·         Provide feedback on draft and final evaluation report


We would like to invite consultancy institution to join this opportunity, by sending your company credentials and appendices form


Please download the complete documents in this link, or send an email to: procurement.indonesia@savethechildren.org for the copy of documents.


Deadline of submission: 31 October 2021, 17:00 WIB.



Thank you,

Procurement Unit

Save the Children Indonesia

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