Field Facilitator - ISLA Project, KEMITRAAN

 I. Position Information

Post Title                 : Field Facilitator ISLA Phase-2
Classified Grade      :
Duration of contract: 12 months, renewable
Supervisor               : Field Coordinator Integrated Sustainable Landscape Management

Kemitraan has worked from March 2017 – June 2019) in promoting and implementing landscape approach through Integrated and Sustainable Landscape Management (Landscape Project) supported by IDH and partnering with forest plantation concessioners in Kubu Ketapang landscape. The project area consisted of 328,420 hectares characterized by  various problems such as:  encroachment, illegal logging, and forest clearing for oil palm plantations.   The other problem is being faced at the landscape level is different management that depending on the policy of each concession.  The Landscape Project aims to promote a collaborative  works  among  concession  holders,  local  governments,  CSOs  and  local  communities  on landscape management. During this period the project focused on 2 main components namely: preventing forest fire and conservaition of primate habitat.
The first phase of Landscape Project contributed some   improvements at village and landscape level. In general, awareness of the communities in the four facilitated villages on the prevention and handling of forest fire show a significant improvement,  better prepared in forest fire prevention and handling, and the number of hotspots and forest fires   during 2017-2018 are reduced compared to previous years. Communities’ resistant towards the company especially to   PT ATP and PT DTK is reduced marked by declining land claims of local community to the concession holders. Beside facilitating alternative economic activities for local communities, the project has also succeeded in integrating forest fire prevention and conservation of  primate  habitate  into  village  planning  processes, through  review  of  Village  Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJMDes) and formulating Village Annual Development Plan (RKPDes).  At sub-district level, the project has contributed in improving multi-stakeholders collaboration through establishment of Landscape Forum.  The main goal of  the second phase of  Landscape Project is  to  achieve sustainable landscape  management  best  practices  and  to  share  them  with  others  in  Kubu  Ketapang  landscape (Ketapang District). There are three main components that will be addressed, which are turned to be the main objectives of this project: (1) Alternative livelihoods for surrounding communities; (2) Prevention of major forest fire outbreaks in concession areas; (3)   Integration of HCV management. Project location is same as the first phase. The project will cover all of concession holders for cross-concessions activities, while a specific project interventions will be conducted in four main villages around PT ATP and PT DTK.

II. Job Purpose
1.      Programmatic strategic direction and operation
2.      Project design and formulation
3.      Project management and implementation
4.      Coordination, Technical Assistance, and Networking

III. Principal Accountabilities
The key results have an impact on the successful and timely implementation of activities within designated project
documents.  In  particular,  the  key  results  have  an  achievement  on  the  project  quality,  project  implementation appropriateness, and project reporting and management.

IV. Deliverables
Corporate Responsibility & teamwork:
- Serves and promotes the vision, mission, values, and strategic goals of the Partnership
- Plans, prioritizes, and delivers tasks on time
- Participates effectively in a team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating with others
People Skills:
- Sets clear performance goals and standards; executes responsibilities accordingly Partnering & Networking:
- Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices from within and outside the Partnership
-  Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills
- Demonstrates good facilitation skills
Job Knowledge & Expertise
-  Executes day-to-day tasks systematically & efficiently
-  Uses Information Technology effectively as a tool and resource
Is motivated & demonstrates a capacity to pursue personal development & learn

V. Time Frame
12 Months

VI. Qualifications
•     Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, forestry economics, environment management, or relevant subjects,
•     Having   good   knowledge   regarding   the   current   forestry   policies;   Community   Empowerment; Conservation; Community-based Natural Resources Management;
•     Clear commitment to governance reform; humble in character and patient in listening to stakeholders is a must;
•     Willing to develop a good teamwork with the Partnership staff ; having a good skill in report writing, and good skill on the use of ICT.

To apply for this position please submit your CV and other supporting documents as required using this link no later than November 16th 2021.  Please see/download the detailed TOR below.  Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted. 

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