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 Konservasi Indonesia is a national foundation established to support sustainable development in the country. We are the main partner of Conservation International in Indonesia.

We envision a healthy and prosperous Indonesia where biodiversity is valued and preserved. With offices and project sites across Indonesia, we promote a sustainable landscape-seascape approach and establish partnerships with multiple stakeholders across sectors and jurisdictions to deliver lasting impacts for people and nature in Indonesia.

As we are constantly expanding, we are currently looking Consultant to fill the following Terms below:

CONSULTANT (Institution/ Team)

Sustainable Investment Action Plan (SIAP) Document of North Sumatra

(Code: SIAP)



1.   General Background  

Coalition for Sustainable Livelihoods (CSL) is a place-based platform that aims to align initiatives, financing opportunities, and local, government and market interests to jointly promote livelihood benefits for farming communities, economic development, and better management of natural resources. The focus area of CSL is the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra. CSL in collaboration with partners, facilitates learning of good and sustainable practices developed for replication and amplification for more optimal results or outcomes


2.   Purpose

Develop a Sustainable Investment Action Plan (SIAP) which will be harmonized and integrated into the North Sumatra Provincial government's priority program, the Integrated Agricultural System (SITANTRI). This SIAP document will outline strategic activities, priority locations and investment need to achieve SITRANTRI targets in the short and medium-term. To support the government in achieving the SITRANTRI target, this document will also become a reference for CSL in planning future programs with stakeholders.


3.   Estimated Timeline 

February – August 2022 (approx. 6 months)  


4.   Deliverables/Estimated Outputs

     I.        SIAP final report which formulates resources and investment flows to support the implementation and achievement of short and medium term SITANTRI targets in North Sumatra province. The report will include an analysis of investment opportunities and needs, assessing the readiness of existing empowerment programs (by government and non-government, in particular CSL partners) and strategic investment activities for sustainable landscapes.

   II.        Recommendations for the Government and CSL areas of focus for investment to align the achievement of targets for SITRANTRI and social forestry.







- Consultant plan & framework

- Data collection and analysis methods

- Assessment of capacity building needs in SIAP implementation

- Consultant work plan during the SIAP work period

- SIAP document drafting framework


2 (two) weeks after signing the contract

10 %


- Define enabling environmental conditions (enabling environment) for investment-worthy areas. For example, land ownership status, aggregation of producers, buyers, etc.

- Assess the readiness of current programs and initiatives against the criteria for sustainable investment based on the criteria defined above.

- Collect sustainable investment profiles for financing mechanisms, available funding, funding structure for smallholder farmers, funding requirements, etc.

- Assessing opportunities and or readiness of programs in North Sumatra to access the funding.

- Assess what capacity building programs are needed to prepare in order to access the funding.


- Report on financial needs, investment and opportunity analysis of SITANTRI Implementation in North Sumatra.


1st & 2nd month

30 %


- Priority analysis of program opportunities pipeline that are ready or nearly ready for investment that best suit the requirements and objectives of the financiers set.

- View across the spectrum from grants to commercial investments.


- CSL investment opportunities pipeline report, aligned and matched with investors.


- Action Plan reports that will assist in utilizing CSL and landscape programs along the preparedness spectrum.

3rd & 4th  month

30 %


- Analyzing opportunities for alignment of the SITRANTRI program with social forestry.

- Identify opportunities to align social forestry with other government programs or other funding opportunities.


5th & 6th month



5.   Required Skills and Experience 

Consultants can be institutions or teams of 3-5 individual consultants with one main consultant and members. The consultant will be responsible for the work completed and all results produced. Consultants will be selected following a competitive recruitment process.

Team leaders should have extensive experience at senior level and have good experience in supporting national/sub-national governments in planning and implementing initiatives related to climate change/ sustainable landscapes/ sustainable production/ circular economy agribusiness/ areas related to integrated agriculture, in particular organize collaboration and coordination meetings with different audiences, with the following required qualifications:

·       Educational background in environmental economics, public policy in the context of sustainable development, forestry, plantations (agroforestry) and other appropriate fields.

·       Language skills: fluency in writing and speaking in English and Indonesian is mandatory.

·       Have a good track record of experience in facilitating the preparation of public policy documents/ government policy documents with clear and strong methodologies. Proven experience in engaging, working and facilitating diverse stakeholders from multi-sectoral groups at national and/or local level.

·       Excellent analytical and communication skills.

·       Can demonstrate the ability to deliver quality results within tight deadlines and experience working in a multi-cultural environment is an asset.


6.   Submission Requirements

Proposals must be submitted in English. All proposals must include:

·       Corporate profile and status

·       Relevant references to prove technical qualifications and experience internationally

·       CVs of key personnel who will provide the consulting services described in these terms of reference

·       Detailed budget

·       Work Plan detailing methods and approach to be used to carry out each task, means of collection/analysis, and timeline of activities to be implemented


Please send the required document (point 6 above) in PDF to:



Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mail with this format:

< SIAP > - <Institution / Team Name>



Closing date for the application is 11 February 2022 at 17:00 WIB at the latest

(Only short-listed candidates wilbe notified).

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