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During Covid 19 pandemic, especially in the peak of Covid case in June-middle of August 2021, Indonesia had experienced upsurge demand of medical oxygen. It was estimated that the oxygen need at that time was more than 2500 ton/day[1], where the regular/normal capacity was only 400 ton/day. Maximum production scale for medical oxygen was only 1700 ton/day. This situation had made significant gap of oxygen demand in a very short term. Consequently, the need of oxygen distribution also increased and there was lack of transportation mode, including insufficient filling station capacity to cope with the increased demand. Health facilities also experienced problems with limited number of oxygen cylinders. These factors had created in slow access to get medical oxygen. There is a need to reassess the real distribution capacity, supply chain system, and mitigation plan to overcome the oxygen problem in near future.



This project aims to obtain three main results, covering; a) recent situational analysis in oxygen demand & distribution with detail identification of problems in production, supply chain system, and market landscape of medical oxygen, comprehensive understanding in the need and gaps of O2 in selected HFs in selected area with high burden covid cases &  come up with potential technical solution and policy recommendation to address the above problems, b) developed forecast and plan provision of optimal medical O2 in coping up with surge of covid cases and c) availability of mitigation planning based on evidence-based situation.


Scope of Work

The consultant is expected to carry out retrospective assessment in three areas namely, supply sides, demand sides, and policy/procurement regulation during the three-month peak of Covid Pandemic (June-Aug 2021). The assessment will cover key topics, but not limited to, the availability and capacity of Oxygen supply, within distributors, filling station, manufacturers, and oxygen retail market, including distribution inventory (cylinder types, isotank, and other oxygen equipment for delivery); the stock availability and increased volume need during the peak time in Covid hospitals, and other Covid related health facilities at provincial and district level; the policy problems within procurement and oxygen delivery in addressing the oxygen need. Given the overburdened health system by Covid cases, retail oxygen market outside the health facilities will also be assessed explaining to what extent private retail system could support the oxygen demand during the pandemic peak.


Consultant deliverables

The consultant is expected to be able to provide comprehensive analysis in oxygen gap demand within the selected sites, in oxygen preparedness for anticipating the upsurge oxygen demand. In national level, the lesson learnt from this project will be utilized for the use in national Covid taskforce on national oxygen demand preparedness, possible for scale up to other provinces nationally.  


In detail, the consultant work & deliverables are as follow:

1.       Assess and analyse oxygen need in Indonesia in Covid-19 pandemic situation (situational analysis)

a.       Supply side: assess production/manufacture and distributor/supplier,

                              i.      Number of producer and volume/manufacturing capacity

                            ii.      Location/coverage area of each manufacturer and distributor

                          iii.      Pricing/business model

                          iv.      Transportation model & SCM pathway of each manufacturer and distributor

b.       Demand side: O2 need assessment in selected HFs in selected districts

                              i.      Availability of isotank, filling station, cylinder, and other equipment related to medical Oneed and respiratory equipment

                            ii.      Filling station location and its capacity

                          iii.      Average O2 need per patient and number of patients’ need O2

c.       Scooping existing O2 SCM data system for oxygen stock visibility i.e SOP, application, software, manual

d.       Policy/procurement regulatory side: assess gap and analyse root cause in policy problems during the peak cases and recent situation

e.       Stakeholder mapping of Covid respond, related to medical O2 & respiratory equipment supply, procurement & policy

f.        Develop recommendation for strategic planning including distribution, production, policy and financing 


Area of work & Timeline

The assessment will cover for West & East Java Provinces which had highly impacted by Covid. Overall work duration is expected for max 8 month- period including report writing for the two provinces. Immediate work for supply side, policy assessment, & stakeholder mapping in West Java is expected to be accomplished prior to the remaining work/area.  


Consultant qualifications

The consultant should have previous experience in conducting data collection both for qualitative and quantitative. Consultant should understand with medical oxygen problems and types of oxygen devices (e.g., cylinder types, oxygen plant systems, ventilators, etc) including specifications and volume calculations. In addition, the consultant is expected to have capacity & proven experience in assessment of health facility. Relevant experience and established networking with oxygen suppliers is a plus. Consultant should also have understanding in national health system, public hospital management, and procurements/supply chain planning & management as well as good communication & engagement skills.  

Qualified applicants should submit a working proposal including detail methodological & analytical approach.


Please submit your proposal in English not later than 30 November 2021, email to  with “Consultant for ASSESSMENT IN OXYGEN” on subject line, label your proposal with your name along with your CV, and state why we should appoint this to you. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and contacted for an interview. Applications received after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be considered.

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