IT & Webmaster Consultant

 IT & Webmaster Consultant

Company Overview:

About Palladium - Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact – the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value.  We work with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world's most pressing challenges. With a team of more than 3,000 employees operating in 90 plus countries and a global network of over 35,000 experts, we help improve economies, societies and, most importantly, people's lives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - We welcome applications from all sections of society and actively encourage diversity to drive innovation, creativity, success and good practice. We positively welcome and seek to ensure we achieve diversity in our workforce; and that all job applicants and employees receive equal and fair treatment regardless of their background or personal characteristics. These include: (but are not limited to) socio-economic background, age, race, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, veteran, marital or Indigenous status.  

Should you require any adjustments or accommodations to be made due to a disability or you are a neurodivergent individual or any other circumstance, please email our team at 

Safeguarding - We define Safeguarding as “the preventative action taken by Palladium to protect our people, clients and the communities we work with from harm”. We are committed to ensuring that all children and adults who come into contact with Palladium are treated with respect and are free from abuse.  All successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced selection process including safeguarding-focused interviews and a rigorous due diligence process. 


Project Overview and Role:

MENTARI (Menuju Transisi Energi Rendah Karbon) is a four-year programme that formally started on 6 January 2020. The programme aims to deliver inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in Indonesia, by supporting the uptake of low carbon energy. Led by the British Embassy Jakarta, MENTARI is implemented by PT Palladium International Indonesia in consortium with Castlerock Consulting and Hivos. The programme has a specific focus on developing the low carbon energy sector to best support the disadvantaged communities, and specifically those in eastern Indonesia. By working closely with the Government of Indonesia and other stakeholders to improve the enabling environment and drive investment, MENTARI will demonstrate the possibilities of low carbon energy for Indonesia's economic development, job creation and social inclusion, while helping to mitigate climate and environmental impacts.

Through the Demonstration Projects strand, the program will deliver one small-scale low carbon energy pilot in eastern Indonesia and showcase a replicable low carbon energy business model that is economically feasible and can generate inclusive economic growth benefits. In the first two years of the programme, MENTARI will implement these demonstration projects in selected villages in eastern Indonesia. 

The first demonstration project will be located in Sumba and will use off-grid technology. The technical delivery will be complemented by the delivery of training on Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Productive Uses of Power (PuE), and G&I to the local community, BUMDes, and O&M providers to foster local ownership, improve local capacity to manage and maximise the lifetime of the low carbon energy facility, and showcase a feasible business case. 

In the early stages of project implementation, the Demonstration Project team has completed a series of activities, including developing a business case, collecting baseline data for the needs of a feasibility study and developing an intervention plan, interviews and group discussions with key figures at the community level, and have a consultation with the government at the sub-district level, and district level. 

By looking at the number and variety of data and information that has been obtained, a way of managing and presenting data is needed that can make it easier for stakeholders to understand the information and findings. One of the solutions is to visualise the data in an Interactive Webtools and GIS Maps Database on a website that can be accessed easily by anyone. The information in this map is expected to continue to be used and developed in accordance with the stages of the program implementation. In short, the objectives of this tool are: 

  1. To present the information in visual and interactive ways for key users.  
  2. Interactive mapping involves using maps that allow zooming in and out, panning around, identifying specific features, querying underlying data such as by topic or a specific indicator (e.g., households connected to the mini-grid, socioeconomic status, status of payment, and productive activities undertaken)
  3. To generate reports and other means of using or visualising select information in the map.

MENTARI has setup a programme website (web microsite) which will serve as the platform to integrate this Interactive
Webtools and GIS Maps Database. Furthermore, the programme website will be regularly maintained and updated with
contents provided by the MENTARI Communications and/or Collaboration & Networking (C&N) team.  


Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 

The objectives of this activity are:
1. To disseminate information on MENTARI and Renewable Energy in Indonesia and   engagement between
MENTARI and public on renewable energy initiatives.
2. Create an interactive and dynamic webtools and GIS maps database of relevant Demonstration Project data
using Google Maps Platform to support MREL activity.
3. Integrate aerial pictures taken using drone mapping software (DroneDeploy & DJI Terra) and GIS as one of
the layers of the map created.
4. Create an infographic view of information gathered from the field, including baseline data, gender data,
environment data and others on the website.
5. Support Demonstration Project team in developing needed skills and competencies for using and maintaining
the database.  

Scope of Work 
1. Develop a written plan or detailed proposal for the development of the interactive map website database
specific to the Demonstration Project implementation, including: 
a. Determine the map and website platform, data and metadata standard, data storage and
preservation handling, data security management, and upload/transfer/share data procedures; 
b. Write a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual contains data entry, data cleaning, transfer,
data aggregate, query building, data store and data protection; 
2. Develop an interactive webtools and GIS maps database based on raw data and agreed indicators discussed
and provided by The Demonstration Project team with the following specifications: 
a. Have the ability to create layers of information that can be shown or hidden at the click of a button;  
b. Have zoom functions that allow users to focus on either the details of a particular location or to
gain a quick overview of a wider area; 
c. It can be easily updated based on the progress of the project implementation;
d. Points on a map can be linked to external supporting documents, such as images, video, or graphs;
e. Have an option to generate reports and other means of using or visualising select information in the
f. Have an option to include or embed videos and images in the developed web; 
3. Develop further our existing website that already has basic design and information including customisation of
the layout,add new design as needed, page speed optimization, server and network monitoring, and uptime
monitoring for any issues; 
4. Work with the Communications & C&N team to develop and maintain the website, and deploy content
which includes:
a. Uploading publication materials; 
b. Uploading article content;
c. Selecting, editing and uploading photos for featured and in-line images;
d. Managing the mailchimp of MENTARI’s newsletter including uploading/updating the subscriber list;
e. Managing and maintaining website from technical aspects for server-side framework and database
f. Handling the website security issue/threats;
g. Prepare backup files from website to local directories for recovery. 
5. Perform analytics and prepare the report for traffic stats and other site improvement.

Outputs and Deliverables  
1. Pre-development phase; discussion with the DP team regarding features and specifications, a draft of
workflow and function by 15 October 2021 
2. Database development phase including pre-testing function and SOP manual by 15 November 2021
3. Tools testing and training by 15 December 2021
4. Regularly updated MENTARI website related to content and layout to improve the website look and access;
5. Regularly distributed the newsletter through mail chimp upon approval from Comms;
6. Deliver monthly report on the work that has been done to the microsite, including statistics, challenges and
recommendations, and analytics reports. 

Required Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree and experience in a relevant field (computer science, data/information management, geographical information system). 
2. Minimum five years’ experience related to website development, interactive map development, and other relevant GIS services with a proven portfolio. 
3. Prior experience with interactive map website development. 
4. Excellent communication and writing skills, both in English and Bahasa Indonesia. 


This work is part-time and expected to work around 2 days per week or 10 days per month to start 1 November 2021.
The initial contract will be one year. Please apply through our website:



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